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The bond between a young equestrian and her or his horse is magical. That is even more powerful when they can compete together. The cost of competition, however, can be high: entry fees, boarding, travel, feed, etc. These expenses can get in the way of a young equestrian's dream.

We at the DEC would love for every child to be able to follow their dreams of competing with their faithful companion. That is why we have started a new, free service, dedicated to connecting dreamers with those that may be able to help make dreams come true. We also know that there are many people out there that may feel the same way. Many of our members may have the means to make a young person's dream come true. We hope that the stories below will inspire people to connect and support our younger members. Maybe sponsorship means a little publicity for your organization. Maybe someone helped make your dreams come true when you were young. Maybe you just want to see someone smile.

Please look at the stories and consider contacting our members through this free service.

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Ima Hot Topic’s Journey to Worlds

Rebekah Baughman and Hottie

“Ima Hot Topic” a.k.a “Hottie” is a 13-year-old American Quarter Horse. Hottie loves to run barrels and compete in MD NBHA; 2019 is her third year running. Something unusual about Hottie is that she only has one eye. The surgery happened about two years ago in 2017 right after she had competed and won in her division at State Finals in Harrington, Delaware. Losing her eye was devastating and we thought her career was over. Never the less Hottie pulled through. Although this put a hold in her training, we’ve pushed through and have come a long way. Hottie has improved so much in the last few years it is unbelievable. We have people watching and coming up to us when we are out places that would never even know she was missing an eye if they hadn’t been up close to her; she runs her best every single time she is out in the arena. It is a good thing her and I have been clicking and getting better because this year is our last year being able to run in youth division before I age out, so now we have to keep up with the big guys! That being said Youth Worlds is in July, it will be our first and last time being able to go, it would be a dream come true. I have been saving for this trip since last year and have most of the funds needed. We are trying to raise the remaining $2,000 for the trip to Perry, Georgia in July of 2019. Without sponsors like yourself we will not be able to make this 10-day trip and compete in the highest level of youth barrel racing in Perry, Georgia.

Thank you! Rebekah Baughman and Hottie.

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How Can I Get Listed?

If you are a young equestrian and would like to ask our members for help, please fill out the form on this page and submit it to the Coordinator. We will be in touch very quickly to discuss if we can help you. Please keep in mind, in order to be part of this program, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a youth member of the DEC. Join Now!
  • Demonstrate a need for the support.
  • Be participating in an equestrian event that requires significant resources.
  • Present your need in person at our monthly meeting.
  • Obtain approval from the Board of Directors