Delaware Equine Meetings Minutes

Delaware Equine Meetings Minutes 2012


January 15, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm President Stan Vonasek

Board Members

Present: Stan Vonasek, Ken Horeis, Tami Stevens, Pam Nebel, Julie Warrington, Wendy Lippincott, George Parris, Kate Bowski, Cyndi Vollmer

Secretary’s Report (Pam Nebel)  Minutes available on website at
Treasurer’s Report:  (Tami Stevens)
Starting balance as of 11/20/17: $29,913.09
Deposits: $5,530.00 (Dues, Directory Ads)
Deductions: $74.74 (Pam for cookies, Stan for horse teeth poster)
Ending balance as of 12/18/17: $35,368.35

Starting balance as of 12/18/17: $35,368.35
Deposits: $231.50 (Dues, Triple Crown/Legends POP)
Deductions: $110.68 (Donation to DDC in memory of John Williams, stamps, PayPal fees)
Ending balance as of 1/15/18: $35,489.17

Wayne motioned to accept Treasurer’s report and Ken seconded.  Motion passed.


Directory (Ken) – Directory printing should begin this week.  Nice job Ken!  Economy Printing (our previous printer) closed its doors this month.  Our new printing company is Delmarva Printing on the recommendation of a past employee of Economy Printing who is now working with Delmarva Printing. Cost for printing is same as last year.
Ken compared Directory net income for 2015 thru 2018.

                        2015 - $3,047
                        2016 - $4,484
                        2017 - $3,899
                        2018 - $3,195

He reminded us of the importance of letting businesses know that their ads were seen in the Directory.  It helps to know that the ads are bringing in business for them. We cut back on the number of directories to be ordered.  This year we ordered 2,000 rather than 2,300.


POP Program (Stan) – Stan reminded everyone to bring in their proof of purchase seals from Triple Crown and Legends feed. 

Newsletter (Wendy) – Newsletter is now done on a quarterly basis.  Jan/Mar, Apr/June, July/Sept and Oct/Dec.  This quarter was emailed on January 12 to all those with email addresses who did not request a regular mail option. Printer has been broken and was just repaired, so  Wendy was able to drop off newsletters to Pam at the meeting for regular mailing.  Wendy needs help with articles for the newsletter.  She asked Carol for DDC article and Laurie for a SDTR article.  Pam reminded her that Kathy Watson agreed to provide an article on the 20-mule team.  Dr. Christopher Baldt has also offered to provide an article for the next quarterly newsletter.  Any events that you attend and would like to offer an article, it would be much appreciated. 

License Plates (Wayne, Stan, Julie, Pam) – Pam reported that our first monthly income from plate sales in December was $630 from the sale of 18 plates.  Great news!  Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!  The plates look great.  Fine job done by Tom Cahall of JD Sign Company in Felton, DE.  Wayne will be scheduling a press release and photo shoot with Scott, Tom, Stan, Julie and Dave Wilson (if available).  Julie brought in a new banner and poster board created by JC Signs for DEC to use at events etc.  They both look great!  Thanks Julie! Great job!

Equisure Insurance (Stan) – Stan reminded folks that you can purchase $1M of excess personal liability insurance thru Equisure for a cost of $25 for individual and $40 for family.  Those interested signed up tonight.  Stan will forward check to insurance company.

Scholarship Banquet (Stan) – Saturday, March 3 is the date for the 2018 scholarship awards dinner. $30 adults, $15 kids 12 and under, $224 for table of 8.  Stan brought flyers and sponsorship/donation request letters for folks to help hand out.  Pam brought dinner tickets for distribution.  Thanks to those members who took tickets and are willing to help with sales. Short meeting of scholarship committee will take place following the regular meeting.  Note:  Next month’s scholarship committee meeting will be held on February 12 at 7pm at the fire house conference room.


Redner’s Save A Tape Program (Tami) – Collect $5k in Redner’s receipts and DEC gets $50.  Must have a Redner’s card to participate.  Several receipts were turned in tonight.  We have a total of $2,276.31 in receipts so far!

Facebook Survey (Kate) – Kate brought copies of the survey she prepared regarding what the equine council can do to better serve the citizens.  Looks great.  Couple additions were made and Ken made a motion to move forward with posting to website, adding a link to the website and sending out a blast email. Julie seconded.  Motion was passed.

DEC Family Membership (Stan) – Should we have one or not?  What comprises a “family”?  It was suggested that perhaps we could check with other horse councils to ask how to determine what “family” consists of.  Various opinions on this topic.  Are we gaining new members or are we losing income.  Several members suggested leaving the membership as it is.  Others seemed ok either way.  No decision made.  Tabled for now.

Mini Expo (Stan) – Revisited the idea of a one day mini expo from perhaps 10-2, whereby commercial members who have an advertisement in the Directory would be invited, at no cost, to set up a booth and sell their wares.  Individual members could be charged a certain dollar amount and non-members a slightly higher dollar amount to participate.  Demos suggested were trick riding, mounted shooting and carriage driving. All suggestions are welcome. Food trucks would also be invited.  Need a location with an indoor arena.  Ken reported the following charges for Heartland Equestrian Center:  $400 day rental, $175 portable bathroom and $75 for lighting, totaling $650.  Other sites suggested were C-Line Stables, Gambler’s Choice, Southern Delaware Therapeutic Riding (SDTR) and Randy Ridgely’s Wicked R Ranch.  Julie suggested putting out a bid for a location. Information could be gleaned from Kate’s survey, that will be on Facebook soon, as to what people are looking for.  Laurie suggested partnering with SDTR to make a win-win opportunity.  They have a huge indoor arena whereby they could showcase their program in combination with all other events scheduled. Suggested time of year would be in October.  Further discussion to be made at February’s meeting. Bring your ideas.


DEC Logo (Julie) – Tom Cahall (JC Design Co.) is isolating the artwork for apparel to use this logo as a trademark.  Everyone really likes it.  Julie mentioned that Tom has someone he works with for apparel.  May be something to look into.  More discussion to follow.


Pam stated that our long-time policy is for new members to pick up a membership packet when they attend their first meeting. She suggested a more friendly approach would be to mail out a welcome letter along with a membership card. Most organizations do this, or at least send a membership card as recognition for a new member.  As a member of AMBA, TEC and APHA Pam receives annual membership cards when renewing her membership. Julie made a motion that we provide the membership cards and welcome letter for new and renewing members.  Ken seconded the motion and it was passed.  Pam will prepare the letter.

Wayne mentioned the upcoming equine trade show in PA.  Stan asked if anyone was going.  Wayne is thinking about going on Saturday for the seminar on Facebook outreach and marketing.  Basically this is for retail and wholesale businesses but also includes outreach for nonprofit organizations.  Wayne will take some information about DEC if he goes.  Bill Hudran suggested inquiring about affiliation programs whereby we could get discounts on certain purchases for our members.

