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May 15, 2017


Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm by President Stan Vonasek.

Board Members

Present: Stan Vonasek, Ken Horeis, Tami Stevens, Pam Nebel, Julie Warrington, George Parris, Wendy Lippincott, Cyndi Vollmer

Absent: Dr. Christina Dayton

Secretary’s Report (Pam Nebel):  April Minutes are available on the DEC website at and on the back table.

Treasurer’s Report:  (Tami Stevens)
Starting balance as of 3/20/17: $31,047.46
Deposits: $765.00 (dues, polo shirt sale, Poker Run fees/proceeds)
Deductions: $658.77 (reimbursements to Pam for folders, ink, pens, PO box rental, refreshments for 4/17 meeting.  Goetz Insurors insurance premium, Paypal fees)
Ending balance as of  5/15//17: $31,153.69

George Parris motioned to pay all bills. Dan Watson seconded and motion was passed.


DEC Yearly Audit (Stan):  Easiest and quickest audit ever and balanced to the penny. 

Newsletter (Wendy): May/June newsletters are on the back table.  Please take some with you and distribute them to various businesses in your area.  Ready to work on the July/August newsletter.  Please give Wendy articles as she needs help with filling the newsletter with interesting information. 

TEC/DEC Poker Run (Julie):  With the weather being so questionable on Saturday, April 22, with spritzing rain, Sunday, April 23 still turned out to be a beautiful sunny day.  The committee was on the fence with whether to cancel and reschedule but took a chance and went forward with the event.  We had approx. 26 riders.  No doubt that the rainy forecast held some people back, but those who came had a great time and loved the new obstacles.  The Chinese auction was a great success and the 50/50 was successful too.  The gross profit was $740.  After expenses and dividing the profit between TEC and DEC, each organization received $282.  Some remarked that a lot of work goes into coordination of this shared event with such a small monetary return. We need to address whether we want to continue to share the event with TEC, or go solo.  The TEC location is perfect and it would be challenging to find another location but it could be done.  Julie thanked all the DEC volunteers that worked tirelessly to help make this a successful event.  We will address the issue of continuing the event at a later date.

Sonny Garguilo Clinic (Pam):  Deadline for sign up extended to May 19.  Will see what happens at that point in time.  Still do not have enough people to move forward with the clinic.

Southern States POP (Stan):  Just a reminder to collect your proof of purchase seals to bring to the meetings.


Equisure Insurance (Stan):  Stan reminded members that you can still get a one million dollar policy through Equisure anytime throughout the year.  Let him know if you are interested in acquiring this excellent policy.  It is a calendar year policy (January – December).

Cape Henlopen Trails Committee (Stan):  Nothing to add any different than stated in April Minutes.  Stan and Lona Crist are DEC representatives that will attend any meetings scheduled.

License Plates (Stan/Julie):  Julie reported that the artist she has contacted is now ready to put together some designs and should be able to provide them by July.

DEC 501 (c) (3) (Wayne/Stan):  Wayne, Pam and Stan met with DEC’s accountant to discuss the issue of DEC becoming a 501 (c) (3) organization.  There is a lot of work and dollars involved in implementing this effort.  We cannot utilize the inexpensive EZ Form like we did for the Foundation.  It would cost $845 to initiate the effort, plus the mission statement and by-laws would have to be changed to meet the criteria of one of the nine options of 501 (c) (3) status.  This work would need to be prepared by an attorney (another cost).  There is a long, multi-page form to be filled out.  The accountant informed us that DEC would have to be extremely cautious with the monies that we would possibly donate to any non-501 (c) (3) organizations.  The majority of our donations would have to be to organizations with a 501 (c) (3) status.  Grants can be prepared and submitted as a 501 (c) (3), but we would have to clearly explain what we would be using that particular grant request for.  It was mentioned that we had applied for a grant years ago, but because we were a 501 (c) (5) we were rejected.  The question came up as to what would be the benefit of DEC changing their status.  Do we think people will start donating to DEC just because of a status change?  People want to know where their money is going and what exactly it will be used for.  The DEC Foundation has loyal supporters that continue year after year donating to the scholarship program.  Who would be donating to DEC and what for?  These are just some of the questions.  Stan will check with other 501 (c) (3) state horse councils to see what they do to qualify for that status.  The issue is tabled for now.

Scholarships (Wayne):  It was discussed at the recent board meeting whether to increase the number of  $1,000 scholarships awarded or to increase the dollar amount of the scholarship and award less scholarships.  Some thoughts tonight were to increase the dollar amount to either $1500 or $2000.  Stan said we have time to think about it and we can discuss later.
Member Appreciation Day (Stan):  Stan reported that he has booked Redden and Shorty for our event.  Will include again on the July agenda to discuss further details.

November Elections (Stan): Stan will not be running for another term as President.  Please put your feelers out for anyone who might be interested in becoming the new President.  Wendy will put a blurb in the upcoming newsletter looking for expressions of interest.
Tami Stevens has agreed to run again for the Treasurer position.  She said if anyone else is interested, that’s fine too.

Directory Chair (Ken):  Ken reported that after three years of preparing the Directory, he will be stepping down from that responsibility.  Stan stated that it’s a huge endeavor and needs to be more than one person.  We are looking for a Directory committee to be formed to take on the responsibility.  Ken has all of the information and reference material from the past three years and will be happy to pass it on to the committee.  He reiterated that there is constant follow-up necessary with businesses and people who want to advertise.  One phone call doesn’t do it.  You have to make continuous reminder calls.  This is a time-consuming effort and it’s imperative that you are committed in order to have a quality product.


Ken reported that he has paperwork regarding the Nutrient Management Plan specifics that anyone can have.  He will be happy to email the information to anyone who wants a copy.  Connie Lundquist requested a copy be sent to her via regular mail as she does not have email.  She plans to share it with the AMBA group.


Motion to adjourn was made by Connie Lundquist and seconded by Tami Stevens

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm

Next Meeting – July 17, 2017 at the Harrington Fire Hall conference room.

Minutes submitted by Secretary Pam Nebel





April 17, 2017


Ken Horeis introduced Brooke Walls and Chris Brosch from the Department of Agriculture Nutrient Management Program.  Brooke provided a very informative power point presentation covering nutrient management laws, the commission, who is affected, certification levels and sessions, requirements for animals and land, recordkeeping and the annual report.  I have included with the Minutes the PDF for the power point presentation covering all of the above.  Feel free to peruse it and contact Brooke at 302-698-4627 if you have any questions.  Thanks to Brooke and Chris for joining us this evening and enlightening us on the criteria and responsibility of having a nutrient management plan.

Equine Nutrient Management

Meeting called to order at 7:25 pm by President Stan Vonasek.

Board Members

Present: Stan Vonasek, Ken Horeis, Tami Stevens, Pam Nebel, Julie Warrington, George Parris, Wendy Lippincott

Absent: Dr. Christina Dayton, Cyndi Vollmer

Secretary’s Report (Pam Nebel):  March Minutes are available on the DEC website at

Treasurer’s Report:  (Tami Stevens)
Starting balance as of 3/20/17: $30,669.28
Deposits: $635.00 (dues, directory ads, liability signs, Poker Run fees)
Deductions: $256.82 (DECF donation from Bev Barnett, Ken for most directory ads prize, change agent fee for franchise tax, DQHA sponsorship, Equisure premium, PayPal fees)
Ending balance as of  4/17//17: $31, 047.46

Wendy Lippincott motioned to pay all bills, seconded by George Parris and passed.


TEC/DEC Poker Run (Julie):  The Poker Run will be held on April 23 at the Tuckahoe Equestrian Center.  Registration at 9am, first ride out at 9:30am.  Last ride out is at 11am.  All cards need to be in by 12 noon.  Lunch served at 12. (Hot dogs, Ziti, baked beans, fruit, cake, etc). There will be approximately 18-20 obstacles located at 8 different stations.  Members cost is $25 for adult member, youth 18 and under $15, family of 4 is $50.  Non-members cost is $30 for adult member, youth 18 and under $20, family up to 4 is $60.  Register with PayPal at  Event is advertised on Facebook, the DEC website along with flyers distributed in various locations. Cash prizes for best three hands of poker (1st $30, 2nd $20, and 3rd $10).  Bring extra money for our Chinese auction. Following the Chinese auction, one drawing will be made with remaining tickets for a chance at a gift certificate from Maryland Saddlery.  Proceeds from this event will be split between TEC and DEC.

Southern States POP (Marie)):  Just a reminder to collect your proof of purchase seals to bring to the meetings.

Sonny Garguilo Clinic (Pam):  Facebook indicates interest from several people but nobody has signed up yet.  Still early.  Clinic is not until June 10-11.  Several other clinics are scheduled during April and June.  Some are one-day others are 2-day.  Need to have 8 people signed up and paid by May 5 in order to secure the clinic.

Equisure Insurance (Stan):  Stan reminded members that you can get a one million dollar policy through Equisure at a cost of $25 per person or $40 per family.  Let him know if you are interested in acquiring this excellent policy.  It is a calendar year policy (January – December).

Goetz Insurance (Stan):  DEC is now covered by Goetz Insurance.  Cost of the new policy for one year is $427 and they will cover our 10 meetings, the Poker Run, the Sonny Garguilo Clinic and Member Appreciation Day.  Anyone who can send a referral to Goetz will receive a $10 gift card. Tami has canceled our present policy with Farm Family and is awaiting a refund check.

Cape Henlopen Trails Committee (Stan):  The committee is looking for representatives to join the committee to discuss a variety of uses for the trails. Stan and Lona Crist will represent DEC on horseback riding issues.

Motion to adjourn was made by Ken Horeis and seconded by Tami Stevens.
Next Meeting – May 15, 2017 at the Harrington Fire Hall conference room.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm

Minutes submitted by Secretary Pam Nebel




March 20, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by President Stan Vonasek.

Board Members

Present: Stan Vonasek, Ken Horeis, Tami Stevens, Pam Nebel, Julie Warrington, George Parris, Wendy Lippincott

Absent: Dr. Christina Dayton, Cyndi Vollmer

Secretary’s Report:  (Pam Nebel) February 2017 minutes are available on the back table and also on the DEC website at

Treasurer’s Report:  (Tami Stevens)
Starting balance as of 2/20/17: $33,691.15
Deposits: $2,268.75 (dues, directory ads, DECF donation, Equisure ins premium, newsletter ad)
Deductions: $5,290.62 (Pam for postage, sympathy card, Economy Printing – Directory, Suzanne Webster – Directory, Harrington Fire Co., - donation for room use, PayPal fees)
Ending balance as of 2/20/17: $30,669.28

George Parris motioned to pay all bills.  It was seconded by Kay Mildon and passed.

New member, Kate Bowski, from Lone Star Stables, introduced herself.  She and her daughter live in Georgetown, DE, and hope to begin boarding at their stable soon. They have two of their own horses.  Welcome aboard Kate!


License Plate Design (Stan/Julie): There were no winning designs in the license plate contest, therefore, we will take another avenue to get our DEC license plate created.  Julie Warrington has contacted Becky Raubacher (artist) who is very interested in helping us design our plate.  More info to follow.

Southern States POP):  Be sure to collect your proof of purchase seals to bring to the meetings for Marie. We have been averaging $500 per year in income with this program.

Sonny Garguilo Clinic (Pam):  Wendy Lippincott spoke with Kim Chick about arena rental at Gambler’s Choice Equestrian Center.  Kim will let DEC use one or both of the arenas for a clinic at the cost of $500 for the entire weekend.  Stalls are $25 each.  Pam has prepared a contract for GCEC and DEC along with a waiver.  Both documents have been reviewed and approved by Stan and Ken.  Just need a motion to go forward with the clinic.  Motion was made by Wendy and Pam seconded.  Pam will proceed with advertising etc.  The clinic will be held on June 10-11 at a cost of $375 per person.  Pam/DEC will collect all monies and handle all payments.  The American Mustang Burro Association has indicated interest in being a sponsor to this event.  Pam will be at their meeting on March 27 and get the specifics of how they want to help.  Auditing will be available at a cost to be determined.

Equisure Insurance (Stan):  Stan reminded members that you can get a one million dollar policy through Equisure at a cost of $25 per person or $40 per family.  Let him know if you are interested in acquiring this excellent policy.

Stan also reported that we presently pay Farm Family $500 per year to insure our 10 meetings held each year.  This policy does not cover any of our events.  He checked with Goetz Insurance (they advertise in our Directory) and for $427 they will cover our 10 meetings, the Poker Run, the Sonny Garguilo Clinic and Member Appreciation Day.  Julie made a motion to change to Geotz Ins and George seconded and it passed. Stan will get in touch with his contact at Goetz and tell them to move forward.  Once the new insurance is effective, the insurance with Farm Family will be canceled.  Nice job, Stan, with getting this great rate!

Redden Forest Jester Tract (Stan):  The Jester Tract parking lot and pavilion are closed indefinitely due to the nature of suspicious activities taking place in this area.  Stan has contacted Kyle Hoyd who is the State Forestry expert and Junior Webb (Redden Headquarters) to discuss the possibility of creating permits for horseback riders to ride at Jester Tract between the hours of 9am and 4pm.  A letter is also being sent to Mr. Hoyd as a follow-up and to offer DEC’s assistance in any way. 

Kentucky Horse Council (Ken):  Ken obtained copies of the two programs (Geld and Euthanasia) KHC has put in place.  He reminded everyone that KHC has paid employees that oversee the programs and KHC is a 501 (c) (3) organization who receives financial support through donations. For the Geld Program there is a limit on income for qualified recipients which would be $40k or less.  Plus they must be Kentucky residents and have 4 or more horses per home.  Vouchers would be for a total of $135 per horse or $300 per family.  Documention such as tax returns, pay stubs, student ID and public assistance must be shown in order to qualify for the voucher.  The Euthanasia Program is very similar but less documentation required. Julie asked if there was a possibility that DEC could become a 501 (c) (3).  Stan mentioned that DEC had become a 501 (c) (5) years ago when we were partnered with the Department of Agriculture.  That partnership is no longer in effect.  Wendy made a motion that DEC look into becoming a 501 (c) (3) and Julie seconded and it passed.  Wendy fully supports the idea of the two programs and suggested putting it in the budget. Stan wants to discuss at a board meeting and come back to the members with a recommendation.  Wayne stated that people would be more willing to donate to DEC if we were a 501 (c) (3).

Shirts (Pam):  Pam reported that she has passed the baton on the shirt responsibility and that Joan Siler has graciously picked it up.

TEC/DEC Poker Run (Julie):  The Poker Run will be held on April23 at the Tuckahoe Equestrian Center.  First ride out at 9am, last ride out is at 11am.  There will be approximately 18-20 obstacles located at 8 different stations.  Members cost is $25 for adult member, youth 18 and under $15, family of 4 is $50.  Non-members cost is $30 for adult member, youth 18 and under $20, family up to 4 is $60.  If you pre-register prior to April 16 you can deduct $5 from any of the noted fees.  Register with PayPal at  Julie passed around flyers for distribution.  Be sure to like and share on Facebook.  If you have anything for the Chinese auction, please let Julie or Pam know.

