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The self-service portal was designed to be easy to use and allow anyone to post their horse-related event. There is no need to be a member of the DEC to list your event with us. Any event, other than for-profit sales, is eligible. Examples are: trail rides, horse shows, fundraisers, parties, organizational meetings, clinics, dances, festivals, dinners, and many more. All events will be reviewed by our event coordinator for accuracy and appropriate content before they are posted. That process usually takes a couple of hours. When your event is listed live, you will be notified via the email you posted.

Contact Information: The first thing we need is some contact information. A name, phone number, and email are required. These have two purposes: so the event coordinator may contact you for any clarifications, and for optional posting with the event. There is also a space for a web site. Notice the "Contact Types in Posting" section? Those four check boxes allow you to control what information is available to the public. For example, if you check the "email" box, the email you give us will be shown with your event. If you do not check the email box, only we will have access to your email. It works the same way for the phone number, web site, and your name. It is entirely up to you. Web site listing and email will be "clickable" links when they post, taking people directly to your email or web site.

Title and Description: The title of the event will be listed in bold on the calendar to draw someone's attention to your event. The description can contain any information you like about your event: what it is about, an address where it is, the time of day, who will be there, additional contact details, cost, etc. We do recommend you include an address and time for your event - you would be surprised how many people forget that.

Dates: A start date is required. If your event is only one day, select just a start date. If you have a multi-day event, you may select an optional end date. Unfortunately, we can only provide start and end dates. If your event skips days please make that clear in the description. Events will be posted in date order when the calendar displays.

Formatting and Special Characters: Formatting of the calendar entries is fixed. There is no way for you to add additional formatting to your listing. Our program will strip HTML tags if they are entered (if you do not know what those are, you do not need to worry). Also, due to the way the information is held on the server, some characters are not allowed; carriage returns (enter key ) and semi-colons cannot be used. Dates must be in valid date format (mm/dd/yy or mm/dd/yyyy). Email entries must be in valid email format ( Web addresses must be valid and must not include the http://. Please enter web addresses as If you are savvy, you may include a page designation such as Do not worry too much. There is a human at the other end who will do her best to fix any mistakes! That is one reason we need the phone number and email!

Submitting and confirmation: After your submit your entry, you will see a confirmation page showing your listing information. If anything is incorrect, just hit "back" on your browser, correct it, and submit it again. Remember, there is a person at the other end who really wants to be sure your listing is correct. After she reviews and posts your listing, you will receive an email confirming it is now live, on the web. In the event you find an error after your event is posted, just go to the contact page and notify the web master. It will be fixed promptly.