Motion to adjourn was made by Pam Nebel and seconded by Ken Horeis.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm

Next Meeting – February 19, 2018, at the Harrington Fire Hall conference room.

Minutes submitted by Secretary Pam Nebel.



October 19, 2015
Delaware Equine Council Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors, except Kim Schwartz and Dan Watson, were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes are available on website ( with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of September 21, 2015: $22,270.18; deposits: $1,050; deductions: none; Ending balance as of October 19, 2015: $23,320.18. George Parris made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by Wayne Nebel and passed.

Next Meeting: November 16, 2015 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall. (Election night)

Committee Reports:
Directory (Ken Horeis):  We have fewer ads this year compared to last year. If you know someone connected to the equine industry (farriers, vets, product suppliers or vendors), please contact them quickly about purchasing an ad in the 2016 Directory. At this time, we have: ¼ page black & white ads: 16 (1 more than last year); ½ page black & white ads: 15 (9 less); full page black & white ads: 1 (4 less); ¼ page color ads: 1 (2 less); ½ page color ads: 5 + several received tonight (11 last year); full page color: commitments for 16 (remained the same). We have not heard from: Laurel Saddle Friends, Rigid  & Valley Metals, Rose Valley Furniture, Miller’s Woodwork,  Royal Acres Haflingers (Dave Wilson), DQHA, Sunset Stables, Arabian Horse Association of Delmarva, Taylor & Messick, Inc., Traveled Lane Trailers ( Maryland), West Wind Kennel, Holly Glen Farm, Service Tire Truck Center in Seaford and Veterinary Medical Center of Easton. Each advertised last year but we have had no response this year. Please turn in all ads and single line listing updates to Ken ASAP. He wants to complete all preliminary work before November 12th.  George offered to check with Laurel Saddle Friends: Charlotte Grant – Sunset Stables and Royal Acres; Wendy – Arabian Horse Association
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Several magazines were brought in to be refurbished. Members are always welcome to take magazines home and later recycle them. Tami Stevens let us know about an article in American Horse that was written by a 15 year old girl from Houston, DE.  
Fundraising (Ken): (1) Trail ride (Julie Warrington): When Julie received the contract from Cape Henlopen State Park about our Beach ride, they quoted a price of $800. Later, they reduced the price to $600. However this price is still higher than we anticipated. Julie has now scheduled a Turkey Trot Trail Ride at Blackbird State Forest on Sunday, November 15th from 10 am to 1 pm. Cost is $25 per person, with a reduced rate of $15 for youth less than 14 years old. It includes a grilled lunch and warm drinks. The drawing for the turkey dinner will be held during lunch. Julie will talk to Jim Dobson about opening the gate to allow “drivers” to use the wider trails available at Blackbird. Wendy has contacted Mountaire about donating chicken for the lunch. The pavilion has grills. Julie will work to mark a trail for us to follow. It was suggested that Julie contact Mary Everhart and Donna Hurst to help in choosing a trail for the ride/drive. Members and non-members are welcome to attend. RSVP by Nov. 10th at or contact Julie at 302-423-7393 or Pam has been in touch with our insurance company about covering this event. She asked for an estimate on the number of participants as requested by the company. We felt that 35 – 40 is a good estimate. Our liability Insurance ($225) will cover events for 6 months – Nov 15th through May 15th. Flyers are available for members to post.(2) Turkey Dinner raffle (Wendy & Julie): Wendy received the Turkey dinner coupon from TA Farms, which offers a 16 – 18 lb fresh free-range dressed turkey, a dozen fresh yeast rolls, a t-shirt and a pot holder. Tickets are now available. We discussed what price(s) to set up for ticket sales. We decided to charge $5/1 ticket; $10/3 tickets and $20/10 tickets. Buyers will print their name and phone number on the back, and need not be present to win. Flyers will include the price and will be emailed out quickly for us to post. (3) Seminar/Clinic Series (Ken): Ken is working on setting up seminars and clinics beginning in the spring of 2016 – probably March, at Apex Stables. He has spoken with Ronnie Lloyd about holding a seminar on trailer maintenance. Ken is still pursuing the manure disposal seminar with Dick Power from EquiRoll, a manure disposal company, who will work in conjunction with the Nutrient Management Commission, a division of the Delaware Department of Agriculture. (4) Special License plate (Stan): Stan has been working on the paperwork involved in getting legislation proposed for a license plate for equine enthusiasts. He is using the Environmental Plate paperwork as a template. Stan suggests that we ask for a $35 price on the tag. Most cost $35 with a few charging $50. DMV would keep $15 and the remaining $20 would be donated to DEC. Stan suggested having a contest to find a background plate design. Possible legislators to contact to introduce our proposal: Dave Wilson, Bobby Outten, or Gary Simpson.
Nominating Committee (Pam Nebel): The following members have volunteered to run: President – Stan; Treasurer – Tami Stevens; Director: Pam, Julie, Cindy Volmer and Dan Watson. At the meeting, Julie nominated Janet Schukoske for a director position. If you are interested in running for one of these positions please contact Pam at or 240-994-2220 or Wayne at to have your name placed on the ballot. Nominations will also be accepted at the November meeting.
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): Another great issue! Wendy brought a box of newsletter for members to distribute. Please email events to Wendy for the calendar of events. She has had to search club websites and look for posted flyers to find events for the calendar. We discussed posting a notice on Facebook, asking for equine related events. Sometimes there isn’t room in the newsletter to include non-member events. It was suggested that we list member events in the newsletter and recommend readers visit our website for a more complete listing of events. Since we pay for changes on the website, it was recommended that we charge non-members to list event info on our website. Someone suggested offering a yearly fee of $25 (organizational member rate) for listings in a comprehensive event calendar. Once we establish PayPal on our website, it will be easy to receive payment for this type of service. If you are a member of an equine group, encourage the group to become an organizational member of DEC. Inform them of the all the advantages of a DEC membership, which includes free event listings in the newsletter and on our website.
Scholarship Dinner (Wendy): Sponsor/donor letter has been redesigned for the 2016 Scholarship Dinner, using suggestions from previous sponsors. Wendy received DECF letterhead tonight. She will print the letters and Stan will sign them this week, so we can begin requesting sponsorships. A brief meeting of the committee will be held after tonight’s meeting concludes. Save the date: Saturday, March 5, 2016.