Van Ness Award (Tami):  Tami mentioned that the Van Ness Award is coming up soon. This award is given in honor and memory of Marjorie Van Ness from New Jersey, a long-time leader and friend to the entire horse industry. The award is presented to an individual that best emulates the dedication and commitment of Marjorie Van Ness to the improvement of the horse industry at the state level. Nominations must be made by May 17.  Contact Tami if you are interested.

Economic Impact Study (Stan)  Members were briefed on the EIS study.  The American Horse Council quotes the cost to be $500k to do the study, with State breakout reports at a cost of $20k each.  A few states have already signed up for a breakout report.  Julie asked what the advantage would be for the study.  Ken said information from that particular study can be used to tell what kind of economic impact it would be for the state. 

Coalition for Recreational Trails (Ken):  Federation of National and Regional Trails related programs.  You can apply for this if you do something to expand trails in your state.  Stan mentioned that they all have paid staff and lobbyists.

Scholarship Dinner Wrap-up (Wendy/Wayne):    The previous balance on the DECF account prior to the scholarship dinner was $8,731.66.  The present balance is now $11,415.74, which shows an increase in additional income of $2,684.08 after all expenses have been paid.  The silent/live auctions alone brought in $3,717.00.  Ken stated this event was the nicest we have ever had and thanked the scholarship committee for their efforts.  The group tossed around the idea of  possibly increasing the scholarship amounts next year. On the downside, there were some issues that need to address:  1) tables too close together and crowded, 2) line too long and slow at the buffet, 3) slow at the bar.  Pam and Wendy will be meeting with Dottie and MaryLou at the Moose soon.


Joan Siler reiterated that we need to redo the board for our booth/table.  All materials are outdated.  Ken agreed and will begin working on this.  Lots of horse shows are coming up that Joan will be able to display a DEC table.

Wendy mentioned Trails Clean Up Day coming up in late June and that we should try to get youths to help out this year.  Stan mentioned that we did not do a clean-up last year and that we would not be going back to the Jester Tract for clean-up, especially with youths, due to the nature of some of the objects found throughout the clean-up process. Stan suggested looking at other places for clean-up.  Julie suggested getting the kids to do something fun and horse related. Great idea Julie!  Perhaps getting them to help with set-up for the Poker Run in April.  Joan said she could get several youths to participate.  She will be in touch with Julie.

Wendy suggested that we go back to the State Fair and put up our booth for 2 days.  Both Stan and Ken disagreed stating that it is basically a waste of time and money.  There was rarely ever any interest in our booth.  Most people just came by for the giveaways. Pam agreed that it would be nice to have the booth there, but reiterated that it is VERY difficult to get people to donate their time to man the booth.  Many people have spent many hours at the booth when it was at the fair previously…..none of which are likely to do it again.  Stan told Wendy to feel free to set it up if she is interested in monitoring it. 

Ken discussed the Nutrient Management Plan and indicated that several complaints have been called in to the Nutrient Management Group regarding small acreage horse property not being in compliance rules and not having a nutrient management plan.  DEC will have a special guest at the April 17 meeting to discuss this issue.

Ken reminded Wayne that DEC owes DECF for the free B/W ad that went into the Directory for the Platinum sponsorship donor for the scholarship program.

Pam read a thank you note from Dr. Sharon Little and family, thanking DEC for all they do for the community. 

Motion to adjourn was made by Kay Mildon and seconded by Pam Nebel.

Next Meeting – April 17, 2017 at the Harrington Fire Hall

Meeting adjourned at 8:02 pm

Minutes submitted by Secretary Pam Nebel



February 20, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by President Stan Vonasek.

Board Members

Present: Stan Vonasek, Ken Horeis, Tami Stevens, Pam Nebel, Julie Warrington, George Parris, Cyndi Vollmer, Wendy Lippincott

Absent: Dr. Christina Dayton

Secretary’s Report:  (Pam Nebel) January 2017 minutes are available on the back table and also on the DEC website at

Treasurer’s Report:  (Tami Stevens)
Starting balance as of 1/16/17: $31,244.82
Deposits: $3,320.00 (dues, directory ads, reimbursement from DECF for fire house rental)
Deductions: $873.67 (Kathy for ink, liability insurance, franchise tax, Equisure, American Lung Assoc donation for Peter Schwartz, PayPal fees)
Ending balance as of 2/20/17: $33,691.15.

George Parris motioned to pay all bills.  It was seconded by Connie Lundquist and passed.

Stan confirmed that we split the fire house donation between DEC and DECF.

There were a couple new faces in the group tonight so we went around the room and introduced ourselves.  Thank you to the new folks attending the meeting.  We hope you enjoyed it and will come back to join us again.


Directory (Ken): The 2017 Directories are here and they look great.  Front cover picture is from Jennifer Wilson, winner of the Directory Photo Contest.  Please pick up Directories from the back table and distribute accordingly.  People have been asking about them and are anxious to receive them.
Ken reported that this year’s net income from the Directory was $3,899 compared to last year’s net income of $4,484. We received 8 new ads, but lost 21 previous ads.  He feels that perhaps some advertisers may feel that they are not receiving any new business from the ads and have decided not to continue with them.  It is important that the businesses know that their ads are being seen and are helping to direct business to them.  Ken said to be sure to tell any businesses that you use for services that you saw their ad in the Directory.
Julie Warrington reported that she recently received an estimate for services from Ready Building (Back Cover ad) whereby she told them she heard about them from their ad in the Directory.  They gave her special pricing,
We saved money with printing this year. Economy Printing gave a quote of $4,296 compared to Associates International’s quote of $5,500 for printing the Directories.

Southern State Proof of Purchase (Marie):  Lots of proof of purchases came in tonight.  Marie has approximately 400 at home which would bring a cash total of $100 so far.

Scholarship Applications (Stan):   We received 12 applicants this year.  The scholarship selection committee selected five students to be awarded a $1,000 scholarship at the awards dinner on March 4.  Those five people are:  Katherine Babiarz, University of Delaware; Kacie Minner, University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine; Anthony Holowka, University of Delaware; Rebecca Daisey-Justice, Delaware Tech & Community College; and Kimberly Hildreth, University of Delaware.  Congratulations to all!

Scholarship Awards Dinner (Wendy):  Wendy reported that we have currently received $1,624 in committed sponsorships.  She informed us of the many great items to be auctioned off at the silent and live auctions at the ceremony.  Chick’s Saddlery is once again supplying all the door prizes.  Many thanks to Chick’s for their continued support.  Also, please keep in mind that tickets to the dinner can be purchased thru PayPal on the DEC website at


License Plate Design Contest (Stan):  We received eight submittals which are still in the review stage.  Wayne will contact DMV to get specifics of what the requirements are for plates i.e., coloring, sizing, display of state name, etc. Following that, a decision on design can be made.

Equisure Excess Liability Renewal ( Stan):  Insurance renewals are as follows:  Individual $25 Family $40  Stan collects checks from participating members and forwards  a DEC check to the insurance company.  Participating members will receive insurance certificates via email.

Clinic with Sonny Garguilo (Pam):  Pam briefed members on Sonny’s bio and on his clinic presentation.  Also, as requested at the previous meeting, Pam contacted Sonny regarding whether or not there are auditing fees for the clinic and can DEC collect them.  Sonny’s auditing fees are usually $30 per person and those fees go to the hosting facility unless something else is worked out.  Joan Siler mentioned that the $30 is a going rate for auditing fees and that they, in fact, are normally given to the hosting facility.  Discussion continued regarding a host farm for the clinic.  Ken has an idea, but if that does not come to fruition we will need suggestions.  Wendy mentioned Heartland Equestrian Center and Joan mentioned Gamblers Choice.  Both of which will require a fee.  This topic is tabled until a location is found.

TEC/DEC Poker Run (Julie):  Julie reported that the committee has bumped up the obstacles to approximately 18-20 for this year’s event.  Cost for TEC/DEC members is Adults $25, Children 18 and under $15, Family up to four $50.  Cost for non-members is Adults $30, Youth 18 and under $20 and Family up to four $60.  PRE-REGISTRATION BONUS – PAY BY APRIL 16 AND DEDUCT $5 FROM THE ABOVE NOTED PRICES.  A hot lunch, dessert and drinks is included in cost.  There will also be a Chinese auction and a 50/50 raffle.  Come join us at Tuckahoe Equestrian Center on Sunday, April 23.  Registration begins at 9:00.  Last rider out at 11:00.  Poker hand must be turned in by noon .  Poker hands can be collected regardless of completing obstacles but you must ride the course to receive one.  You can register via PayPal on the DEC website at   See the welcome page to click link to Poker Run on the News/Events page.


4H Horse Bowl (Wendy):  Date is March 11.  Location is Lakeforest North Elementary School.  Do we want to set up a DEC table like last year.  Ken noted that there were no new members gained at the event from setting up the table last year.  Very little interest.  If you are interested in setting up a table, please contact Wendy at or 632-9733.

Delaware Quarter Horse Association Donation Request (Ken):  DQHA shows will be starting soon.  They are requested a sponsorship from DEC.  Discussion included the fact that they are not members of DEC nor do they advertise in the Directory.  Stan reiterated that DEC is here to promote protect and enhance the keeping of equine in the state and it is not limited to members only.  George Parris made a motion to sponsor with a $100 donation.  It was seconded by Wendy and passed, albeit with one against and one abstained.  Wayne is drafting a letter to DQHA to include with our sponsorship in order to encourage them to become a member of our organization.

Redden Forest Jester Tract Closure (Stan):  Stan mentioned that the State has closed the parking lot and pavilion at the Jester Tract indefinitely due to suspicious activity taking place in the area.  You can still ride in the park, but cannot park in that lot nor be anywhere near the pavilion.  That area is completely off-limits.  The actual article is posted on DEC’s Facebook page. Stan will contact Junior at Redden Headquarters to see if there is any possibility that horse trailers could be parked in the Jester lot during the day.  May riders use this lot to park for trail riding in the park.

Kentucky Horse Council (Stan):  Amanda Woodall (former DEC Board Member who moved to Kentucky) recently sent a Kentucky Horse Council newsletter to Julie showing some great programs and activities they are involved in.  They have organized a geld program and a euthanasia assistance program.  The KHC has approximately 20-40 directors and at least 2 paid employees.  Stan and Ken agreed that more research on both these efforts could be done to see if either one would be something that DEC could possibly offer.


Joan Siler will set up a DEC table at the upcoming Hearts for Tiffany Horse Show fundraiser being held at Gambler’s Choice Equestrian Center on Sunday, February 26.

Pam reported that Karen Kershaw passed away on January 30.  A card was passed around for signature and will be sent to Karen’s family.  Karen was a long-time member and supporter of DEC and will be missed by many.  A Karen Kershaw Memorial Scholarship will be awarded at the upcoming DECF Scholarship Awards Dinner/Fundraiser on March 4.

DEC received a thank you letter from the American Lung Association for the $100 donation made in memory of Peter Schwartz who recently passed away.  Peter was the husband of Kim Schwartz, previous long-time Treasurer of DEC.

Tami reported that Compassionate Hearts Inc. , a 501(c) (3) organization offering hope and healing through horses, is having a quarter auction on March 31 at 6pm at the Lincoln Community Hall, 18869 Washington Street, Lincoln, DE.  All proceeds will provide equine assisted programs for our local military and their families.  Happy Horses 4H will provide refreshments.  Peruse the silent auction from 7pm to 9pm and see Carhartt jackets, decorative cutting boards, gym membership, wood duck box, SPA items, local art, jewelry, designer purse and more.
First paddle $5.00, additional paddles $3.00. 
Contact Tami if you are interested…..815-252-8367 or


Motion to adjourn was made by Kay Mildon and seconded by Connie Lundquist.

Next Meeting:  March 20, 2017 at the Harrington Fire Hall

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Secretary Pam Nebel



January 16, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by President Stan Vonasek.

Board Members

Present: Stan Vonasek, Ken Horeis, Tami Stevens, Pam Nebel, Julie Warrington, George Parris, Cyndi Vollmer, Dr.Christina Dayton
Absent: Wendy Lippincott

Secretary’s Report:  (Pam Nebel)  November 2016 minutes are available on the back table and also on the DEC website at

Treasurer’s Report:  (Tami Stevens)
Starting balance as of 11/21/16: $28,846.10
Deposits: $2,945.00 (dues, directory ads, turkey raffle proceeds)
Deductions: $196.28 (Pam Nebel newsletter postage, trailer tags/DMV, cookies for Member Appreciation Day, PayPal fees)
Ending balance as of 12/19/16: $31,594.82.

Dan Watson made motion to pay all bills.  It was seconded by Cyndi Vollmer and passed. 

Treasurer’s report for December as there was no meeting:
Starting balance as of 12/19/16: $31,594.82
Deposits: None
Deductions: $350 (American Horse Council annual dues)
Ending balance as of 1/16/17:  $31,244.82

Committee Reports: 

Directory (Ken): DEC directory had a few less ads but not significantly low.  Ads were as follows:  Full page color - 21 in 2017 (24 in 2016), half page color - 12 in 2017 (13 in 2016), full page b/w - 8 in 2017 (7 in 2016), half page b/w - 19 in 2017 (23 in 2016), quarter page b/w - 12 in 2017 (15 in 2016).  Gross amount collected for 2017 is $8,745  Gross amount for 2016 was $9,795.  The difference is $1,050 less than last year.  Same formatting will be used at a cost of $450.  Associates International along with Economy Printing will be providing quotes to Ken regarding printing the directory this year.  Ken reported on the number of new ads collected this year.  Stan (2), Pam (1), Wendy (1), Ken (4).  Ken is awarded a $100 check for selling the most ads with the highest dollar amount of sales at $510.  Congratulations!  Final proof for directory should be ready tomorrow whereby we can review and return for printing.  Hope to have it ready for distribution by early February.  Jennifer Wilson was the winner for the cover photo contest.  Beautiful picture submitted.  Congratulations, Jennifer.

Scholarship Applications (Stan): We have received 3 applications to date.  Confident that more will be coming in during the last two weeks of January.  This has been the pattern over the past years.

Southern States SHOW Program  (Marie):  Marie reported that she got several proofs of purchase labels tonight and continues to collect them.


License Plate Design Contest (Wayne):  Five license plate designs have been received to date……all from the same person.  Participants can submit as many designs as they want.  There is no limit.  Wayne has received lots of feedback from people on Facebook and continues to advertise periodically. We are hopeful to receive more designs by the deadline of January 31, 2017.  Once all submittals have been received, the committee will make a selection, get approval from MVA, and announce the winner at the scholarship awards dinner.  Winner will receive a lifetime membership with DEC along with a free license plate of their own.

