Latest Meeting

November 19, 2018

Website Update - Mark has set up a new photo album. He received several pictures for Member Appreciation Day and would like to receive those of Autumn on the Brandywine to include in the album. He has also set up a Google account for DEC which has infinite storage capacity. He is looking for a volunteer to handle photos. It is an easy volunteer effort and he will personally train whoever steps up. He also suggested that we have a Member Photo Contest. All agreed it was a great idea. The calendar is set up and Mark will send an email out to businesses etc. for events. Calendar information will also be posted in the newsletter. Looking for volunteers as photo coordinator and calendar coordinator. Mark will show you the ropes. Elrita volunteered for both! You go girl!! Many thanks from the group.

Autumn on the Brandywine – Fantastic venue and great volunteers! Forty-five riders preregistered. Gained 50 new members from this ride, with several being from NJ, PA and MD. The ride, food, music, ice cream and company were awesome. Julie remarked that next time the music will begin at lunch. $200 was promised to the musician, but only $35 was donated. DEC put forth the other $165. Income was as follows: $1,620 from riders, expenses were $434, leaving the net income of $1,185… add $275 in apparel sales which brings the total to $1,460. Outstanding job by Julie and all her volunteers. Julie put her heart and soul into this successful event. By the way, her mac and cheese is just as awesome as her baked ziti. Mmmm! Mary Bashtarz commented that so many people made positive comments about having the opportunity to ride somewhere which is not normally accessible. Ken remarked that Ramsey Farms is excited to offer his location again next year. Great news!

Elections - Since there were no competitive positions this year there were no ballots necessary. Kathy made motion to close all positions seconded by Pam. Motion accepted. The following people will remain in their positions with one newly elected Director.

  • Vice President – Ken Horeis (2-year term to 2020)
  • Secretary – Pam Nebel (2-year term to 2020)
  • Director – Elrita Annett (Newly elected) (3-year term to 2021)
  • Director – Kate Bowski (3-year term to 2021)
  • Director – Julie Warrington (3-year term to 2021)