Old Business

  1. Member Appreciation Day Picnic (Stan): 94 people attended the picnic this year. We had perfect weather, great food, nice trails, and good friends to share it with. We had 25 members renew (20 individuals (1 became a lifetime member), 1 youth, 2 commercial and 2 organizations). We recruited 29 new members (27 individual, 1 commercial and 1 organization). We sold $100 in sweatshirts. Expenses incurred: $1300 to Shorty’s; $90 – cookies; $44.78 – paper products; $33.75 – water and ice; $75 – gift cards for door prizes. A special thank you to Mike and Jennifer Reynolds with Turf Equipment & Supply Company (Toro) who donated a leaf blower and to Brooke Baker with Small Wonder Equine Services, LLC who donated a equine dental session and a Magna Wave session for additional door prizes. Pictures are included in the current newsletter and will soon be posted on the website. Total membership is now 212. Recommendations for future events: (1)Mark the trail that we plan to use; (2) Have a vehicle use the planned path to removed downed trees and other obstacles prior to event day; (3) Joining/renewal forms were not completely filled out – some didn’t check the type the membership, others didn’t complete the address/phone number portion of the form. (4) One person collecting the money.
  2. SSC Proof of Purchase Program (Marie Johnson): Remember to cut out and turn in your Southern States feed proof of purchase.
  3. Hearing on Open Spaces (Stan): DNREC was asked 10 years ago to develop guidelines for state purchasing property. Last year, DNREC was sued for non-action on this topic, so they are now working to rectify their oversight. As required, workshops were held in all three counties to discuss the Open Space Council’s draft on Standards and Criteria for acquisition of open space and the possible uses for these acquired areas. The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 20 at Dover Public Library at 5 pm. Bev Barnett attended the New Castle workshop and plans to attend the hearing tomorrow. It is too soon to inquire if equine activities will be permitted on the acquired lands, but we will keep up to date on this issue.
  4. Omega Fields Partner Program (Ken): Ken was contacted by Omega Fields about their partner program. They would develop a link from our website to theirs. Members who use this link to purchase their feed will receive a discount and DEC would receive a rebate. Ken inquired about the cost of the various feeds (seven types of horse feed and various dog feed) and felt they were expensive ($26.50 to $115 per bag). Since many local suppliers (Chick’s, Tractor Supply, Southern States and several Maryland dealers) already carry their products, we decided not to follow up on this program.
  5. Emergency Evacuation Plan & Action for Horses in Need (Ken): Since the Department of Agriculture is so busy with avian influenza; Ed Kee’s secretary has been working to get these meetings set up. A former DEC member is trying to set up locations where horse owners can relocate their animals in case of a natural disaster. All animal owners should develop their own plan, before an emergency occurs. During hurricane Joaquin, the State Fair grounds was asked about boarding horses, but had to decline because a DSU horse show was scheduled for that weekend and the facilities were therefore already booked. In cases of suspected animal abuse or neglect, contact Heady Brown at the Office of Animal Welfare 302-255-4646, option 4. This information is now posted on page 10 of Oct/Nov newsletter. We plan to include it in the upcoming Directory and post on our website. Remember in any cases of emergency relocation, you will be expected to provide food and water and coverage for your horse; and be prepared to pay the facilities.
  6. Thank You Letters (Stan & Ken): We received three Thank You notes. Happy Horses 4-H thanked everyone who made purchases at their booth at DEC Member Appreciation Day. The State 4-H Horse Advisory committee thanked us for sponsoring their awards at the Delaware State Fair – embroidered bridle bags.  The Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association thanked us for our sponsorship at their annual Golf tournament.

New Business:

  1. Day of the Horse (Stan): December 13 was designated the National Day of the Horse in 2004. The American Horse Council wanted to know which states have planned events for that day. DEC has no special plans for this day.
  2. Best of America by Horseback (Stan): DEC received a request from The Best of America by Horseback show on RFD-TV network. Stan read the letter: Beginning in 2016, we will be undertaking the “Grand Tour of America”. This is a national television show series that will visit as many horse related events, historic town celebrations, western heritage and community festivals. We are asking your assistance to notify these groups that we would like to consider visiting their events to showcase on television. In addition, we wish to create an opportunity to showcase your Horse Council. Please contact me (Tom Seay) directly at my personal email,, and we will explore the possibilities. This can be a very expensive endeavor – plan and run an event which would include a banquet. Chicks is interested in looking further into this request.
  3. Equine Liability Insurance renewal (Stan): In January, DEC joined the American Resource Group (ARG), which offers its members personal equine liability insurance. The cost is $20 per person or $40 per family. This insurance runs a calendar year – January to December. If you wish to receive the full 12 months for your payment and since we don’t meet in December, consider purchasing your 2016 insurance at the November meeting. Purchasers will receive a certificate of coverage.
  4. ARG dues (Stan): Stan received our renewal notice in today’s mail. Kathy will deliver it to Kim.
  5. Equine Disease Communication Center (Stan): Stan received a six page letter on October 6th from the Coalition of State Horse Councils (CSHC). Very short synopsis: The American Horse Council, wishing to be proactive in the prevention of the spread of equine related diseases, has helped to create the Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC). EDCC is currently operating in a limited capacity. Funding will make it a reality and ensure the industry is better prepared for future outbreaks. Their goal is to raise $100,000 per year to cover operating expenses for the first three years, allowing time for industry development of a sustainable plan to fund the operation. CSHC decided to pool donations from the various state councils to contribute to the EDCC, and are seeking donations or pledge gifts to reach this goal. Dr. Christina Dayton, a member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), said that our Delaware State Vet, Dr. Heather Hirst, is very quick in informing AAEP members and equine vets about outbreaks state wide and in neighboring states. Be proactive with your own horses, keeping up on vaccines and not sharing water buckets and feed tubs.
  6. DelTech Vet Technology Program (Stan): DelTech offers a veterinary technology program, but realize that there are limited places for students to gain experience in working with animals. They would like to work closely with DEC to help connect students and graduates with potential employment working with horses. They have several students who could benefit from part time job opportunities. They would like to invite a member of our council to serve on their advisory committee. Stan will attend the first meeting, scheduled on October 30th from 10 am to noon, to inquire where we can be of assistance.
  7. LEAD Delaware (Stan): We received a request from Holly Porter from the Department of Ag, about the program which works with young agriculture students to broaden their overview of agriculture fields. Ken helped with information on equine related topics earlier this year. LEAD Delaware is accepting applications for Fellows to serve on their board, until November 13th. Contact Holly Porter directly.


  1. Changing Fates: They are ordering t-shirts, with sponsors listed on the back of the shirt. They would like to include DEC in the list, at no cost, since we sponsored some of their events in 2015.
  2. Halloween Trail Ride (Pam): Sunday October 25th at 10 am at Redden State Forest Headquarters. Nov. 1st is the rain date. The fundraiser is being hosted by the Delmarva Chapter of the American Mustang & Burro Association. Cost is $25, which includes the ride, lunch, games and prizes. Costumes are encouraged, but not required. Contact: or 302-270-7932 Coggins is required.
  3. Blue Moon Fundraiser (Charlotte Grant): The Chincoteague group that purchased a pony and named it Blue Moon is selling ornaments as a fundraiser.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


November 19, 2012

Call the meeting to order at 7pm by Peggy Koster She announced it was her last meeting as Vice President. There were new faces in the audience. Everyone introduced themselves.