Sweatshirts/tee shirts (Pam):  The question is whether or not we want to change the design.  Kay Mildon got up and modeled her sweatshirt so that everyone can look at what we presently have silk-screened on our shirts.  Everyone agreed that the front “branding” should remain.  Suggestions were made to change the branding on the back.  Cyndi suggested putting the date of Member Appreciation Day each year.  Great suggestion, but we would need to pay an additional set-up fee each year since the design would be changed.  Julie suggested we wait until we have a winner for the license plate contest and perhaps we can merge that design into a new design for the back of the sweatshirts/tee shirts.  All agreed.

Insurance (Equisure Excess Liability Renewal):  Insurance renewals are due.  Individual $25 Family $40  Stan collected checks from participating members and will forward a check to the insurance company.  Insurance certificates will be received via email.

Clinic with Sonny Garguilo – Cyndi Vollmer addressed a previous discussion we had regarding obtaining Sonny Garguilo for a clinic.  Where are we with it and should we proceed?  Pam reported that she has not pursued anything further as a motion had not been made to do so. Getting a host facility is the key ingredient to make this happen.  Julie Warrington asked whether we were doing the clinic as exposure for Sonny or would we be tacking on an addition dollar amount to the per person cost of the clinic in order to receive income for DEC.  Pam replied that the intention was to do it for the community and as good public relations for DEC and some exposure for Sonny in Delaware.  Ken asked about auditing and whether or not we could collect auditing fees.  Pam will go back to Sonny and inquire about auditing fees.  If anyone has any ideas about a location to hold the clinic if it comes to fruition, please let Pam know.


Peter Schwartz – Kim Schwartz’s husband, Pete, passed away peacefully at home on Wednesday, January 11.  A memorial service was held today at 5pm at Trader Funeral Home in Dover.  Friends were received between 3:00-5:00.  The family asked that in lieu of flowers that a donation be made to the American Lung Association.  Motion was made by George Parris to donate $100.  Julie Warrington seconded the motion and it was passed.

Karen Kershaw Named Scholarship (Stan):  A motion was made by Pam Nebel to award a scholarship in Karen Kershaw’s name at the awards ceremony on March 4.  George seconded the motion and it was passed.

New DE Secretary of Agriculture (Stan):  Stan mentioned that Michael Scuse will be confirmed as the new Delaware Secretary of Agriculture, replacing former Secretary Ed Kee.  Prior to joining the USDA in 2009 to serve as Under-Secretary, Scuse served as the Delaware Secretary of Agriculture.

Motion to adjourn was made by Dan Watson and seconded by Kay Mildon.

Next Meeting:  February 20, 2017 at the Harrington Fire Hall
Meeting adjourned at 7:39 p. m.
Minutes submitted by Secretary, Pam Nebel


Delaware Equine Council
November 21, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors, except Tami Stevens, Christina Dayton and Cyndi Volmer, were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes are available on website ( with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report: (Tami Stevens): Starting balance as of October 17, 2016: $26,896.78; deposits: $3,480 (dues, Directory ads, shirts & sweatshirts, replace seed money from Member Appreciation Day); deductions of $1,530.68 (Pam Nebel – newsletter postage, Kathy Watson – Mem. App. Day supplies, Second Chance Ranch donation, Grainville Hall – Mem. App. Day caterer, Stan Vonasek – postage, Ken Horeis – ink & postage, ARG 2017 dues, PayPal fees); Ending balance as of November 21, 2016: $28,846.10. George Parris made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by Dan Watson and passed.

Next Meeting: January 16, 2017 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall. NO DECEMBER MEETING.
Those present introduced themselves.
Committee Reports:
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): Wendy is currently working on the Dec/Jan newsletter. She needs an article, with photos about Returns Day. George will write an article, but needs someone to submit photos. The upcoming newsletter will include the Directory cover photo contest winner, scholarship info, article and photos from the Halloween ride, among other items.
Directory (Ken): Ken informed us that we have fewer ads in the upcoming Directory compared to last year. We are down 7 full page color & 1 full page black & white; 4 ½ page color and 6 ½ page B&W; 2 ¼ page color and 5 ¼ page B&W. The 2017 Directory will be slightly smaller. Ken remarked that the Wicomico Hunt book has also lost many ads. The ads will go to Suzanne, who formats them, this weekend. The Photo Contest winner is Jennifer Wilson. The photo will be featured in the upcoming DEC newsletter. Several nice photos came in. When using someone, and/or a business and/or an organization listed in our Directory, please mention that you saw them in the Directory. Ken feels that this lack of communication is the major reason fewer ads were purchased.
Fund Raising (Ken Horeis): Turkey Raffle (Wendy):  $150 was raised. The winner is Tami Stevens. License Plate (Stan):  Legislation was signed on August 8th, approving our request for a DEC license plate. Stan has spoken with DMV several times. We need to submit designs and see which DMV approves. Stan asked for volunteers to form a committee. Wayne Nebel and Julie Warrington volunteered to work with Stan. The plate design contest will be limited to DEC members. We’ll send an email blast, post the info on Facebook and include the contest in our newsletter. Julie suggested that the license plate request form be posted on the DEC website. Poker Run (Julie Warrington): Julie received a call from Tuckahoe Equine Council. We will coordinate with them for a Poker Run Ride next spring.
Southern States Proof of Purchase (Marie Johnson):   Keep clipping and turning them in.
Membership Update (Pam): We currently have 231 members. This year we added 102 new members. We have 11 life members (3 are commercial life members); 41 commercial; 14 organizational; 22 youth and 143 individual members. Approximately 50 of the new members joined on Member Appreciation Day.
Trails (Stan): Bev Barnett sent Stan an email that stated that land in Pennsylvania adjacent to the First State National Historic Park has been recommended to be preserved as open space in perpetuity. Bev has been working on this for four years.
DECF Scholarship Dinner (Wendy): The Scholarship dinner committee will meet on Tuesday, November 22nd at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire hall. Frank Chick, Jr. has agreed to be our auctioneer. Several donations have already come in to the committee. Save the Date: March 4th.
Old Business:

  • DEC Promo materials (Pam):  Pam received prices from Corrections Department for t-shirts Short sleeve and long sleeve), sweatshirts (regular and zipped hoodies) and polo shirts. Julie asked about revamping the design. We would have a set up fee to pay.   
  • Budget (Stan): Copies of the proposed budget, which was discussed at the October 17th meeting, were passed out. Stan read through the budget. The changes from 2016 are upping Donations/Sponsorship to $1200 and Promotional to $1000. Wendy made a motion to accept the 2017 budget. Kay Mildon seconded the motion and it passed.
  • Member Appreciation Day (Pam): When calculating the income/expenses from our event, Pam forgot to subtract $75 spent on door prizes. Our “net” income is -$63. Save the Date: 9/24/2017.
  • Returns Day (Stan): Several members of DEC were in the parade. There were 15 rigs and several members helping out with the horses. Great day for everyone involved.
  • Sunday Hunting (Wendy):  Wendy asked if anyone has had problems with the new law. She noticed that there were at least three vehicles and an ATV in a section of the Norman G. Wilder area not open to Sunday hunting. She called in and reported the incident, but has not received a reply. The two remaining dates are Dec. 11, 2016 and Jan. 15, 2017. DNREC doesn’t have the manpower to cover all areas. Wayne mentioned that there was a lot of chatter on Facebook from people unaware that Sunday Hunting had passed.

New Business:

  • Elections (Wayne): Congratulations to: Vice President: Ken Horeis; Secretary: Pam Nebel; Directors: George Parris and Cyndi Volmer.
  • Delmarva Horse Expo: Pam had sent an email to the DEC and DECF board about Tuckahoe Equestrian Center interest in putting together a Delmarva Horse Expo with local horse groups and the Maryland Horse Council. The group meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Pam will keep us updated.


  • Ken spoke about his trip to Germany, where he and wife, Molly, spent three days at the Oldenberg Stallion Licensing event that determines which two-year olds will be licensed for jumping and for  dressage. Started with 400 and narrowed it down from there. Ken had the program book with him.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm.
Reminder: No December meeting – Next meeting is January 16, 2017.
Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
October 17, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors, except George Parris and Julie Warrington, were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes are available on website ( with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report: (Tami Stevens): Starting balance as of 9/19/16: $26,742.88; deposits: $675.00 (Dues, Macy’s Savings Passes, Directory Ads, Shirts, SS Pop reimbursement); deductions of $521.10 (InfoRailway – web host/internet, Nationwide Insurance – event insurance, Change for Mem. App. Day, PayPal fees); Ending balance as of 10/17/16: $26,896.78. Pam Nebel made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by Wayne Nebel and passed.

Committee Reports:
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): The next issue is ready to go to print. If you are an event coordinator, please write and submit articles for your events. Send articles and photos to Wendy. If you attend an equine related event, consider writing an article and submitting it with photos to the DEC newsletter. Wendy cannot write about events that she has not attended. Chick’s spends about $1300 per issue to coordinate and print our newsletter. They do not pass any of the cost on to us. DEC has decided to give them a free full page ad in the Directory.
Directory (Ken): Ads are coming in slow this year. Ken has several commitments, but has not received the money due. The deadline is October 30th. Please get ads and money to Ken ASAP. Those helping to call and verify the one line listing also need to finish them by the end of this month. Ken plans to use the same printing company and formatting person from last year, since last year’s Directory came out so well. Remember we are having a photo contest for the front cover of the Directory. Details are in the DEC newsletter and on our website. Photo entries are due Oct. 30th.
Fund Raising (Ken): Final Macy’s Numbers (Kathy): Kathy thanked everyone who helped sell and/or purchase a Macy’s pass. We sold a total of 30 passes, earning $150. Turkey Raffle (Wendy): TA Farms is donating a “Turkey in a Box” for us to raffle. Wendy is working on the tickets. Stan, Ken & George Parris offered at the DEC Board meeting to set up the DEC booth at Wilson’s Auction on Monday, November 14th and will sell raffle tickets there. Stan also plans to sell raffle tickets at the drive on November 13th. Spring Clinic (Pam): Pam has been in touch with Sonny Garguilo in New York. He is a horse trainer who was a chosen competitor for three Extreme Mustang Makeovers, winning the trail class in 2012 and 4th overall in 2013. Sonny does various two day clinics. He is willing to come to Delaware at no cost to DEC. He requires a minimum of 8 people for the clinic. The cost is $375 per person for both days. DEC will need to find an indoor arena to hold the event. Perhaps Apex Arabians will allow us to use theirs. We are looking at holding the clinic in middle to late March – after the scholarship dinner and before show season starts.
Southern States Proof of Purchase (Marie Johnson): Keep cutting out, saving the POPs and turning them in. We recently deposited a $175 check from this Southern States program.
Membership (Pam): We currently have 210 members, with 35 new members joining at Member Appreciation Day. Ken recently signed up a new member and Joan Siler will report on the new members she signed up.

Old Business:

  1. Member Appreciation Day (Pam): A wonderful day for a great event! We ended the day with $1440; Paid the caterer $1105; $200 was the start up money for the day; $81 was spent on cookies; $42 was spent on paper products and water bottles; leaving a $12 net balance. We had 90 attendees.
  2. DECF committee recruitment (Wendy): Wendy is recruiting members for the 2017 scholarship dinner. Let her know if you are interested in helping. Everyone can help solicit donations. The First State Coonhunters have donated $150 towards the scholarship in MomMom’s name (Mary Kay Bohnak). Wayne asked everyone to submit equine related pictures for the slide show/power point presentation at the dinner. Wayne suggested that we also include text slide, such as our motto, our logo, famous equine sayings, etc. Send photos to Mark Stevens at

New Business:

  1. Member Recruitment Efforts (Joan Siler): Wendy thanked Joan for her hard work in recruiting for DEC. Joan set up a table and used the DEC tablecloth to sell memberships at a recent Arabian Association of Delmarva horse show. Joan bought some new style luggage at Chick’s (exclusive print) and anyone who joined DEC received a chance to win the luggage. Joan did a great deal of pr work for DEC, including PA announcements about DEC, our purpose and advantages of membership. She sold a life time membership, 7 youth memberships, 1 organizational and 1 commercial membership. She plans to set up the booth this coming weekend (Oct. 15th) at Gambler’s Choice.  She hopes to also do the same at a series of horse shows in Middletown (Rowan Farms) this winter. Wendy suggested that we reimburse Joan for the luggage she purchased and plans to purchase for this coming weekend. We all agreed.
  2. 2017 Budget (Stan): Tami passed out copies of the proposed 2017 budget. Stan read through each item and gave a quick explanation. The Board suggested that Donations/Sponsorships be raised from $700 (2016) to $1200 for 2017. Tonight, it was suggested that we also raise the amount for promotional items from $250 to $1000. If we make a t-shirt/sweatshirt/polo shirt order, it will cost more than $250. At the Oct. Board meeting, Tami was asked to work out what money DEC has taken in and what we have spent money on. Tami passed out copies of the figures she had coordinated. The figures were somewhat misleading, since some of 2016 expenses are from 2015 expenditures. The Directory is an example of this. To date, we have spent $1058 more than we have taken in.
  3. Elections (Pam & Wendy): We have two candidates for Vice President: Ken & Wendy; One candidate for secretary: Pam; Two candidates for the two Director positions: George Parris and Cyndi Vollmer.
  4. Scholarship Funds Reimbursement to DEC (Stan): Platinum sponsors of the DECF Scholarship Dinner receive a full page black & white ad in the Directory. DECF will reimburse DEC for the cost of the ad(s). DECF also uses the small meeting room at the Harrington Fire Hall for their meetings, so they will share the donation made to the Fire Company for room use.
  5. DEC Promo Materials (Pam): Pam had not been in contact with the Correction Center, yet, to find out what items are available (T-shirts, sweatshirts, embroidered polo shirts – in adult and youth sizes) and what the prices will be. Kathy asked her to look into long-sleeved t-shirts. Most sizes that we have left are the larger sizes and the youth t-shirts are almost gone.

Cyndi introduced potential member, Holly Vigilante. Holly moved to Camden, De about three months ago. She came to tonight’s meeting to find out about DEC and to consider joining.
Next Meeting: Nov. 21, 2016 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:41 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
Sept. 19, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors, except Cynthia Volmer, were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes are available on website ( with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Communications: (Kathy): Kathy read a Thank You note from the Delaware State 4-H Horse Advisory Committee.  The Advisory committee is very thankful for DEC’s support of their equine programs and our sponsorship of their Championship Awards at this year’s Delaware State Fair 4-H Horse Show. Despite the oppressive heat, the 4-H horse show had 43 exhibitors from all three counties in Delaware.
 Treasurer’s Report: (Tami Stevens): Starting balance as of Aug. 15, 2016: $26.844.72; deposits: $193.75 (Newsletter ad; Macy’s Savings passes; 2015 Directory ad & NSF fees reimbursed); deductions: $295.59 (Donation to AHAD for Awards and to DHAF “hole sponsor”; Member Appreciation Day door prizes; PayPal fees); Ending balance as of Sept. 19, 2016: $26,742.88. Kay Mildon made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by Connie Lundquist and passed.

