Latest Meeting

January 21, 2019

Directory (Ken) - Directory will be completed and picked up this week. We are only down 1-1/2 pages. Suzanne did not charge as much for setup. Delmarva Printing cost was $4,100 compared to last year’s cost of $4,150. Net income for Directory this year was $3,070. Ken to send Pam name of Directory Cover Photo Contest winner. As for the 2020 Directory, Stan and Ken are meeting with Dr.Biddle in February to discuss a plan for students’ assistance in soliciting advertising and listings (north of the canal) for inclusion in the Directory. Mark asked them to mention that we could use their help with electronic format. He will be glad to coach.

Scholarship Banquet/Fundraiser (Stan) – Event date is April 6 from 6-10 at the Harrington Moose Lodge. Flyer ready for distribution and inclusion in Feb/Mar newsletter. Pam brought tickets for distribution and sales. Stan, Ken and Pam took some. Need others to help with tickets sales. Julie suggested also selling tickets on website via PayPal. Mark can set up if approved. Suggested doing tickets via email. No decision made. Approval will be determined by DECF Board. Stan sent a note to Dr.Biddle and she will remind students of program. They are in recess until February. Deadline for applications is January 31. Wayne sent notes to various colleges, newspapers, etc. Committee meeting to be scheduled in near future. Stan, Wayne and Pam attended the AMBA Christmas Party whereby AMBA presented Stan with a check for DECF in the amount of $700 towards a sponsorship for the scholarship dinner. DEC offered to donate $800 towards the AMBA sponsorship to make a named scholarship for AMBA/DEC All agreed. To date, we have five scholarship applications, two from University of DE, one from University of South Carolina, one from University of Kentucky and one from DE Technical/Community College.

Equine Stewardship Program (Ken) - At the December 2018 Board meeting, Ken passed out a DE Environmental Stewardship Award Equine Operations Application Form prepared by the Department of Agriculture. Normally these are for poultry, but this one is for equine. There is one main winner who receives a $1,000 award, three winners to receive $500 each. There are also plaques and lane signs for their farm indicating they are in the stewardship program. You must have 8k pounds of equine or 8 acres to obtain nutrient management certification. You may also have a combination of the two. There are 25 farms that fall into this category. Strict criteria are involved with participating in this program. The Dept of Ag would like for DEC to sponsor the cost of the plaques and lane signs which will total approximately $500. After much discussion on pros and cons, a motion was made to donate the $500. Motion passed through vote.