Secretary's Minutes : are available on the website. The October meeting minutes were short due to Speaker Night. April read them. A motion to accept the minutes. First by Paula second by all.

Treasurer's Report:

Starting Balance $26,974.27

Expenditures  $1,278.34

Ending Balance: $25,695.93 (includes $15k in CDs)

Motion to pay all bills made by: Ken, second Pam.

No meeting in December. Next meeting will be Jan 15, 2013 at 7 p.m. held at the Harrington Library, Harrington, DE.

Old Business:

Directories: Businesses are sending in their info. Deadline for the Directory is December 15th. If you would like more info please visit our website and click on directory.

Scholarship Banquet: April is looking for the membership's help in getting donations and sponsorships. The Scholarship Banquet will be held March 23rd, 2013 at the Harrington Moose Lodge, Harrington, DE.

The Scholarship Committee: Applicants are needed! Deadline is December 31. Wayne has put info out to the guide, and other publications. He has reached out to several surrounding colleges. Please inform any college student studying in either the agricultural or equine studies programs (including veterinarian and vet tech programs) to please consider applying today! For more info please visit our website.

Magazine Redistribution Program: needs horse related magazines less than a year old. There is no need to remove your label, we will put on another label with DEC info on it. Magazines get redistributed to hospitals, and doctor's offices. Please contact a board member for more details.

DE Horse Expo 2013:The DE Equine Council is please to announce that we will be co - sponsoring Craig Cameron as our Head lining clinician. The DE Horse Expo will be held April 6th and 7th of 2013. Go to our website for more information.

Trails: Bev Barnett, appointed DEC representative for the Woodlawn Acres situation in Northern DE, was present to enlighten the council and bring everyone up to speed on what is going on. There is a parcel of land, part of the Woodland trust, that could be sold and developed if not purchased by the state for a state park or by the Federal government. 770 acres of the open space, 60 percent is in DE, and 40 percent is in PA. If the land is not purchased or designated open space it will be developed. Equine owners in that area feel that if that happens the equine livelihood would change the area forever. DEC urges all equine owners to become familiar with what is going on, and the best way to have your voice heard is to express your concern to your elected officials. Look to our website for more information on this matter.

New Business

Elections: 3 Positions: Vice President, Secretary, and one director. Ken Horeis accepted nomination and was voted new VP. New secretary, Kathy Watson. Pam Nebel was re-elected director. The sitting Vice President/Acting Chair moved towards filling a fourth unadvertised, not yet vacated position by Vice President-Elect Ken Horeis. Ken called a Point of Order indicating that only three positions were advertised for the ballot on November 19 and that according to Roberts Rules (which are adhered to by the Delaware Equine Council as stated in their By-Laws) it is stated that "If an election to fill a vacancy is held without required previous notice, action has been taken in violation of a rule protecting the rights of absentees." The sitting Vice President/Acting Chair indicated that Ken's not yet vacated position could be filled at a special election in January, but then immediately created a new vacant position and overruled Roberts Rules asking for a nomination and show of hands for an election of an unadvertised vacancy. The point was brought up again by Ken that only three positions were advertised on Face book and DEC's website and that in order to conduct a fair election for the entire membership, any new vacancies should be handled the same way. The Point of Order was not satisfied and the Chair moved forward with a motion made by Mary Everhart to vote on 4 positions. Second by Kay. By show of hands and paper ballot, the membership elected April as new director. DEC is allowed up to 8 directors. We now have six with Pam and April included. A special election will be held to fill the seat that Ken Horeis vacated.

Annual Audit:

Pam reported that she, Kim and Wayne had performed the audit and the books were accurately balanced.

Memorial letter from Kent County SPCA for DEC's donation: The letter was read thanking DEC for our  donation in memory of our Treasurer's grandson who was lost in a car accident.

Animal Welfare Task Force: This past June through resolution no 44 of the DE Senate, the DE animal welfare task force was created. On Nov 29, they will be holding its open forum. April felt it was important to spread the word for all animal owners to attend the meeting to be held at Legislative Hall, in the Senate chambers, Dover, DE at 7pm. For more info please visit our website.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Paula, all agreed.

Minutes submitted by April Murray

DEC October Meeting Minutes

Americ Inn, Harrington, DE

October 15, 2012

Meeting was brought to order 6:15 p.m. All topics were tabled until next meeting which will be Nov 19th, at the Harrington Library, Harrington, DE.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made: First by Ken, all agreed so that we could proceed with Speaker Night with guest speaker Alex Brown.

DEC Meeting Minutes

Sept 17, 2012

Call meeting to order at 7:02 pm

Secretary's Report: Previous meeting minutes were read and accepted with no changes. Motion by Stan first by Ken, 2nd Kay.

Treasurer's Report:

Starting Balance: $28,577.74

Deposits $60.00

Expenditures $1274.95

Ending Balance: $27,362.79

Motion to pay all bills: First Pam, second Carol.

Note: Speaker Night will be Oct. 15, 6 pm-8pm. At the AmericInn, Harrington, DE Contact April toRSVP by calling 302-735-8540 or email her at

Old Business:

Magazine Recycle (redistribution) program needs magazines less than a year old. Scholarship Fundraiser 2013 (catering menu): Tabled until November meeting
Speaker Night: Wayne has put it in all major publications, and April has informed folks on facebook. April will talk to Pam to get a flier made up and put out.

Laurel Saddle Friends 45th Anniversary Celebration: The banner was made and presented by Peggy and Paula at a reception of about 45 people. The banner was made by Sly Designs and cost DEC $75.

Delaware Forestry Association 30 year Celebration: Peggy and Paula attended and presented our donation to the scholarship fund.

Directories: Paul announced to the board that she will no longer be doing the Directory. The members took a moment and thanked Paula with a round of applause.

Trails: Peggy reports to remind folks that Sunday is the day to ride. In DE, hunters do not hunt on Sundays, therefore it is really the only day that is safe to ride. Peggy received an email by Bev Arnett, asking to represent DEC, and to keep us informed with the Woodlawn Acres transition to becoming DE only national park. Motion by Peggy to appoint Bev as representative, Second Paula All agreed.

New Business:

Budget: Kim presented the new budget for 2013. Noted that we are over budgeted for the year by $600. Also noted that we get money that comes back into the organization by way of membership, directory, and scholarship banquet. A motion to accept the budget by Paula, second by Ken. All favored, no opposed.

American Competitive Trail Horse Association- Barbara Dixon, a member of the ACTHA enlightened the people at the meeting on how how she participates in ACTHA events. As a participant she pays a yearly membership of $40. That allows her to participate at ACTHA events and acquire points throughout the year. At each event, a series of obstacles and over 6-8 miles of trail riding were included. She reported that she will be cutting down on competitions due to rise in gas prices. Not many rides are held in DE. There is one going to be held at Redden State Forest Nov. 10-11 as part of the Ride for Troops.