Next Meeting: Oct. 17, 2016 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall.
Committee Reports:
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): Wendy is currently working on the upcoming Oct. – Nov. newsletter. Articles are due now. Wendy reminded everyone that commercial members have their business card published in every other issue. The newsletter has bought in some income this year with revenue from several ad sales. Activities, flyers, fund raisers and event listings for nonprofits are included. Members can also post classified ads in each newsletter. Later in the meeting, Stan asked Wendy if she planned to include the dates of the various hunting seasons, especially the Sunday hunting dates in upcoming newsletters. Stan noted that although dates are on the Dept. of Natural Resources website, their info is difficult to follow. Wendy already had plans to include this info in upcoming issues.
Fund Raising (Ken Horeis): A) Macy’s Savings Passes (Kathy): $55 was deposited in August, with an additional $95 turned in tonight, for a total of $150 (sold 30 passes). B) Turkey Trot (Julie): Julie needs to step down from chairing this November event, due to family circumstances. She has not spoken with Jim Dobson at Blackbird State Forest, but will contact him to secure a November date for DEC. Stan asked for a volunteer to chair this year’s event. Pam suggested that we postpone the event until next spring. Her thoughts are that a spring date would not be so close to this weekend’s Member Appreciation Day, we often have better weather in April than November and it gives us more time to organize the event. Plans for holding a joint Poker Run with Tuckahoe Equine Council have not yet begun. If the Poker Run does not fit in Tuckahoe Equestrian Center’s schedule, we can organize a spring version of the Turkey Trot. C) License Plate (Stan): Stan is unsure when the members of the State Legislature will be back at work. It may not be until January, 2017. Our original bill, designed by the legislature’s lawyers, was too restrictive. The plate could only be purchased by DEC members and could only be placed on cars, vans and SUVs. DMV stepped in to help us reword the bill to include pickup trucks and trailers, and to offer the license plate to any Delaware vehicle owner. DMV is still working on the necessary wording of the bill, to insure horse trailer owners can use them. Tami showed us pictures of two license plates (Ohio and Kentucky) that she saw recently with horse themes. Kathy had a photo of a similar plate from Virginia.  D) Need other fund raising ideas (Ken): Members need to help with ideas for raising funds. Our Member Appreciation Day costs rise each year. We have already spent more than the $700 designated in our budget for donations/sponsorships. DEC no longer earns any funds at the Scholarship Dinner. The Directory is currently our largest fund raiser.
Southern States Proof of Purchase (Marie Johnson): Marie gave Stan a check from Southern States for $175 in August, which he turned in to our treasurer, Tami, tonight. He gave an additional two large bags of POPs to Marie this evening. Keep cutting out and turning in your Southern States Feed POPs, they do add up quickly.
Directory (Ken): Work on the 2017 Directory is well underway. Ken reminded us that the member who sells the most new ads receives a $100. He suggested that we choose the winner based on the amount of new funds brought in as opposed to just the number of new ads sold. So far, he has commitments from: Essential Touch, LLC (Maria Ringler); Dill’s Auction Service; C-Line Stables; Happy Pets; Two Old Mares Blanket Service; Kay Mildon; Amore Farms; Adandy Farms; Mast Harness Shop; Carter – Trettel Insurance (Farm Family with Ronnie Carter); Arabian Horse Association; Burke Equipment; Fist State Coon Hunters. He has not heard back yet from some previous advertisers, and there are more out there to be contacted. Ken reviewed the cost of each type of ad. ¼ page ad: B & W: $40; color: $80. ½ page ad: B & W: $60; color: $120. Full page: B & W: $110; color: $220. Full inside back page – color: $350. Center full page ad – color: $325. Full back cover ad – color: $400. Inside front cover has been sold to TG Adams & Sons, Inc. The deadline is Oct. 20th, with a little wiggle room. The Directory info & form is included in the August-September newsletter. Members receive a $10 discount on full and ½ page ads. Ken reminded us that this is his third and final year as chairperson of the Directory. Someone needs to step up and assume this position for the 2018 Directory. Wayne Nebel asked if there is a letter that is sent to prospective advertisers. Ken has the letter, but needs more DEC letterhead to run additional copies. Pam has additional letterhead and will get together with Ken.
Trails (Mary Everhart): Mary and her husband have recently purchased a farm near Fair Hill, Maryland and will be moving in November. She is stepping down from the Trails committee and requests that someone assume her position as chairperson. Bev Barnett helps us to keep informed of equine related news and events in Northern New Castle County, DE. If interested, please contact Stan or any DEC Board member.

Old Business:

  • June AHC Meeting (Stan): Stan has not received any information from the June meetings.
  • Member Appreciation Day (Stan/Pam/Kathy): Stan received a call earlier today from Shorty, our caterer, who wanted a head count. The cost will remain $13/person and he asked Stan to call tonight with the head count. Pam reviewed her list to make sure that those present were included. Pam has a total of 70 as of tonight and recommended that Stan give Shorty a count of 85. For the past three years we have had 84, 96 and 87 members attend, with an average of about 89 attendees. Shorty always provides plenty of food so we have a “fudge factor” of 8 or 9. Stan and Tami will not be able to attend. Kathy reviewed the list of items we need to purchase/supply and volunteers were recruited for the various duties. Tami will send a check for Shorty ($13 times 85) with Pam and Pam will have cash on hand for those joining or renewing their membership.
  • Ag Week Agenda (Ken): Ken, as well as Susan Garey, attended the meetings to help determine a tentative schedule for Equine Day at the January 2016 Ag week held at the State Fair grounds. Equine topics will be offered on Tuesday, January 10th and hope to include: Understanding  Your Farms Soil Type and its Impact on Your Pasture; Managing the Risk of Laminitis in Horses on Pasture; Safety Strategies Around the Barn and With Animals; Internal Parasite Management in Grazing Horses; Farm and Manure Management: Tips to Protect the Environment. Ken is also a member of the Nutrient Management Commission. The Commission is currently in the process of hiring a (manure) inspector to look into the poultry industry, but will add horse farms soon. If you currently fertilize more than 10 acres and/or have 7 or more saddle horses on your property, you need to obtain Nutrient Management certification. Some of the above listed sessions will earn you credits toward your certification. She said that Dr. Sarah Ralston, from Rutgers University, is tentatively scheduled to present the laminitis seminar and may also do a seminar on Internal Management of Parasites in Farm Animals. Dr. Fugaro, a very engaging speaker, may also be asked to be a presenter. 

New Business:

  • Nominating Committee (Stan): Position up for nominations: Vice President, secretary, and two directors. The director slots are currently held by Cyndi Volmer (who filled in the remainder of Amanda Woodall’s position) and George Parris. Pam and Wendy volunteered to chair the committee. If you wish to run for one of these positions and/or would like to nominate a member, call Pam or Wendy/
  • U of D’s Equine Focused Annie’s Project: Equine Business Program (Susan Garey): Last year, the University of Delaware hoped to offer a seminar on Equine Business Programs.  There was very little interest from the Harness Racing Industry, their targeted audience. Most of those who did or wanted to register were what Susan considers to be the smaller equine businesses, such as those who board and/or train horses. U of D decided to offer a smaller three night seminar this coming November. Nov.1st topics include: How our Personalities Affect our Business; Who is in Business with You? ; Introduction to Business Plans. Nov. 3rd will cover insurance and finances with topics such as: Liability Insurance; Business Insurance; Understanding Credit and Financing; What are Lenders Looking for? Nov. 9th, the final night’s topics include: Marketing and Social Media; Website Design. The cost has not been determined, but Susan estimates that the three evening package will be between $40 and $50 and includes dinner each night. The seminars are from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Paradee Center, next to the DMV complex in Dover. Contact Susan Garey at or (302)730-4000 for more information and to register.
  • Trailer Training Clinic (Pam): Pam and Kris Penrod recently went to John Poe’s farm to participate in a trailer training clinic. John began with a safety talk about trailers, including what areas to check before leaving your farm. Pam and Kris learned a great deal about handling their trucks and trailers, including how to back up. Both highly recommend this clinic. The clinic was $25. John hopes to offers another clinic in January when things slow down. Pam plans to do a write up for the newsletter.

Donation Request: Second Chance Ranch of DE, Inc. Horse Rescue (Cynthia Volmer for M. Lynn Linscott): Second Chance Ranch requested $150 to cover the cost of food and drink at their upcoming Open House on Saturday, October 1st. The goal of their third annual Meet and Great is to let people see what they are accomplishing at their facility and to provide a family-friendly event. The Board received this request via email on August 15th, the same evening as last month’s meeting. Earlier this year, DEC donated $100 to Changing Fates Equine Rescue to purchase food and drink for their fund raiser and felt that we should be consistent. Kathy made a motion that we (DEC) donate $100 from the Macy’s fund raiser to Second Chance Ranch. The motion was seconded by Connie and passed.


  • Stan received a phone call recently from Peggy Kosner. Julie Kennedy recently broke her wrist and needed help with feeding her five ponies. Stan recommended Connie since Julie and Connie live on the same road. Connie said that Julie did have someone lined up but wanted a back up person in case anything unusual came up. Stan thanked Connie for volunteering to help.
  • DEC Board will be meeting soon. Pam will coordinate available dates from each board member. We need to work on the 2017 budget and discuss fund raising. Julie recommended that the Board discuss whether DEC can earn income at the DECF scholarship dinner.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
August 15, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors, except Dr. Christina Dayton and Julie Warrington, were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes are available on website ( with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report: (Tami Stevens): Starting balance as of July 18th, 2016: $26,844.72; deposits: none; deductions: none; Ending balance as of August 15, 2016: $26,844.72.  Kay Mildon made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by George Parris and passed.

Next Meeting: September 19, 2016 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall.

Committee Reports:
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): Current newsletters were available on the back table and members were asked to help distribute them to tack shops, feed stores, etc. Some of the articles included in the August/September newsletter are: Day at the Races at Pimlico Race Course; Southern Delaware Therapeutic Riding Fund Raiser results; Cases of Potomac Fever confirmed in Maryland; Diagnosing equine gastric ulcers; Info and ad form for the 2017 DE Equine Directory; Directory cover photo contest rules; and Member Appreciation Trail Ride and Drive flyer. The deadline for the October/December edition is quickly approaching.
Directory (Ken): Pam Nebel revised the ad form and it is included in the current newsletter. Please contact those you know in equine related industries and programs with advertising information for the 2017 Directory. Each year, we lose a few advertisers and gain several new ones. Ken will be sending a letter and an ad form to those who advertised in the 2016 Directory. DEC members receive a discount on full or half page ads. To ensure the Directory is ready for January, submission deadlines will be in October. At the next meeting, Ken will recruit members to begin calling to ensure listings are accurate.
Fund Raising (Ken Horeis): a) Macy’s Shop for a Cause (Kathy):  Kathy reported that we have sold about a dozen savings passes to date. We are selling  these passes for$5 and DEC keeps the full amount. Wendy included info in the current newsletter. Tami has set up a PayPal button for people to purchase the savings passes electronically. Wayne Nebel will post the info again on DEC’s Facebook page. The $5 gives the purchaser a 25% discount on most items at every Macy store in the country, but not at, from Friday, Aug. 26th through Sunday, Aug. 28th. Call Kathy Watson: 670-7358, Tami Stevens: 399-3466, Julie Warrington: 423-7393, Ken Horeis: 270-2648, Wendy Lippincott: 632-9733, Cyndi Volmer: 519-2034 or go online to the DEC website to use PayPal. b) Turkey Trot (Julie): A date (looking into November again) has not been chosen, the info should be available by the next meeting. c) Poker Run: It is still early to contact Tuckahoe Equine Council (TEC) about this event. Pam will talk with Joyce Bell to see if TEC is interested in working with us again in organizing a joint Poker Run next spring.  c) Stallion Service auction (Ken): Ken has been in contact with Tim Jennings from by Flashpoint Bloodstock, LLC about an All Breeds Stallion Service auction. They sent us a proposal which outlines what items/services they will provide for DEC and lists our responsibilities. DEC would need to provide info on the blood stock of each stallion; our website would include a prominent link to Flahpoint’s website; we must do a minimum of three emails about the auction to our members; we are responsible for recruiting breeders to donate their stallion’s services. Ken has received several possible commitments: A Warm blood breeder out of PA; one or two Standard bred owners in DE; several local Arabian owners are interested; Kathy Vincent is going to approach some of her horse owners about becoming involved. It was suggested that Ken contact Rhonda Whitehouse, who has a Standard bred stud and knows other owners who may which to donate. SportHorse also outlined the bidding process and gave credentials for their software operator and for their auctioneers. The buyers’ premium is 7% and there is an administrative fee of $99 per stallion. Stan raised the question: Should DEC be in the stallion service business? Should we support a stallion service auction when unwanted horses are a real concern? There are pros and cons to both sides. The majority of horse breeders are responsible, but there have been instances where foals/yearlings don’t sell and then become unwanted horses. Wisconsin has a large castration program (WEC pays to castrate stallions) to help curb the unwanted horse population. Wendy reminded us that DEC has been a supporter of the Unwanted Horse Coalition and this auction conflicts with their objectives. Pam agreed with Wendy and suggested that DEC remain neutral to breeding auctions, similar to DEC remaining neutral to horse slaughter plants. Pam stated that there are other ways to raise funds which our more in line with our goals. George expressed his opinion that most breeders are responsible. Some breeders will find a way to breed their mares, whether they with use a horse auction or pay full price to a stallion owner. Stan mentioned that so many breed organizations are holding stallion service auctions that many stallion owners, who are approached to donate, have begun to say no, because they are doing more donations than private sales. Ken said this is the reason that he proposed that we split the amount that DEC receives from each sale 50/50 with each stallion owner. Ken reminded us that he had been approached by Kathy Wilson, from the Wilmington area who had purchased a stud service for Bliss MF, but lost both her mares before she was able to use it. She decided to donate it to DEC/DECF to use at a fund raiser. Ken began then to look into the possibility of offering an All Breed Stallion Service as a fund raiser. Cynthia Vollmer, who works with Second Chance Ranch of DE, Inc. Horse Rescue was asked for her opinion. Cyndi stated that horse lovers often have no clue to the amount of time, space, and money involved in raising/owning a horse. Recently, Second Chance Ranch acquired a 3 ½ week old foal. The mare had to be put down when the foal was 3 days old, leaving the owner to raise the foal themselves. They were unable to care properly for this very young horse and it became an unwanted horse. Wayne asked Stan if he knew of any state horse councils that participate in stallion service auctions. Stan mentioned that although he knew of several state horse councils that sponsor gelding programs, he does not know any involved in stallion service auctions. Stan asked for a motion. Ken made a motion that DEC pursue having an All Breed Stallion Service Auction. Tami seconded the motion. There was no further discussion. There were 4 “Yes” votes and 7 “No” votes. The motion did not pass.
Southern States Proof of Purchase (Marie Johnson): Remember to collect and turn in your Southern States proof of purchase emblems.
Membership (Pam): DEC currently has 174 members, which includes nine life members. We have 39 commercial members (three are life members); 12 organizational members; nine youth members, and 105 individual members (six life members). If renewing or joining on Member Appreciation Day, you will receive a $5 discount on the current membership rates. Starting with members joining at the 2015 Member Appreciation Day, we have added 54 new members.
Old Business:

  1. Sunday Hunting updates (Stan): Stan mentioned that he didn’t realize that Governor Markel had signed HB289 in July, until he read the info in an addendum to the July minutes. The info has not been posted on the Delaware State Legislative website. Wayne posted on Facebook and emailed Board members the 2016 proposed public areas slated for Sunday Hunting on the following five Sundays: Oct. 9th, Nov. 13th & 20th, Dec. 11th, and Jan 15th. Kathy brought copies of the maps posted on DNREC’s website (links from Wayne’s email) of the seven areas Statewide under consideration. Areas in yellow are being considered for Sunday hunting, while those in red would not be open for Sunday deer hunting. New Castle: Augustine Wildlife Area (Silver Run area is yellow; Port Penn, Ashton & Warren Faella are red) & Blackbird Creek Reserve (all in red); Kent County: Little Creek Wildlife Area (Davey Crockett & Tarburton are yellow; Little Creek Main is red), Norman G. Wilder Wildlife Area (Bartsch tract, Willow Grove tract, Bennett tract & Caulk tract are in yellow; Tofts tract, Petersburg tract, & Haine’s tract are in red), Ed Harvey Conservation Area: (Morris & Buckaloo are yellow; Island Farm Wilson-Slaughter & Logan Lane are red); Sussex County: Nanticoke Wildlife Area (South of Broad Creek is red; other nine areas are yellow), & Assawoman Wildlife Area (Muddy Neck is yellow, Miller Neck is red).  Written public comment on the proposed area locations and times (1/2 hour before sunrise until ½ hour after sunset) can be submitted to the Wildlife Section (all correspondence must be received by 4:30 pm on Friday, August 26th) by emailing: or by mail to: Karen Kennedy, Wildlife Section, Division of Fish and Wildlife, 89 Kings Highway, Dover, DE 19901. Written public comments will be reviewed at the Advisory Council on Wildlife and Freshwater Fish meeting at 7 pm, Tuesday, August 30th in DNREC’s auditorium at the Richardson & Robbins Building, 89 Kings Highway, Dover, DE 19901. Oral public comments will also be heard at the meeting. Stan was concerned whether other public lands, such as Trap Pond, Lums Pond, etc. are being considered as open for Sunday hunting on the five dates listed above.
  2. Delaware State Fair 4-H Horse Show Awards (Cyndi): Cyndi enjoyed helping Susan Garey hand out the Delaware State Fair 4-H Horse Show awards. She said the young riders were so excited when receiving an award. Wayne was the photographer for the awards ceremony. One photo and a quick write up are in the current newsletter. (DEC sponsors the awards for this event.)
  3. Member Appreciation Day (Stan): Make plans to attend DEC’s 4th annual trail ride and drive: Sunday, September 25, 2016 beginning at 10 am, with lunch served from noon until 2 pm. Stan went through the check list, with most duties assigned. We will update the list at the September monthly meeting. Remember to call/email Stan: 302-684-3966 or or Pam: 240-994-2220 or to make you reservation by Sept 19th. Check the newsletter or DEC’s website for more details.

New Business:

  1. Goetz Insurance (Stan): Stan contacted ARG about buying regular (as opposed to excess) liability insurance for his farm. They recommended that he contact Goetz Insurance Company, an ARG affiliate. Stan spoke to a representative, Tracy, who was very well informed about the different policies Goetz offers. Stan felt their rates were very competitive. Their phone number is: 970-867-8246. Christine Niblett, a trainer, whose insurance was about to run out and was getting the run around from her current insurers, contacted Goetz. Goetz was able to answer all her questions and quote prices for the various policies Christine was looking into. Goetz is now her insurance agent.
  2. Ag Week Agenda (Ken): Ken will be attending a meeting at the Department of Agriculture on Tuesday (Aug. 23) to discuss topics that equine owners and/or enthusiasts would like to see as topics on the agenda at the January, 2017 Ag Week meetings. Call/ email Ken with your ideas.
  3. Horse trailer Clinic (Debbie Poe): Debbie’s son was approached by Kris Penrod to teach her how to maneuver her truck & horse trailer, especially backing up techniques. Her son has offered to hold a clinic (or a series) on: hooking up the trailer to the truck; maneuvering turns, etc with a truck & horse rig: and backing up with a horse trailer. He will also give private lessons. Keep in mind that all trailers are not created equal, with some being much easier to “handle” than others.
  4. Volunteers (Wendy): Wendy suggested that we honor/reward our volunteers for the work they do for DEC. Each event has many volunteers who work (some unseen) to get things completed. We need to find ways to recruit and keep volunteers. We also need to let them know how much we appreciate all their work, and reward them or give them perks, in some way. If you have any ideas, contact Wendy.

            Pam received the Nationwide Insurance Event Policy. It is $225 and covers any non-meeting DEC events for 6 months, November through April. Stan needs to sign the paperwork after tonight’s meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson

Note: A Donation Request from Second Chance Ranch of DE, Inc. Horse Rescue was received via email during the meeting. It will be discussed and voted on at the September meeting. They are requesting $150 to cover the cost of food and drinks at their upcoming Open House on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016.


Delaware Equine Council
July 18, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by Vice President, Ken Horeis. All officers and directors, except Stan Vonasek, were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) May, 2016 minutes, with an added paragraph about the dangers of fresh buttercup plant ingestion, are available on website ( with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Correspondence: (1) DECF & DEC received a thank you letter from the Esterson family. They thanked us for honoring Molly’s mother, Janet and included the bio that Molly read at the scholarship dinner. They truly enjoyed the dinner/auction and wish everyone a safe trail and show year. (2) We received an update on Walt Taylor’s Initiative to Professionalize the Practice of Equine Foot Care and Farriery. This initiative is based on standardized professional education for those offering farrier and/or equine foot care services. (3) Kay Mildon thanked the Council for Mom-Mom’s birthday party (Mom-Mom thoroughly enjoyed the cake and the recognition at the March meeting) and the many cards and letters of condolences from DEC members when Mom-Mom passed away in late spring.
Treasurer’s Report: (Tami Stevens): Double report: Starting balance as of May 16th: $26,625.68; deposits: $1,357 (dues, liability signs, Directory ad, shirt sales, insurance, cash receipts from the Poker Run); deductions of $310.26 (Donation to Changing Fates Equine Rescue, printer ink for Kathy, reimbursements to Joyce Bell and Mark Stevens for Poker Run supplies); Ending balance as of June 20th: $27,672.42. Starting balance as of June 20th: $27,672.42; deposits: none; deductions: $827.70 (Donation to AHC welcome reception, Tuckahoe Equestrian Center user fee for Poker Run; Tuckahoe Equine Council – proceeds from the Poker Run; Doug Kerr – web services from Jan 1, 2015 through April 28, 2016); Ending balance as of July 18th: $26,844.72. Kay made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by George Parris and passed.

Next Meeting: August 15, 2016 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall.

Committee Reports:
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): Current newsletters were available on the back table and members were asked to help distribute them to tack shops, feed stores, etc. Some of the articles included in the June/July newsletter are: an update on Sunday hunting, member Jennifer Wilson’s self published book about her twin foals, photos from the DEC/TEC Poker Run, a tribute to Mom-Mom Bohnak, judging hay quality by its texture and one paid advertisement. All items, especially calendar of events listings, are due now for the next edition. Its editor, Wendy, asked that info on the Directory ads, Member Appreciation Day, and possibly the Turkey Trot, be ready for inclusion.
Newsletter Ad Rates (Wendy): At our May meeting, we discussed the newsletter ad rates and updating the newsletter ad form (the updated form is in the June/July edition and available on our website). An area of concern was the rate(s) when someone presents a preprinted full page ad to be included in the newsletter. This type of ad saves money because it has already been printed, but work is still involved when incorporating the flyer style ad into the printed newsletter and sending electronic versions to members who receive the newsletter via email. Kathy made a motion to charge DEC members $50 and nonmembers $75 (reduction of $25) for a one page preprinted flyer. George seconded the motion and it passed. The newsletter will limit each edition to one preprinted flyer, so additional postage will not be charge when mailing them.
Fund Raising (Ken Horeis): (1) Turkey Trot (Julie): Julie will check with Blackbird Forest for available dates, especially those not on the proposed Sunday Hunting Days. Although hunting won’t be allowed in Blackbird State Forest, we also don’t wish to ride/drive on those days when hunters’ might be out on lands adjacent to Blackbird. Wendy will look into obtaining chicken donated by Montaire for the BBQ and a turkey dinner donation from TA Farms for the raffle. (2) Macy’s Shop for a Cause (Kathy): Kathy reviewed the savings pass program offered by Macy’s: DEC would pick up savings passes to sell for $5 each. Kathy will be our point of contact. DEC keeps the full amount. The pass gives its purchaser a 25% discount on most items (some are only 10% and other items will not be discounted –terms are listed on the back of the pass) for three days, Friday, August 26th through Sunday, August 28th at any Macy’s store in the country. The savings pass cannot be used at and we cannot sell them in their stores. DEC, once approved, can also sell passes on line after we set up a PayPal button for this event. If we wish, DEC can set up an information booth in the Dover Mall in the Macy’s foyer. A motion was made that we participate in this program, by offering savings passes on our website, with the PayPal option for payment. Discussion followed: Members may also choose to sell passes in person; Tami said that it will be easy for her to set up a PayPal button for purchase of the savings passes on the DEC website; Wayne Nebel said he can put a notice on DEC’s Facebook page, with a link to our website; Tami will coordinate sending the pdf file to those purchasing the pass via DEC PayPal; Kathy will keep track of passes sold and report the number of passes sold every other week to the Shop For a Cause website. Ken seconded the motion and it passed. Kathy will register DEC for the program, and will give out passes to members who wish to sell them. (3) All Breed Stallion Service Auction (Ken): Kathy Wilson, from the Wilmington area, has offered to donate stud services for Bliss MF to DEC/DECF to use as a fund raiser. Auctioning stud services at the scholarship dinner auction would not be practical, so Ken suggested we incorporate this donation into an All Breed Stallion Service Auction.  There will be a $99 online promotional & transaction (for credit card purchase) fee per stallion. Ken also proposed that we split the winning bid, after fees are deducted, with the stallion’s owner. Christina Dayton suggested that we place a reserve on each stallion. Ken will provide more information and details at the next several meetings.
Directory (Ken): Ken will once again lead the group working on the DEC Directory. He would like to train someone to take over this project starting next year. The 2017 directory ad form will be included in the next edition of the newsletter. Everyone can help solicit new ads. Listings will remain free and help checking the current listings will be needed, soon. DEC will run a photo contest for the front cover. Last year’s contest was very successful with over 15 entries. Contest rules will be posted soon.

Old Business:

  1. June AHC Meeting: No one attended the 2016 event. Stan should receive a meeting update soon.
  2. Sunday Hunting (Ken): Sunday hunting of deer, on five (5) specific Sundays in limited identified areas, passed both the Delaware House and Senate. HB 289 now waits for the Governor’s signature to become law.

Note: HB289 was signed by the Governor on July 20th.

  1. Arabian Horse Association of Delmarva (AHAD) Donation (Kathy): At our May meeting, Joan Siler, representing AHAD, requested a donation to help pay for awards at one of their horse show events. George made a motion that DEC donates $70 to AHAD to cover the cost of their yearend high point awards. Pam seconded the motion and it passed.
  2. USA Equestrian Trust (Ken): Ken sent in applications for two projects: (a) Funds ($2000) to update the information in the DEC booth; (b) Funds to organize an updated equine survey to illustrate The Economic Impact of the Horse Industry in Delaware. Its estimated cost is $50,000.Neither were chosen to receive grant money.
  3. 4 – H Horse Show Awards: (Ken): For the past several years, DEC has sponsored the awards for the 4-H Horse Show at the Delaware State Fair. We have set aside money each year in our budget for these awards. The 4-H Horse Show is on Friday, July 29th and awards will be given out on Saturday, July 30th at 5 pm. Wayne will be taking photos and Cynthia Vollmer has volunteered to represent DEC and help hand out the equine awards.
  4. Life Members (Wendy): We will designate a meeting night for the presentation of life member items.

New Business:

  1. Member Appreciation Day (Kathy): Save the date: Sunday, September 25th, beginning at 10 am with lunchscheduled from noon to 2 pm. Tami is working on updating the flyer for inclusion in the DEC newsletter. We’ll review the duty roster/items needed list at the August & September meetings to make sure we’re prepared for a fun filled relaxing day. Members are welcome to set up a table or tack swap/sale. Members are free and can bring one (1) guest free. Organizational & Commercial members can send one rep and one guest for free. Non-member individuals pay $15 and automatically become a 2017 DEC member.
  2. Membership (Pam): A $5 discount on dues for 2017 will be offered to new members & those renewing their membership at Member Appreciation Day.

Donation Request: Delaware Thoroughbred Horseman’s Association (DTHA) sponsorship request (Ken): We received a request from DTHA to be a sponsor for the 14th Annual Horseman’s Classic Golf Tournament. The funds earned at this event go to the Delaware Horseman’s Assistance Fund, Inc which gives assistance to families of race track employees who have been injured or killed while working. Pam made a motion that we sponsor a hole in the tournament ($150). We have done this type of sponsorship for the past several years. Our name is listed in their program as well as on the sponsor sign at that hole. DTHA is one of our DECF scholarship sponsors. George seconded the motion and it passed. Stan attended the Golf Classic dinner the year Ed Kee, Secretary of Agriculture, was honored and was very impressed.

Kathy saw an article on Inductees to the Racing Hall of Fame, which includes Ramon Dominguez. The induction is Aug. 12th in Saratoga Springs, New York. She will send it to Wendy, who plans to include it in the newsletter.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
May 16, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by President Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors were present, except Dr. Christina Dayton.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes are available on website ( with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report: (Tami Stevens): Starting balance as of 4/18/2016: $26,599.92; deposits: $130.00 (dues and Poker Run registrations); deductions: $104.24 ( Mom Mom’s cake & paper products; postage for April/May newsletter; NSF check fee; PayPal fees) Ending balance as of 5/16/2016: $26,625.68. Wayne Nebel made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report & to pay all bills. It was seconded by Connie Lundquist & passed.