Maryland Horse Council Fundraiser BBQ held at Chesapeake City: Board member Ken Horeis attended the BBQ held at Scott Hessler's farm. It cost him $35 to attend and it included drinks. There were Stallion demonstrations as well as several product demos. The facility is phenomenal and suggests whenever you get the chance to visit try it.

Best of America By Horseback: Mary attended the weekend in Ohio. It rained a lot and the parade was cancelled due to polo field being under water. Although it rained, they attended the banquet dinner and rode all the marked trails scheduled for the weekend. They befriended members from the Ohio Horse Council, and over all had a great time. Tom Seay has contacted DEC and asked if we would be interested in hosting a Trail Ride. The best question for us is where would be a good place. Now that Woodlawn Acers is in the process of becoming the first national DE park it could be a possibility. It was suggested that Pam contact Carol Schlotzhauer to see if their organization would be willing to host the ride.
Horse Force Trail Ride: Tracey Snyder is having a trail ride fundraiser for the Horse Force One Hay bank. Cost for the event is $25 adults, $15 (kids 12 and under). All Kids 18 and under must wear riding helmets. Ride out at 10 am to be held at the Ludwig Farm at 2463 Hopkins Cemetery Rd, Harrington, DE. For more info on this event contact Tracey at 410-479-0983.2013

Clinicians: Linda Chick has officially signed contract to secure the April 6-7 dates for the DE Horse Expo. Wayne, Pam and Ken are still working on getting clinicians to respond to requests. Several ideas were discussed and given to the committee. Peggy suggested the DEC hosting a one day trainer challenge. Other ideas were to have more DEC organizations do demo's. More info to come.

DEC BBQ Family Day: It was brought up at a previous Board of Directors meeting that the DEC should have more family oriented events for our members.April suggested having a family BBQ appreciation day. She spoke to Randy Ridgely and he was very willing to hear more and open to the opportunity to having it at their farm. More info to come as to when it would be held. April was thinking sometime in May. Feedback from our members would be greatly welcomed.

Delaware 4H: DEC received a thank you card from the Hollering Hooves 4 H group for our sponsorship of the 4 H classes at the DE State Fair show. We also received a card from 4 H organizer Susan Garey for our sponsorship as well.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15 pm Minutes submitted by April Murray, DEC Secretary

DEC Meeting Minutes

Aug. 20, 2012

Call meeting to order: 7:02 pm

Secretary's Report: Previous meeting minutes can be found on the web site. Stan read the minutes. Motion to accept the minutes as being read: First- Kay, Second - Connie. A couple members went to the Extreme Mustang Challenge at the Horse park in NJ. It was reported that it was a great event, good turnout, and a very nice facility.

Treasurer's Report:

  Starting Balance $ 29,334.45

  Deposits 90.00

  Subtotal $ 29,424.45

  Expenditures 846.71

  Ending Balance $ 28,577.74 (includes $15k in CDs)

  Motion to pay all Bills: First: Kay, Second Connie.

Next meeting: September 17, 7pm, Harrington Library, Harrington, DE

 Old Business:

  •   Newsletter deadline September 10 for the October/November newsletter. Please forward any events and/or items of interest to April Murray at

  •   Magazines recycle (redistribution) program needs magazines less than 1 year old. If you'd like to contribute contact Paula Barto at

  •   State Fair Volunteers (Thanks) : Pam thanked members who attended the table at the fair for their dedication and being there on time. This year was much more enjoyable due to the building being air conditioned.

  • State 4H Show Sponsorship: The Awards event went well. We awarded the winners very nice metal director's chairs. There is a picture in the current newsletter with one of the award recipients.

  • Scholarship Fundraiser 2013: April came to the group with several estimates of places to have the banquet at. A motion was made to have the 2013 Scholarship banquet at the Harrington Moose Lodge, on March 23, 2013. First April and second by Paula. Everyone Agreed.   2013 Speaker Night: Alex Brown will be our guest speaker. To be held at the AmericInn, Harrington, DE. From 6-8 pm on October 15.Space is limited. Please contact April via email at or call her at 302-735-8540. This event is Free and open to the public and refreshments will be provided. A motion was made to secure a gift card for Alex to help pay for the expense of coming. First Ken second Wayne

  •   DE Electric Co-op: Kim thanked those who assisted her at the dinner. She reported that with in 45 mins all of the give aways were gone. It was suggested if it was worth doing it there if only a handful stopped to ask specific questions.

  •   Trailer Cover status: Wayne has received the cover and will go to Stan's to put it on to make sure it fits.

New Business:

  •   Best of America By Horseback: The board elected Mary Everhart, former DEC Secretary, to attend the 1000th anniversary trail ride in Cleveland, Ohio this September representing the state of Delaware and DEC. The Cowboy Mounted Shooters graciously lent her their Delaware flag, pole and holster to use during the event. Many thanks. More info is in the current newsletter and look for Mary's story in the Oct/Nov newsletter.

  •   2013 DE Horse Expo Date Change: Linda Chick is waiting for signed contract to be secured for April 6-7, 2013. Once that has been confirmed, DEC can resume inquiries for clinicians.

  •   Laurel Saddle Friends 45th Anniversary Celebration: Peggy asked the membership what a good donation we could send in order to show our support. Peggy had in mind to donate a banner, made by Sly Designs, to post up on the rails in the Laurel Arena. A motion was made to allocate funds to do so. First Kay Second Wayne.

  •   Delaware Forestry Association 30 year Anniversary Celebration: Peggy thought it would be a good idea to support the Forestry Association's Scholarship fund by making a donation. It was approved by membership to donate $100.00. Stan agreed to make presentation to them on September 15.

  •   Budget presentation/Audit: The budget committee will meet sometime before September's meeting to prepare budget for 2013.

  •   Thanks From Changing Fates Equine Rescue: The DEC received a thank you note in the mail from Changing Fates for our donation of $250 toward their fundraising efforts to purchase a plot of land to expand their rescue operation.

  •   American Competitive Trail Horse Association: Stan recently received an email by the ACTHA organization offering to help us raise money for the DEC. There was a lot of chatter about the organization through the Coalition of State Horse Councils (CSHC) . The CSHC is going to invite ACTHA to their meeting in Denver, Co. in November to help clear up some of the confusion and questions that seem to be unanswered.

Other New Business:

  •   AHC meeting in Denver, Co : The DEC is looking for members who may be interested in attending the November meeting in Denver, Co.

  •   Apple Scrapple: Paula received information about attending Apple Scrapple Festival this year. There was no interest from our membership so Paula will inform them we wont be there.

  •   New Vet: Peggy reports that there is a new vet who has taken over the Cokesbury business.