Next Meeting: July 18, 2016 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall. No meeting in June.
Introductions: All those present introduced themselves
Committee Reports:
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): The June/July newsletter will be coming out in the beginning of June. If you have an article you would like to share, please forward it to Wendy. Due to time constraints while waiting on information needed before publishing, the newsletter doesn’t always get printed & distributed in a timely manner. Those involved with putting together the newsletter are working to correct this, but at times it is out of their control.
Newsletter Ad Rates (Wendy): The current ad form is a scanned form, not a word document. Wendy recreated the ad form, updating the information. The DEC logo is now centered at the top (was left justified); it states that all ads are black & white; payments accepted by check or via PayPal (to be set up soon); and that all ads are subject to DEC Board approval.  DEC Board decided to decline a political ad, because DEC must remain neutral about political candidates. She also included the reminder on the ad form that Commercial members’ business cards appear in the newsletter a minimum of one time per year. Currently, each business card is published in every other newsletter. One area not covered is what rate to charge when someone asks to have a preprinted one page flyer included in the newsletter. One page will not increase the weight of the newsletter enough to affect the price of mailing. Work is still involved in folding the flyer and inserting it into the newsletter. Members who receive their newsletter electronically would obtain the flyer as an attachment or download. Wendy suggested that we charge a reduced rate (member full page rate is $75; nonmember - $100), while Stan suggested charging a full page rate.
Fund Raising (Ken Horeis): (1) Poker Run (Julie Warrington):  Our share of the proceeds (gross amount –expenses – 10% paid to Tuckahoe Center for use of their facilities = Net income; which was shared equally between DEC and Tuckahoe Equestrian Council (TEC)) was $332.32. It was well organized, included a good meal, and 39 riders also ensured it was a successful event. Before we joined forces with the TEC, the Poker Run had 15 riders in 2014 and 25 riders in 2015. (2) Shop for a Cause (Kathy):  Kathy saw an ad in the Sunday (5/8) News Journal: Calling all Charities: Want to raise funds for your nonprofit organization? We have a great idea: Shop for a Cause. DEC would sell $5 savings passes for the event. We would keep 100% of the proceeds. Pass buyers receive special discounts at all Macy’s stores from Friday, Aug.26th through Sunday, Aug. 28th. We can sell as many (or as few) passes as we wish. Kathy researched the program – requirements are: (1) Group must be a nonprofit with a 501(c) or a 170(c) tax exempt status; (2) Each group receives passes in allotments of 50 – 100 at a time; (3) Savings passes cannot be sold in the store; (4) Savings passes can be sold online (we would download an electronic savings pass, PDF file), but we must have a PayPal account; (5) Number of passes sold should be reported on a weekly basis (Macy can then make sure they are properly staff the weekend of the event). Macy provides the passes at no cost to qualifying organizations and provides promotion tools to help groups sell them. Kathy asked if there is any interest in pursuing this fund raiser. Some members said that $5 is a very reasonable price and felt that the Savings Passes would sell. Others didn’t want to commit to selling them. Joan Siler suggested that we have a method (a flyer perhaps) that includes info on DEC and how the proceeds will be used. If we wait until the July meeting to hand out packets of passes, we won’t have much time to sell them. The 3-day savings weekend begins August 26th and Macy’s stores will begin to sell the passes in their stores starting in Mid-August (These proceeds benefit the March of Dimes). Kathy suggested that she look further into the event, present her findings to the Board, and the Board will decide whether to undertake this fund raiser.
License Plate (Stan):  Stan was able to meet with Rep. Dave Wilson & Scott Vien (from DMV). The original license plate bill request outlined the DEC plate’s use on cars, vans and ¾ ton or smaller trucks and was limited to DEC members. DMV has offered to reword our request to include larger trucks and trailers and offer its purchase to all Delaware residents.  Mr. Vien feels that horse trailer owners would switch their Maine trailer tags to a Delaware DEC tag.  Several Legislators inquired about how the funds will be used by DEC. They would like us to monitor how much we earn through the sale of these tags and how we use the funds generated. It is too early to advertise a contest to design the DEC license plate.
Southern States Proof of Purchase (Marie Johnson): Keep collecting them and turning them in to Marie. Marie will be turning in a “bundle” soon.
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Members can still bring in horse related magazines to monthly meetings to swap among ourselves. The distribution portion of the program has been dropped. We recommend that names and addresses be black out.

Old Business:

  • Equisure Excess Personal Liability Insurance (Stan): The policy’s value is $1 million. DEC members’ cost is $25/individual and $40/family. Info is posted on our website. Contact Stan if you have any questions and to enroll.
  • USA Equestrian Trust (Ken):  Ken submitted an application for $2000 for use in revamping our traveling DEC display. Kathy suggested that we begin working this fall on next year’s request to ensure we are ready for the May 1st application deadline. Ken had talked about organizing an updated equine survey to illustrate The Economic Impact of the Horse Industry on Delaware. Its estimated cost is $50,000.
  • June AHC Meeting in Washington, D.C. (Stan): This year’s AHC meetings are slated for June 12th – 15th in Washington, D.C. at the Washington Court Hotel. On Sunday, June 12th, the Coalition of State Horse Councils (CSHC) meets from 3 – 5 pm.  At 6 pm, CHSC has a Welcome Reception. On Monday, June 13th, breakout committee sessions are offered. These include: Unwanted Horse Coalition, Health & Regulatory committee, Recreation committee, Racing advisory committee and Animal Welfare/Horse Show committee. Registration begins at 8 am and the sessions run from 9 am to 3 pm. Tuesday, June 14th, is the day set aside to travel to the Capital to meet with legislators involved with the horse industry. Stan doesn’t believe there is a fee to attend these meetings. Stan is interested in attending on Sunday and Kathy is considering attending Monday’s meetings. If you’re interest in attending, please contact Stan. Each year, DEC has sent in a $100 donation/sponsorship for the SCHC welcome reception on Sunday (it’s in our budget) and receives recognition at the reception. George Parris made a motion: DEC will donate $100 to the SCHC Welcome Reception on Sunday It was seconded by Pam and passed.
  • Sunday Hunting (Stan):  This discussion lasted about 45 minutes because it is a very important topic. We talked about the letters that have been sent to legislators by various DEC members and other equine related groups (see the DEC April Newsletter). On Wednesday, May 18th, the Senate Natural Resources & Environmental Control Committee with vote on the proposed bill before it is sent to the full Senate. Senators Ennis & Lopez, sponsors of the original bill, will vote their approval. Senator Peterson will vote against. We’re not sure how Senators Hocker, Marshall or McBride will vote.

About 10 people spoke on Wednesday, May 11th, before the House of Representatives voted. They included: Jim Griffin (Wicomico Hunt Club): against; Andrew Martin (hunter): in favor; Susan Garey (UD professor & liaison; Dep’t of Ag): against; George Parris (DDC): against; Shannon Alford (NRA): in favor; Rick Armitage (DSSA): in favor; Mary Everhart (DE State Trails committee member & DEC trails committee chairperson): against. DEC had very little support from other equine organizations. Only other groups present were DSBHO (Jim Griffin), Wicomico Hunt Club and Susan Garey.  Even our own member, Senator Dave Wilson, is in favor of Sunday hunting. We need to alert the media and send letters & emails and make phone calls. The Senate subcommittee meeting is May 18th, at 2:15 pm. If the bill goes to the full Senate, Mary Everhart has permission to speak at the hearings. Stan & Ken looked into hiring a lobbyist - $20,000. Senator Gary Simpson, who is against the bill, recommended that we connect 4-H leaders and have them voice their concerns. We looked into this, only to find out that one of the original sponsors of the Sunday Hunting Bill is a 4-H leader. DEC feels we have a better chance to kill the bill in the Senate. If the discussion in the Senate doesn’t seem to be heading toward vetoing the bill, we will ask for an amendment: No Sunday hunting between 10 am and 3 pm. Most hunter head out before daybreak and finish early in the morning. Those who hunt in the evening go out close to dusk and come back in shortly after dark. DEC will keep everyone posted via Facebook and email blasts. Remember to contact the Senators and send in letters to the editor. Please be polite and check any facts you include in your correspondence for accuracy. Note: State Forests aren’t open for Sunday hunting, so Redden Forest, among others, will not be affected.

Update: On May 26th, Stan sent an email to Senator Brian Pettyjohn asking him to sponsor an amendment to HB 289 to stipulate that there be no Sunday hunting between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. Senator Pettyjohn met with Stan on June 2nd to discuss the amendment, also present was Representative Jeff Spiegelman. They suggested that the amendment state: No Sunday hunting after Noon on the one Sunday in October and the two in November (out of the five selected Sundays). They stated that in December and January, not allowing hunting in the afternoon until after 3 pm, does not allow enough time to hunt before the sun sets. Stan didn’t have much choice but to agree to their changes to DEC proposed amendment. At this meeting, Rep. Spiegelman asked for DEC to provide him with an apology for some of the statements that he said (supposed) DEC members had made – specifically, calling him a liar. Stan asked for names and addresses of the individuals involved. Rep. Spiegelman assumed that if someone said that he/she/they supported the DEC stance, that he/she must be a DEC member. He then asked for a letter that those types of comments were not the official stance of DEC.

June 7th – The 21 members of the full Senate voted on HB 289.
First, the vote on Senate Amendment #1 (SA 1), DEC proposed amendment. There was a 10 minute discussion, followed by a vote: 8 – YES; 9 – NO; 4 – abstain. They felt we were impacting the hunters too much by restricting their hours on those three Sundays!
There was a discussion (about 20 minutes) on the actual bill with 6 Senators, both for and against, presenting their views. The vote was then taken: 14 – YES; 7 – NO.
HB 289 now goes to the Governor for approval.
DEC will send a letter to the Governor, voicing our concerns. One last chance to block Sunday Hunting on five specific Sundays on specified public lands.     

New Business: 

  • Time to Ride Challenge (Ken &/or Christina):  This is a fund raising program sponsored by AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners) to promote horseback riding. DEC would be required to have $10 million in liability insurance for the day of the event. This is cost prohibitive for us.

Donation Request: Arabian Horse Association of Delmarva (AHAD) – Joan Siler: AHAD runs three horse shows per year, for both Arabian and non-Arabian horse riders. This year, AHAD plans to add three events over fences for the show participants. The group is asking for us to sponsor some of their awards. Last year DEC sponsored the year end High Point Award for Overall All Around. $70 will pay for the winner’s trophy and ribbons for the top seven in that division. The request will be voted on at our next meeting.


  • Recognition item for DEC Life members (Wendy):  Wendy suggested that we present our life members with either a plaque or a DEC polo shirt. Donna offered free embroidery, by her mother, on the polo shirts.
  • DEC T-shirts & sweatshirts (Pam):  Do we need to order more t-shirts and sweatshirts? We don’t set up the sale booth very often. We always sold many items at the DE Horse Expo, which is no longer in existence. Pam will inventory what is left after tonight’s meeting. Prices: T-shirts: adults - $10; youth - $5; Sweatshirts are $20 and polo shirts are $25
  • Nationwide Special Event Insurance (Pam): Our special event insurance is due soon. We reviewed our upcoming special events: Member Appreciation Day; autumn ride/drive; Spring Poker Run. Will we need insurance for any upcoming seminars/ clinics?
  •  ARG (Kathy): DEC Board members recently received information on a new discount though ARG. Its members can receive a reduced rate to use Constant Contact. ARG recommend using this service to increase volunteer recruitment among your group’s members. DEC already has an efficient way to reach members.
  • Member Appreciation Day: Mark your calendars for Sunday, Sept. 25th. Kathy created a check list for the event to help keep us organized.
  • Buttercup grazing dangers:An article about the dangers of buttercup ingestion was emailed to Board members. Horse owners may notice blisters on the horse’s lips, swelling of the facial tissue, excessive salivation, mild colic and diarrhea that may contain blood. Decreased appetite and a slowed pulse may also be present. In severe cases, ingestion can lead to skin twitching, paralysis, convulsions and death. Horses do not normally ingest the bitter buttercup leaves and stems, but if turned out on overgrazed pastures, the horse(s) may eat them due to lack of other grasses or forage.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:36 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
April 18, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. by Vice President, Ken Horeis. All officers and directors, except Stan Vonasek, were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes are available on website ( with a few hard copies placed on the back table. Kathy thanked Julie Warrington for taking the minutes in March.
Correspondences: We received a Thank You note from Kathryn Babiarz, one of our scholarship winners.
Stan received a letter from Walt Taylor, who is interested in organizing all farriers practicing in the USA to ensure each is properly certified.
Treasurer’s Report: (Tami Stevens): Starting balance as of March 21, 2016: $26,561.46; deposits: $290.00 (dues, Directory ad, liability sign, insurance and Poker Run registrations); deductions of $251.54 (PO box rental, NSF check, Equisure, and PayPal fees); Ending balance as of April 18, 2016: $26,599.92.  Sandra Gulledge, CPA, P.A. DEC’s CPA, needs the total gross receipts from 2015 to complete DEC’s 990 form. Wayne asked Tami to send the information to him and he will in turn forward the info to Sandra. The deadline for filing the 990 form is May 15, 2016. Marie Johnson filed DECF’s 990 form. Pam Nebel made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by George Parris and passed. Note: Marie had also filed DEC’s 990 form. Both have been submitted and accepted by the IRS.

Committee Reports:
DECF (Wayne Nebel):  The DECF treasury had gross receipts of $11,307 from the dinner; expenses of $2,873.16, leaving a net balance of $8,433.84. The gross receipt figure includes some sponsorship money that has not been received. A $306 room deposit has been made to the Harrington Moose Lodge for the 2017 banquet. The current balance in the DECF account is $8556.66, which does not include sponsorship money that has not been received and/or deposited. Wayne received several checks today.
DECF Scholarship Dinner (Wendy Lippincott): This year’s event had better attendance than the last several years, more auction items, more dancers and better food.  Next year’s dinner is scheduled for March 4, 2017. The first Saturday in March seems to work well, since most equine organizations haven’t begun their weekend activities for the year. The committee will meet after tonight regular meeting to wrap up the 2016 dinner. Good news – The Harrington Moose members have voted to make the Lodge a smoke free building. Since the building does not have Wi-Fi, Wayne is looking into other methods that would allow credit cards to be used at the dinner to pay for items in the auctions.
Fundraising: A) Poker Ride (Julie Warrington): 39 riders came out on a beautiful day for DEC’s joint Poker Run Ride and Lunch with Tuckahoe Equestrian Center. Julie thanked Joan Coble, Joyce Bell, Pam & Wayne Nebel, Tami & Mark Stevens, Deb, John & Grace Poe, Cindy Vollmer, and Pat Noble for all their help. It was very well organized. Everyone had a fun time, and posted pictures on Facebook with many positive comments. The food was exceptional. Julie estimated that we took in $735. There was approximately $50 in expenses, plus 10% going to Tuckahoe Park. We will split the remaining funds with the riding group from Tuckahoe. Approximately $300 was raised for DEC.  This positive experience will set the tone for next year, encouraging more riders to participate in the future. B) Special License Plate (Pam): As reported earlier, Stan talked to Representative Dave Wilson, who agreed to sponsor our request. Rep. Wilson sent an email to 100 other legislators to find some cosponsors and determine if there is interest in our request. Their response was due Monday, April 19th by 4 pm.  It is an ongoing process. One legislator asked how many members are in DEC. Pam sent in the info requested. We plan on having a contest for the design. Once we learn the criteria DMV requires for the design, we can establish the contest guidelines. The design will have to be small.
Newsletter (Wendy): Copies of the latest edition were available at the meeting for distribution to tack stores, feed stores, etc. It contains pictures, sponsorship and donation information from the Scholarship Dinner, and information on the proposed Sunday Hunting Bill. If your group has upcoming events, please email Wendy and “cc” Wayne (DEC Facebook) with the pertinent details. Currently, Wendy has to scour Facebook to find events to list under the Calendar of Events. Consider submitting your flyer for inclusion in the newsletter.
Southern States Proof of Purchase (Marie Johnson): Remember to collect POPs. Southern States will also accept receipts for large bulk purchases of the qualifying feed bags. It is a worthwhile fundraiser for us.

Donation Request: Changing Fates (Ken): Changing Fates Equine Rescue is hosting an Adoption Fair on April 30th, to celebrate ASPCA’s National Help-a-Horse-Day. They requested funds to cover food and refreshments. The Board received this request several days after the March meeting and recommends donating $100 to the event. George made a motion: DEC will donate $100 to Changing Fates Equine Rescue to purchase food and refreshments at their Adoption Fair on April 30, 2016. Wayne seconded the motion and it passed.

Old Business:

  • Equisure Excess Personal Excess Liability Insurance (Ken): The yearly rates are very reasonable: $1 million policy above your homeowners insurance for $25/individual or $40/family. The coverage runs from date of purchase through December of that year. Check the DEC website for more details.
  • Sunday Hunting Bill (Ken & Pam): HB289 was switched from the Natural Resources to the Agriculture Committee. Last week’s hearing was postponed until possibly April 20th at 3:30 pm. The latest version not only lists five Sundays (the first Sunday of each type of deer hunting season), but also includes Sunday hunting on both private and public lands. Our stance is to oppose all Sunday hunting. if we allow five this year, they will ask for more Sundays in future years. It’s hard to remember which Sundays are open, if you’re not a hunter. We need people to write letters, make phone calls, and attend the hearings. Remind members of horse organizations that you belong to and all your friends, involved with horses, to keep informed and help us out with letters and phone calls to legislators. Attendance at the hearings, if possible, will send an important message.  Stan will be out of town on April 20th, Ken has a required class that afternoon, so Wayne was volunteered to represent DEC. Ken read Stan’s letter, which is on our website and in the April/May DEC newsletter. Stan also phoned in to a WBOC radio program hosting an open discussion with Senator Pettyjohn. Stan voiced his opposition to Sunday hunting.  Sen. Pettyjohn said Sunday hunting was a good opportunity for hunters and land owners and horse riders could ride any time, not just on Sundays. The Senator was not pleased when Stan suggested that hunters could hunt on any other hunting day and didn’t need Sundays. Ken also read a letter from Susan Garey, UD Extension Livestock Specialist and State 4-H Animal Science Coordinator, that she sent to the legislators and forwarded copies to both Stan & Pam. Susan’s letter included additional arguments against Sunday hunting. Karen Kershaw, president of Laurel Saddle Friends, which has 400 members, plans to attend and speak at the hearings.  DSOA (Delaware Standard bred Owners’ Association), who have a full time lobbyist, plan to work with us to block the bill. While attending a Delaware Thoroughbred Horseman’s Legislative Reception, Ken spoke with several legislators, including Gary Simpson, Colin Bonini, and Bethany Hall-Long, who all plan to oppose the bill. The process of proposing a bill to become a law is a long process: First the bill must be passed by appropriate committee who drafted the bill. Next, this bill goes to the House of Representatives (since it is House Bill 289). While the House reviews the bill, it can propose amendments to the original bill. The House then votes on any amendments and then on the full revised bill. If the amended bill passes the House, it is then sent to the Senate. The Senates reviews the bill and can propose additional amendments. If the Senate amends the bill and passes an amended version, that version must be sent back to the House for approval. When both the House and Senate pass the same version of the bill, it is sent to the Governor for his signature. Hearings are held at almost each level, where requests for changes can be made. Note: The April 20th hearing was postponed.

New Business:

  • Information Horse Market (Ken): Stan & Ken received a letter from a French group, the Information Horse Group, who are conducting a study of the American horse market. “Since DEC is the heart of the equine industry in Delaware”, they would like to discuss ideas via phone, email or Skype about the Delaware horse industry to increase innovation and competitiveness in the French horse industry. Stan & Ken will look further into this.
  • USA Equestrian Trust Grants (Ken): Holly Porter, Deputy Principal Assistant at DDA, forwarded information to us about USA Equestrian Trust Grant. Not for profit groups (501c3 and 501c5) are eligible to apply for these grants. The email included several groups who were previous awardees. The deadline is May 2nd, 2016. ( – application must be filed online at

Ideas for grant money requests:

  • Updating Material for our booth This will not be a large monetary request.
  • Fund survey to show economic impact of Horse Industry on Delaware The last survey was done in 2004 by the National Agriculture Statistics Service, Delaware Department of Agriculture and the University of Delaware Ag Economic Department. Ken is getting the figures from the 2004 survey for two reasons: (1) Assist in showing the proponents of HB289 the impact of the Equine industry in Delaware and (2) Determine if it will be worthwhile to pursue conducting another equine survey. The projected cost of the survey is between $25,000 and $50,000. Ed Kee, Secretary of Agriculture, indicated that if DEC gets funding for an equine survey, DDA could donate $5000 to the project.
  • Do we need to designate a grant writer?
  • June AHC Meeting (Ken): This year’s AHC meetings are slated for June 12th – 15th in Washington, D.C. at the Washington Court Hotel. Wayne described past agendas and events. Our members usually attend on the day when all the state councils gather to exchange ideas, and stay for the rest of that day’s meetings. This year, June 13th is when the state councils are scheduled to meet. Stan would like some DEC Board members to attend. DEC reimburses attendees for gas, tolls, lunch, and parking (registration fees haven’t been charged for regular meetings). In the past, we have donated $100 to help sponsor the Sunday evening CSHC Welcome Reception. Contact Stan if you are interested in attending. Check their website for more info: and click on the June 12th-15th AHC listing.

Time to Ride Program (Christina Dayton, DVM): AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners) is sponsoring this program to promote horseback riding. Monetary rewards are offered for programs offered this coming summer. Their website is: Christine will send the info to the Board.
MomMom enjoyed the impromptu birthday celebration at the March meeting.
Fundraising concerns (Wendy): Wendy asked if DEC will be adjusting the current budget to include the funds raised, by increasing the amounts listed under donations and/or other projects that we sponsor. She felt that this may garner more support for fundraising events when people ask what the money is being earmarked for.

Next Meeting: May 16, 2016 at 7pm at the Marvel Carriage Museum - 510 S. Bedford St., Georgetown, DE.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,    Kathy Watson



DEC March Meeting Minutes
Call to Order by President Stan Vonasek

  1. Treasurer’s Report- Tami Stevens
  2. Starting Balance-$26,836.49
  3. Deposits-$625.00
  4. Expenses/Deductions-$900.03
  5. Ending Balance-$26,561.46
  6. Pam Nebel made Motion to Accept and pay all bills. Connie Lundquist seconded the motion and it passed.



  1. DEC Foundation Scholarship Awards Dinner & Fundraiser-Wayne Nebel
  2. March 5, 2016
  3. Great turnout and “Mood was super”, added Stan Vonasek
  4. Wendy Lippincott was a great Chairperson
  5. The checks to the winners’ colleges were sent out certified on Friday, March 18th with a copy sent to the recipient
  6. Donors “Thank You” notes are “in the works”
  7. Wayne discussed some rough income/expense numbers, but will have a final report on all financials at the April meeting. Right now, it looks like it was the most successful event to date
  1. Poker Run Ride-Julie Warrington
  2. The Ride, scheduled for Sunday, April 17th, is going to be very exciting.
  3. The PayPal link is up and running.
  4. Debbie Poe used the link to sign Grace up.  The payment went through fine, but there was no way to fill in the registration form.
  5. Tami will register and see if this can be rectified. Thank you to Debbie for alerting us to this problem
  6. The 8 obstacles will be exciting with the option of answering a question to receive your card if your horse won’t do the obstacle.
  7. Top 4 Poker Hands win money- $30, $20, $10, $5
  8. Lunch will consist of Chicken, Ziti, sides and assorted desserts
  9. There will also be a “shopping area TACK SWAP” for anyone wishing to bring items to sell
  10. Volunteers will be receiving another “Newsletter” prior to the event with updates and needs. Debbie Poe has volunteered to come help set up


  1. FEED Proofs of Purchase- Mary
  2. DEC can get rebate on bulk purchases of feed as long as a receipt is present-this will help preclude tearing off “proofs of purchase” tags from each bag
  1. EXCESS LIABILITY INSURANCE from EQUISURE, INC.- Stan went over the benefits of purchasing the insurance
  2. 1 Million dollars in Excess of your own liability coverage
  3. Cost is $40 per family or $20 per individual
  4. 4-H Horse Bowl-Ken Horeis
  5. They had 28 Teams this year, which was a huge turn out
  6. Some Parents from New Castle County stopped by the DEC table. They took some membership applications. They were unaware Delaware HAD an Equine Council
  7. Susan Garey is sending a write up for Wendy to put in the Newsletter
  8. Ken recommended the Booth be updated.  There are items on display that are dated and no longer viable


  1. Holler’n Hooves
  2. Thank you note signed by Christie and Claudia Little , thanking DEC for the donation of tickets to attend DEC Scholarship dinner as a raffle for Holler’n Hooves fundraising dinner and for having so many DEC members attending

       MomMom Mildon’s 96th birthday- Birthday celebration with cake

New Business:

  1. SUNDAY HUNTING BILL in Legislature-Stan Vonasek
  1. Karen Kershaw notified Ken that members of Delaware Legislators Sportsman Caucus reported at their monthly meeting on March 10th that House Bill-HB 289 to AUTHORIZE SUNDAY DEER HUNTING ON PRIVATE PROPERTY was being sent to the legislature.
  2. HB 289 also allows for deer that have been shot on private land that cross over on to public land can be pursued by the hunter and recovered.
  3. Stan read the letter he wrote to the legislature.  It has been sent to many in the House and Senate. See Attachment A
  4. Everyone should contact their legislator to gain support AGAINST THIS BILL. It should be noted that many of the Legislators who the Board thought were against this bill and supportive of DEC’s position ARE ACTUALLY CO-SPONSORS OF THE BILL.
  5. The Bill was filed on March 16th and has been sent to the NATURAL RESOURCE COMMITTEE.
  6. DEC will continue to monitor when and where the Bill will be open for Public Comment and ALERT everyone.



Next meeting: April 18, 2016 at 7 pm at small meeting room at Harrington Fire Hall

Respectfully submitted,
Julie Warrington


Delaware Equine Council
February 15, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors, except Dr. Christina Dayton, were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes are available on website ( with a few hard copies placed on the front table.
Treasurer’s Report: (Tami Stevens): Starting balance as of January 18, 2016: $29,684.78; deposits: $4083.54 (dues, insurance, Directory ads, sweatshirts and liability signs); deductions of $6,931.83 ($119.97 – Pam Nebel – liability signs & postage for newsletters; $4761 – Economy Printing – Directories; $350 – American Horse Council; $281.60 – Correctional Industries – letterhead & envelopes; $42.26 – Mark Stevens – Turkey Trot supplies; $80 – ad check returned NSF; $500 – Farm Family Insurance; $450 – Web designer; $100  - University of Delaware – slow feeder contest prize; $247 – Equisure); Ending balance as of February 15, 2016: $26,836.49.  George Parris made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by Wayne Nebel and passed.

Next Meeting: March 21, 2016 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall.

Committee Reports:
DECF Scholarship Dinner (Wendy Lippincott): March 5th at the Harrington Moose Lodge at 6 pm. All five scholarship winners will be in attendance this year. Currently, sponsorships total $2,675, with more expected. Over 68 items have been received for the auctions. Ticket sales conclude on Feb. 26th.  Make sure to purchase your tickets promptly. The committee will be meeting immediately following tonight’s meeting.
Fundraising (Ken Horeis/Julie Warrington): Equine clinics/lectures (Ken): Postponed until the fall, since Apex Arabians is currently working on their meeting rooms. Poker Ride (Julie): Sunday, April 17th at Tuckahoe. Julie is meeting with Joan & Joyce on Wednesday, February 17th to finalize details. They plan to set up eight different stations/obstacles. If you have any obstacle equipment the committee can borrow, please contact Julie. A volunteer sign-up sheet was passed around. If you wish to help, please contact Julie. Volunteers will be able to complete the poker run after lunch.
Southern States Proof of Purchase (Marie Johnson): Marie reminded us to save and bring in SS “pop” labels.
Newsletter (Wendy): Wendy brought extras to the meeting for us to distribute. Chick’s complimented Wendy on the newsletter. Last fall, Mike Reynolds, from Toro, complimented us on both the newsletter & the Directory. Wendy thanked Pam and Barbara for assisting with the newsletter.
Magazine Redistribution: We will recycle magazines among ourselves.

Old Business:

  1. Delmarva Search & Rescue request (Stan): At the January monthly meeting, Delmarva Search & Rescue (DSAR) requested $500 to help pay for an air scent detection clinic with Terry Nowacki. At that time, Vicky Trainor, an equine training officer with DSAR, gave a presentation about DSAR and the air scent detection clinic. Pam Nebel made a motion to donate $300 to DSAR. Wendy seconded the motion and it passed.
  2. Pay-Pal set-up (Tami): Pay-Pal is now set up on our website for paying dues. Tami will test it to make sure it works. We hope to add buttons for registering for the Poker Run and signing up for insurance.
  3. Fish & Wildlife Fee Proposal (Stan): Fish & Wildlife have a put together a list of their recommendations for increased hunting fees and initiating a conservation pass. A proposed residential conservation pass will be $3.50/day; three day pass: $7.50; a weekly pass: $12.50 or annual rate of $20. The proposal goes to the Delaware General Assembly soon. Several hunting groups will be asking that the bill include Sunday hunting to help offset the price hike. DEC will keep us informed. Wayne asked for details about the pass – Is it placed in your vehicle window or do you carry it with you?   
  4. Equisure Personal Liability Insurance (Stan): Stan sent an email to those who signed up for the insurance, which contained their policy documentation.