  •   Directory: April wondered what the council thought by having the Directory put on the web site? Paula reminded us that there are people who are in the directory (free listings) who don't pay. Putting them on the web site undermines other business who have paid to put their info on the web site. The topic ended and Paula is going to check about the PDF file form for the directory.   University of Delaware: The University of Delaware is offering a hree evening educational series on topics in Horse Behavior. All sessions to be held at the Kent County Extension office, Paradee Center in Dover. Go to the DEC web site for more information.

  Meeting Adjourned at 8:30pm.

  Minutes submitted by Secretary, April Murray

DEC Minutes

July 16, 2012

Meeting Called to order: 7 pm

Secretary's Report: Last meeting minuets can be view on the DEC website. Minutes read by Kay. Motion to accept the previous minutes, first Pam, second Ken.

Treasurer's Report:

Starting Balance $30,250.18

Deposits: $420

sub total: $30,670.18

expenditures: $1335.73

Ending Balance: $29,334.45 (includes $15,000 in cds)

Motion to pay all bills: First Kay, second Connie


Next meeting: Aug 20 at 7 pm at the Harrington Library, Harrington, DE


Old Business

Newsletter Deadline is September 10 for the Oct/November issue. If you have any events that need to be put on the calender and into the newsletter, please contact April Murray at


Magazines are desperately needed for the redistribution program. If you have a recent horse magazine in good shape, no older than a year old we will gladly take them next meeting!


Trails Committee- 2012 Trails Survey for State Parks is still on line. Please take a few minutes to fill it out. Go to:

Fair Schedule July 26 & 27: DEC will be at the DE State fair two days this year. We are still looking for volunteers to help on Friday for the 6-8 slot. Please contact Pam

Giveaways for the Fair: All giveaways were ordered and will be available by the time the fair starts.


Membership: We welcome new member Bonnie Buzzuto from Felton.


Scholarship fundraiser: A motion was decided to have the next scholarship awards banquet March 16th, 2013 First Pam, Second Ken. Next meeting April will have more info on the caterer and report on places to have it. If members are interested in joining the committee please speak to April you an email her at


De Electric Coop Dinner: 8/7/12 from 2-7pm Kim will be on hand to set up a booth at the annual dinner meeting.


Speaker night: The Speaker night will be moved to October. Alex Brown, author of the "Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and His Legacy" will be our first speaker. More info will be given at next meeting on location.


Macro-Media and external hard drive: The External hard drive was purchased. April is willing to help those members who have files built up on their computer to store them on the hard drive. Macro media program is the software used to maintain the website. April contacted Site One and was informed that they may no long be a company. This will be a topic of discussion for the board and members for another time.


Trailer Cover status: Wayne has ordered the cover, but with the measurements taken, it was realized a certain part of the trailer will require extra material and cost an additional $25. A motion was made to raise the amount first allotted to spend, to $375. First: Ken Second Kim


AHC Forum Feedback: Stan and Wayne attended the AHC summer meeting in Washington, DC. A new president of the AHC was voted in. The next meeting will be held in Denver, Co. They spoke about making the meeting next year be on a Sunday so that everyone can attend group meetings about certain groups like the Unwanted Horse Coalition.


State 4H Show Sponsorship: April will go and award the winners of the 4H on the last day of the State Fair.


Operation Military Kids: pencils and hand outs were delivered by Peggy.


New Business:

Senate Bill #255: Helmets for persons under 18 riding on public lands and roadways passed the Senate, but did not pass the House.


Nature Conservancy's conversion of Woodlawn to National Park: The Trustees of Woodlawn are handing over 1200 acres that may become DE first National State park, or become a state park. When the nature conservancy took it over, horse back riding wasn't allowed. If it becomes a state or national park, we hope that horse back riding trails will be allowed.

Besst of America by Horseback Television Show: The DEC was asked by producers of the show if representatives from DE would like to ride, holding the DE state flag and take part in festivities in Ohio to celebrate over 250 years of riding the horse. We were asked to send in a statement if we could not send any participants. Pam is going to organize a congratulatory message. Update: Mary Everhart will be attending on behalf of DEC and carry the state flag for Delaware.


Department of Ag: If anyone has any issues with current laws or issues that has to do with equine, Department of Ag is having an open forum on Aug 13 in Dover to hear the concerns of the horse people.

2013 Delaware Horse Expo Clinicians: Ken and Wayne have both contacted prospected clinicians, Tommy Garland being one, but have not heard back from them. It was made clear that Linda, above anyone else wants the DEC to try and get Tommy Garland and his bull as well. Among other names being looked into: Stacey Westfall, and Philip Dutton an English dressage clinician. More info to follow.


Extreme Mustang Makeover (Aug 10-12) will be held in NJ at the NJ Horse Park. It is looking like an exciting time.

Horse Force Article: Minimum Standard of Care: In state of Maryland there are regulations on standard care, there are none in DE.


Therapeutic riding program request for help: Members realized that there wasn't any follow through when it came to the Smyrna Therapeutic riding program. Pam felt we at least should get information on how the program is doing. Perhaps they may be in need of items such as halters, tack. Pam will report back with info next meeting.

Changing Fates Equine Rescue of Delaware $100 donation challenge: Members were informed of Changing Fates Horse rescue's attempt to fundraise money so that they can purchase over thirty acres of land to expand the horse rescue. A motion was made to donate $250 to the cause and approved by the members. Kim will prepare check and send to CFERD


DDC Membership and American Horse Council: A question was asked if members of DDC (Delmarva Driving Club) under the club, were available for the discounts offered by American Horse Council. DEC member Kim Swartz, when she purchased her John Deere zero turn, told the owner that she was a member of the AHC. We encourage all members to go to the American Horse council website to be come more familiar with these programs. DEC members couldn't nswer to the fact that third party members could be eligible for those discounts. Bottom line: become an individual DEC member for $10 to make sure you can reap the benefits of those discounts.


Other New Business:

Feed Program and Grant program offered by MHB: April printed out information on how the MHB offers $25,000 in grant money to those who apply for it. The feed program of Maryland pays into this and makes it available to do so. April wondered that if we could institute such a program, on a much smaller scale, say offer $10,000 in scholarships that would be available to such organizations like horse rescues, hay bank, or therapeutic riding. Ken said that it would be a lot of paper work that feed stores would do, and the legislative aspect would take a long time.

It was brought up what the labels from the feed bags produce and where the money to them go. DEC collects the labels of southern states bags. For each label collected, we make .25 cents. So far money made this years is over $300. The money made automatically goes into the operational funds for the DEC. I was suggested perhaps we can collect more labels, to help make money to give money.


Skin So Soft Rep: A representative that sells large amounts of Skin So Soft products at Spence's Bazaar, Dover, DE, was on hand to give out samples.

Meeting was Adjourned at 8:30 pm.
Minutes respectfully submitted by April Murray.

Delaware Equine Council

June18, 2012

Vice President Peggy Koster called meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Secretary’s Report:
No report. Secretary, April Murray was sick.

Treasurer’s Report:
Starting balance as of 5/21/2012--------------$30,250.18
Ending balance for 6/18/2012-----------------$30,250.18
Includes $15,000.00 in CD’s
There were some outstanding bills and Dan Watson made a motion to pay all bills and Janice Viscomi second the motion and motion was carried.

Peggy informed everyone that Kim Schwartz lost her grandson in an automotive accident. Pam reported a donation from the DEC to the Kent County SPCA in memory of Kim’s Grandson.

Old Business:
Newsletter deadline July10th for the August/September newsletter. Send any info to April Murray at

Trails Committee:
2012 Trails Survey for State Parks is still on line at PathwaysSurvey. The Greenways and Trails Council will have their meeting June 27th. Peggy shared info on the bond bill that will impact trails and pathways. The General Assembly committee hearing will be June 20th 1pm at the Joint Finance Hearing Rm. Ground Floor Legislative Hall in Dover.

Scholarship Fundraiser 2013:
Motion to table until next meeting.

No membership up-date.

Peggy Koster thanked everyone who helped at the National Trails Day. The DEC group cleaned up the parking lot and side road of Redden State Forest Jester Tract in honor of trails day. WE collected a small dumpster full of trash.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Kid’s Fest. Kim reported that they used all the Breyer Horses by 2:00 pm.

Macro-media program has not been purchased so it was tabled until next meeting.

Trailer Cover up-date: Wayne reported on 3 different type of covers:
1. 2 year warranty for $159.99
2. 4 year warranty for $276.00 customized fit.
3. 5 year warranty for $324.00
Paula made a motion to amend the last motion and and go with $350.00 Janice second the
Motion. Motion carried. Stan and Wayne will discuss this issue and decide which cover will work the best and go forward with it.

Speaker night info was not available due to April being sick. Motion to table until next meeting.

Give away Bags approx will cost $.75 per bag. This was tabled until next meeting, we are looking for more prices.

New Business:

AHC and other brochures are on the back table, Pam left a few Horse Force magazines on the table with her article on page 20, & 21.

State 4 H Horse Show Championship awards will be Director chairs this year per Susan Garey. Everyone agreed to continue the sponsorship and let Susan handle the awards. Peggy will send Susan a note .

Del Electric Co-Op Dinner : 8/7/12 2 to 7 PM. Kim will get more Info.

Operation Military Kids is an outreach effort for kids that have parents away on military duty. There are camps and weekly activities. They do a backpack for each child and fill it with items that provide communications. Peggy suggested to give pencils and information about horses from the DEC. Motion by Dan Watson, second by Laura Nennstiehl. Motion carried.

Paula Barto motion to adjourn second by Carol Seiler.Meeting was adjourn at 7:35 PM


Respectfully submitted

Acting Secretary,

Kay Mildon

Delaware Equine Council Meeting


  May 21,2012


Meeting called to order at 7:04 pm.

Secretary's report: Reading of last meeting minutes was done by Stan. You can find them on the web site, or paper copy on the back table.

Change in last meeting minutes: It was said that the membership data base was sent to Kim. In the future the Membership data base should be sent to all other future treasurers . Motion to make changes to last meeting minutes: first Peggy, second Paula.

Treasure's Report:

Starting Balance : $33,060.17

Expenses: $3,089.99

Deposits: $280.00

Ending Balance as of May 21: $30,250.18 (includes the cd of $15,000.00)

Motion to accept treasure's reports and pay all bills: First Pam, and Second Dan.

Next meeting is June 18th 7 pm, Harrington Public Library, Harrington, DE.

Old Business:

Newsletter deadline is July 10th for the Aug/ Sept issue. Please forward all events and items of interest to April @

There was a question as to who was going to proofread the June/July issue that is due. Peggy or Pam will be proofreading. April explained that once all the information is put together it is then sent to Barbara. Barbara will contact Pam when the final draft is put together.

Magazines recycle program needs magazines less than a year old. If anyone is interested in donating please contact board member Paula,or bring them to the next meeting.

Trails committee: Peggy informed us that the Green ways and Trails committee meeting was rescheduled for June 27. Last week, from May 14-17 there were several meetings or "workshops" organized to inform the public on the upcoming improvements to New Castle, Dover, and Lewes. She did remind everyone that there is a new survey by Del dot, DNREC, and Division of Fish and Wildlife. In Lewes they are proposing a rails to trails from Lewes to Georgetown where hikers and bikers will be able to travel. Nowhere did they mention it to be a multi purpose trail which should include horses. Peggy asked them about including horses, and their response was that they never even thought about it. Rails to Trails program is being held by Del Dot, not DE Parks and Rec. The DEC encourages folks to make comments and take the survey. The link to take the survey is: , to make comments please send emails to:, to view prospected changes to trails in DE go to: .

Peggy makes a good point that horse people are tax payers too. Paula added that the money that is proposed for this has not been approved yet. That it is still time to write your local officials and let them know how the horse people feel. When looking at the past surveys, of the 1800 people that participated, 300 were out of state people. So it is important to let horse people outside of DE to take the current survey.

Southern States Proof of Purchase Seals: Jill is still receiving them. If you'd like to donate them please bring to the next meeting.

Membership: There was no new information.

Road to the Horse DVD: no one has signed up for it.

National Trails Day, June 2: It was decided that members from DEC, Mustang and Burro Club and the Standardbred Pleasure horse org of Delmarva will meet at 10 am- 12 pm at Redden State Forest at the Jester Tract. We will be focusing on picking up trash so it will be important to bring gloves.

Barn Tour: Stan would like to thank everyone for coming out. The event was well attended. Peggy received two phone calls of compliments, and to thank Stan for his efforts in organizing the event.That they felt privileged to be able to go behind the scenes and in the paddock. April suggested that a survey be made so that we can get feed back as to how the participants heard of the event.

Updated By Laws: On page 3 of the bylaws, it was changed that members are to have their dues paid by Jan.31, instead of March 31.

Liberty Trademark: It was decided to not go through with trade marking Liberty, with a 5 (against) -2 (for)vote and a motion was passed to not mention it again. first= Peggy, second Pam.

Healthy Kids Day: was a success. Thank you to everyone involved.

Macro-Media: has not been purchased yet.

Ledger for treasure: Not ledger but a bookkeeping book Kim has purchased.

New Business:

Trailer cover for DEC trailer: It was suggested that a cover be purchased for the trailer to protect the decal work. A motion was made to allocate $200.00 to purchase cover for the trailer. First Peggy, second Pam.

AHC brochures on back table.

AHC Annual Forum- June 24-27: It was decided to send at least 2 people Monday, 2 people Tues. email Stan to express interest either day by June 1st. It was agreed that the Council pay for the gas, parking and dinner. As well as the cover charge for whichever day .

Kids Fest June 9th: Kim has confirmation from Linda Chick. April, Connie, and Jill will assist Kim the day of the event.

Delaware State Fair: July 26-27, sign up sheet is available. Please email Pam to express which times you'd like to sign up. Kim asked who'd like to do the 4 H awards, we will contact Susan Gary to get an idea what prizes they will want. We would need four prizes.

De Electric Co-op Dinner- 8/7/12 3-7pm. The DEC will have a set up. Its a dinner org for all Co-op electric customers over 1500 people attend.

Speakers for Meetings: Peggy suggested that September would be a better month. It was made clear that its normally held during a normal meeting night. April will have a place in mind and we all agreed to have at least 30- 40 people. Comments were made that we (DEC) is a non profit organization, why do we have so much money, that Speaker night is to promote...April asked is there part in the budget for maybe a speaker night fund, normally something like this would go under educational, and promotional. There is money in the budget for it. April to bring up to date next meeting.

Promotional: Should we look into having plastic like "goodie" bags made with the DEC logo . Stan will check and come back with info next meeting.

Giveaways: April asked if we had enough for the State fair.

Letterhead to be ordered: April asked to have more letter head made. We used most of it up for the Scholarship banquet. Pam will order the letterhead.

National volunteer project for Fish and Wildlife: Peggy received an email inviting DEC to help participate on National trails. Since it is the same day as National trails, and we are committed to cleaning up Redden State Forest she will let them know we already have a previous engagement.

Counter for the Web site: Stan mentioned why we don't have one on the web site. That it would be interesting seeing how many people visit the site.

Liability Signs: The DEC will allow stores to charge what ever amount they wish to charge, provided they purchase the signs through the DEC.

Increase in price of t shirts: Kim questioned why doesn't the DEC charge more for the t shirts when other people are charging two times more than what we charge. Peggy agreed to see what the new cost of ordering t shirts would be and we'd go from there.

Ideas for Horse Force Articles: Each month Wayne submits article to the Horse Force on behalf of the DEC. If anyone has any suggestions please send them to him by email at

Connection to AG Department: April expressed concern with DEC connections with the Ag Department. Who the official contact person was or is? It was agreed to invite a representative to a meeting to have them explain their role when it comes to an emergency or natural disaster.

Meeting adjourned: 8:30 pm

Minuets submitted by April Murray

Delaware Equine Council Meeting


April 16 , 2012

Meeting Called to order: 7:00 pm

Secretary's report: is on the web site or paper copy is on the back table.

Treasurer's Report

Starting Balance: $35,562.65

Expenses: $10,748.98

Deposits: $8,246.50

Ending Balance: $33,060.17

Motion to pay the bills: First Kay, Second Pam

Next meeting :

May 21st 7pm, Harrington Library, Harrington, DE.

Old Business

Newsletter deadline: May 10 for the June/July addition. Please forward all info to April at

The issue of the use of web site calendar was mentioned by Megan. Whether to allow free listings on the calendar in order to promote the horse industry in DE. Where as of now, the calendar is a benefit for paid organizational members and commercial members. The board agreed to look more into the issue and then bring it back to membership to decide.

Magazines recycle program needs magazines less than a year old.

Trails Committee: Green ways and trail committee meet on May 9th. Information was sent out about the Nanticoke Fish and Wildlife. The article can be found on our web site or on Face book.

Road to the Horse DVD: Is now available.

SS Proof of purchases: Jill reports that we now have over $300.00 worth of labels.

Membership update: Pam Nebel is now head of the membership. She sent updated data base to Treasurer Kim Schwartz.

National Trails Day is going to be June 2. The Mustang and Burro club along with the Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization of Delmarva will lead the intuitive to clean up Redden State Forest: the Jester Tract .

Barn Tour update: Stan reminded us to have people call him by May 16th in order to get the barn pass. Spots are limited yet free to the public. Call Stan at : 302-684-3966. Stan urged to get the word out and brought fliers to have members put up.

Update By Laws: Peggy researched the change to be made for the due date for members. Motion to accept was made by: first: Paula, second Kay.

New Business:

Record meeting easier record keeping: a hand held voice recorder was purchased to help with recording meetings. This device would be helpful to April especially when taking notes for meetings.

AHC letter, Unwanted Horse Brochures, and info on table.

Delaware Standardbred Pleasure Horse Org. of Delmarva: No new news. They will be meeting Tuesday. Megan presented to the members an idea to have DEC license plates made. She has been in touch with the woman who is in charge of them at the DVM. She is sending Megan a packet in the mail. Megan will have more info next meeting.

DPHA Spring Fling set up April 28: April has spoken to the committee in charge of the show to have a set up. They have agreed it would be ok to have a set up. April is in charge of getting a group together to represent at the Paint show. Those interested in helping to set up a table at the Paint show, please contact April via email, or phone call :302-735-8540. April also expressed interest in having a table set up for the DE Appaloosa Show on May 12, at the Harrington Fair Grounds.

Trademark for Liberty: Due to a situation of a photograph of Liberty being mislabeled on a groups web site, the concern to trademark Liberty came under question. April took the liberty to look up how much it would be to trademark Liberty, not only the costume, but the essential idea and its meaning. It would cost the DEC $35 total for 10 years to register Liberty, and its identity and meaning for the DEC. There wasn't a decision made, but the board asks those with an opinion to please email President Stan with your concerns. The board will then consider the suggestions and the come back to the members for a vote.

Healthy Kids Day: is May 3: Healthy Kids Day is a day designed at Trapp Pond, to educate kids on the state program of 3-2-1. The DEC along with volunteers from Single Tree stables will show the kids (from surrounding school districts) about how owning a horse involves exercise, both on and off the horse. The children also learn about nutrition what the horse does and doesn't eat. Interested members of DEC wanting to help or participate please contact Peggy Koster.

Macro media program upgrade for web site and external hard drive: It was decided at our Board meeting to purchase the upgrade for the software April uses for maintenance on the web site. The external hard drive is to store all the information used for web site and newsletter.

Delmarva Driving Club Events and Info: The council welcomed President Donna Hurst of the DDC to speak on up coming events. She also spoke to the liability issues at events, and the new waiver all new members sign for each event. Recently, there was an issue as to who has the rights to what photo. She also spoke about programs where the DDC can help educate others about carriages and safety on the trails. We thank Donna for coming and sharing with us. It was also made clear that Carol is a direct representative for the DDC during meetings.

Kids Fest June 9th: Kim will be in charge of getting info and people together to help at the event. Jill, April, Connie all agreed to help Kim.

Delaware State Fair: we are invited and we are looking at participating for the two days. A sign up sheet will be available soon for those interested in helping to man the table for those two days. Please email Pam with your interest at

Other new business:

Point to Point race May 6th in Wilmington.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 pm

Respectfully submitted by: April Murray, Secretary of DEC



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