New Business:

  1. 4H Horse Bowl Booth (Ken): Since the Delaware State Fair Committee will not allow DEC to set up a booth in the Quillen Arena during Fair week, the 4-H Horse Advisory Committee has offered DEC the opportunity to set up our booth during the 2016 4-H Horse Bowl. This event will be held on Saturday, March 12th at Lake Forest North Elementary School. We are invited to set up our booth in the common area, where the food booths will be located. The Horse Bowl begins at 9 am and typically ends about noon. Stan & Ken volunteered to staff our table.
  2. Jennifer Wilson Book offer (Stan): Ken received an email from Jennifer Wilson about a book she is writing that features her twin foals. She has donated vouchers to the Scholarship dinner committee for a hard back copy and for a paperback copy of the book. She has asked DEC to help promote her book, and would donate some of the proceeds of these sales to DEC. Jennifer is currently a member. DEC can help promote her book on the DEC Facebook page and include information on our website. Jennifer can also send us an article about the book to be included in our newsletter.
  3. Veterans Riding Program (Ken): Ken received an email from Lisa Fogerty, Sunny Meadows Stable, whose family is looking into starting a veterans riding program for returning vets. She was inquiring if we know anyone she can contact. Contact Ken if you have any information that he can forward to Lisa.
  4. Troxel Riding Helmet Non-Profit Program (Wendy): Wendy informed us about Troxel’s program. Any 501 (c) 3 group can purchase helmets from Troxel at the discounted price of $20 plus shipping & handling. The minimum order is four helmets. Stan suggested sharing this info with all of the state’s therapeutic riding groups.

            Stan and Laurie talked about the Therapeutic Riding fund raising dinner and auction held recently at the Cheer Center in Laurel. Stan estimated that there were 250 attendees. Tickets were $50 each and included a prime rib and crab cake dinner. Besides a live and silent auction, sponsorships were auctioned off.  

The meeting was adjourned at 7:48 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
January 18, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes are available on website ( with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of Nov. 16, 2015: $21,488.01 deposits: $8,860.00; deductions of$663.23 ($60 – Holler-n-Hooves 4-H sponsorship for Clean and Groom challenge; $225 – Nationwide Insurance; $100 – ARG dues; $96.33 – Julie Warrington – Turkey Trot supplies; $8 – service charge – itemized statement; $173.90 – 4-H State Fair awards); Ending balance as of January 18, 2016: $29,684.78. Dan Watson made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by Connie Lundquist and passed. The DEC e-postcard has been filed and accepted. Tonight is Kim’s last meeting as treasurer. DEC thanked Kim for keeping the books for the past twelve years.

Next Meeting: February 15, 2016 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall.

Committee Reports:
Directory (Ken Horeis): The 2016 Directory’s gross income: $9795.00. Expenses: $4761.00 for printing; $450.00 for formatting (Suzanne Webster); $100 bonus to the member who gets the most new ads = $5311 total expenses. Net income is $4484 less some postage. The 2015 Directory netted $3151. Last fall, Wendy Lippincott looked into finding a less expensive printing company and shared with Ken information she obtained from Economy Printing in Easton, Maryland. Ken met with them and was very impressed with other booklets that they created. He said it was very easy working with them. They use glossy paper for both color and black and white ads, which gives a more professional look to our Directory. Changing printers saved us $739. Economy Printing also does formatting, but is more expensive than Suzanne. Directories are now available. Stan thanked Ken for all his work on putting together the 2016 edition. Please help distribute Directories to our advertisers and feed and tack stores. Pam & Wayne have plenty in the DEC trailer.
Scholarship Dinner (Wendy Lippincott):  The dinner is on Saturday, March 5th at the Harrington Moose Lodge, with hors d’oeuvres at 6 pm and dinner at 6:30 pm. Awards, live & silent auctions and music to follow. The dinner committee has met several times. Flyers and dinner tickets are available. We are looking for sponsorships and donations of auction items. Items do not have to be horse related! Please contact Wendy if you have contacts to share for new sponsorships and auction items. Contact your friends about coming to the dinner on March 5th. We have received several items already and Mid-Atlantic Farm Credit sent us a check for a sponsorship. DECF received its first scholarship application last week.
Fundraising: 1. Poker Run (Julie Warrington):  Julie is working with Joan Coble from Tuckahoe Equestrian Center to organize a Poker Run on Sunday, April 17th at Tuckahoe. Fee to be determined and will include lunch. Julie is looking for volunteers to help run the various stations along the ride. More details to follow. 2. Equine Clinics (Ken):  The meeting room at Apex Arabians is still under construction. As a result, Ken plans to postpone the seminars and clinics until next fall.  3. License Plate progress (Stan): Stan has turned DEC’s application in to Dave Wilson, who is having the legislators’ legal group look at the forms.
Newsletter (Wendy): Articles and items for the February/March issue are due now. Wayne will send in an article and a photo from the Department of Ag week Equine Pasture session. DEC donated the prize money for the slow feeder contest.
Donation Request: Delmarva Search & Rescue (DSAR) – Vicky Trainor: DSAR has made arrangements with Terry Nowacki, an Equine Detection Trainer, to hold an Air Scent Detection Clinic in Hartly, DE April 29th through May 1st. DSAR is also responsible for Mr. Nowacki’s airfare, accommodations, and travel expenses. The purpose of the clinic is to enhance the specialized training of the DSAR mounted unit in their search and rescue role. They are requesting $500 from DEC to help cover expenses for Mr. Nowacki. Vicky talked about their overall training and about this specialized teaching clinic. She then answered questions from the group present. DSAR has six certified riders and eight certified horses (two members have a back up horse.) Horses must be at least four years old and riders must be at least 18. The cost of the clinic is $1500 (reduced rate since the group is small). This clinic is a onetime training event. Non DSAR members can audit the clinic at a cost to be determined. We will vote on this request at the February meeting.
Old Business:

  1. Southern States Proof of Purchase (Marie Johnson): Remember to save and turn in your SS POP. Hudson’s and Milford Southern States also have jars to deposit the proof of purchases.
  2. Equisure Personal Liability Insurance (Stan): Stan reminded us about purchasing Equisure Excess Liability Insurance through DEC’s membership in ARG. The cost is $20/individual and $40/family. Insurance runs from date of purchase until December 31st. Checks are made to DEC, who sends one check to ARG. Each person/family purchasing the insurance will receive a certificate.
  3. Lost, loose, neglected or abused horses: New number: Call Department of Agriculture at 302-698-4500 or 302-698-4561.
  4. Beach ride fees (Stan): Stan sent a letter to DNREC, with copies going to Delaware State Parks and Cape Henlopen State Park. DEC cancelled our beach ride because we were quoted a $600 price for the event. On a nice weekend in December, Stan saw a group of 30+ riders at Cape Henlopen State Park. The group didn’t pay any fee! In his letter, Stan asked for an explanation of the fees and asked what organizations can do to minimize them. He has been corresponding with Matthew Ritter from Delaware State Parks. Some fees are questionable and others seem excessive for a group of 20 – 30 riders. For example: We are required to clean up the parking lot and trails after our horses, (we understand doing this), but why are we then charged a $200 clean up fee? Stan will suggest that they have a $200 deposit for clean up. If no extra clean up is needed, the deposit is returned. Stan has several other suggestions that he plans to forward to Mr. Ritter.

New Business:

  1. Fish & Wildlife Fees (Stan): The Fish and Wildlife division of DNREC is evaluating raising their hunting and fishing fees and initiating user fees. Meetings were held in all three counties. Stan attended the Sussex County meeting, Ken attended the Kent County meeting and Bev Barnett attended the New Castle County meeting. Horseback riders, bird watchers, trappers and any nature trail users will need to purchase a user conservation pass. $20 is the proposed annual pass fee, with a possible three day pass offered at $7.50. Stan, for DEC, recommended day passes similar to Fair Hill, Maryland - $3/day for instate residents and $5/day for out of state users. Others suggested child rates and family rates. Some of the hunters who spoke hinted at allowing Sunday hunting in the proposal. DNREC stated that Sunday hunting is not part of the fee package. There are 17 different areas in Delaware governed by Fish & Wildlife (35,000 acres) about seven are accessible for horses. The decision will be made at meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Jan 26th at 7:30 pm DNREC’s Richardson & Robbins building auditorium, located at 89 Kings Highway, Dover. DEC will keep a close eye on this matter and keep the members informed.


  1. We received Thank you notes from Changing Fates Equine Rescue and from Holler-N-Hooves 4-H.
  1. Dr Dayton informed us that The United Equestrian Federation is requiring that horses have rhinovirus vaccines every six months to compete in their shows. She said that this is also required at the Delaware State Fair grounds and is positive that other groups will also require the vaccination. If you vaccinate your own horses, there is paper work you will need to complete and save all the vaccine purchase receipts. All forms must travel with you.


The meeting was adjourned at 8 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
November 16, 2015 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors, except Dr. Christina Dayton, were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes are available on website ( with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of 10/19/2015: $23,320.18; deposits: none; deductions of $1832.17 ($110.94 – Ken Horeis – ink; $1300.00 – Granville Hall – Caterer – Member Appreciation Day; $181.50 – Pam Nebel – postage for Aug/Sept newsletters and door prizes at Member Appreciation Day; $33.95 – Stan Vonasek – water & ice for Member Appreciation Day; $205.78 – Pam Nebel – postage for Oct/Nov newsletters, cookies, plates and utensils for Member Appreciation Day); Ending balance as of November 16, 2015:  $21,488.01. George Parris made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by Pam Nebel and passed.

Next Meeting: January 18, 2016 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall. (No meeting in December.)

Guest Speaker – Dr. Amy Biddle – University of Delaware Equine Program:  Dr. Biddle introduced herself and spoke about her duties at the University of Delaware. Her schedule includes teaching classes and conducting research. Dr. Biddle, with the help of six undergraduate students and one volunteer are working on the Equine Microbiome Project. Horse owners are asked to complete a survey about their horse’s health status, history and diet as well as forward a fecal sample from each horse. Horse owners will then receive a report outlining what bacteria are present in that horse’s intestines. Dr. Biddle became interested in studying horses’ “guts” during graduate school, after losing horses to colic when she was younger. Information about this project will be included in our next newsletter and on our website. We gave Dr, Biddle information about DECF’s scholarship program.

Committee Reports:
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): The computer which formats our newsletter has crashed! Barbara, at Chick’s, who inputs our info and then lays it out for printing has had to start over. Our December/January edition maybe coming out later than we expect. Wendy has several articles for the upcoming newsletter. Please send her info on upcoming events. Wendy is looking for short articles and pictures about recent equine events that have already taken place.  Be sure to write your own articles about events you have attended. Wendy cannot write about events that she has not attended. 
Trails (Mary Everhart): No report.
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Stan reviewed the program for new members present.
Fundraising (Ken Horeis): (1) Turkey Trot Trail Ride – Julie Warrington: 20 riders/drivers attend the trail ride on November 15th at Blackbird State Forest. Mountaire donated 80 pounds of chicken quarters for our lunch. Dunkin Donuts donated hot chocolate. Fifer Orchards donated apples. Sam’s Club donated gift cards, which helped pay for the hot dogs, buns, paper products and utensils. Several members donated desserts. After a few expenses, our profit is $365.41. Special thanks to Mark Stevens who worked wonders on the grill. The turkey raffle was won by Rhonda Whitehouse. The raffle raised $330. Event attendees had good weather and a good time. Ken thanked Julie for all her hard work and dedication to making the Turkey Trot a successful event. (2) License Plate – Stan: Stan spoke with Dave Wilson about sponsoring our request for a special plate. Dave is interested and is having the legal people look at the form. The Delaware Legislature is not currently in session, but will be back in January, 2016.
Scholarship Dinner Committee (Wendy): Please save the date: Saturday, March 5, 2016 for the DECF Scholarship Dinner. Wendy has the sponsor/donor letters. Please contact previous sponsors and approach possible new sponsors. Wendy reviewed the sponsor levels. Donations do not have to be horse items. The committee will be meeting in December.
Directory (Ken): Ken reviewed the number of ads for the 2016 Directory. Through much hard work, it looks like our numbers are approximately the same as last year’s; with five more full page color ads. The front cover photo contest winner is Joan Coble from Denton, Maryland, with her Paint horse, Barney. Many thanks to all who submitted their beautiful pictures for the contest.
Old Business:

  1. Southern States Proof of Purchase (Marie Johnson): Stan reminded members to save the proof of purchase label from Triple Crown, Reliance, Source and Legends feed bags.
  2. Equiresure Personal Liability Insurance (Stan): Stan reminded members that we can purchase personal equine liability insurance from Equisure through our ARG membership. The cost is $20 per person or $40 per family. This insurance runs a calendar year – January to December. If you wish to receive the full 12 months for your payment and since we don’t meet in December, consider purchasing your 2016 insurance soon. Purchasers will receive a certificate of coverage. Any questions, please contact Stan.

New Business:

  1. Budget for 2016 (Kim Schwartz): The Board met earlier in November to work on our budget for 2016. Expenditures for 2015 were reviewed and amounts were proposed for the next Year. Kim read each category and amount. The total budget for 2016 is $11, 810. Dan Watson made a motion to accept the 2016 budget as proposed. George Parris seconded the motion and it passed.
  2. Elections (Pam & Wayne Nebel): Ballots were passed out. The results are as follows: President (2016 – 2017): Stan Vonasek; Treasurer (2016 – 2017): Tami Stevens; Directors: (2016 – 2018) Pam Nebel and Julie Warrington; (2016) Cindy Volmer.


  1. Ken recently attended the Delaware Appaloosa meeting. Ken presented, to those members present, what DEC does and the many member benefits that we offer. He came away with a DEC organization membership and a full page Directory ad. Ken recommends that when attending other equine events that each of us present info about DEC member benefits.
  2. USEF (Ken): Ken recently received an email informing horse owners that anyone exhibiting horses at an USEF event must have proof of vaccinations. If you vaccinate your own horses you must have proof that you purchased the needed vaccines; expiration dates, dates given, etc.
  3. Burying horses (Stan): According to the Department of Agriculture, a horse owner can bury a horse on their own property. They recommend that it not be buried near a water source.
  4. Breyer Horse donation (Kathy): Several Breyer Horses were donated to Happy Horses 4-H club.

The meeting was adjourned at 7: 55 pm.
Respectfully submitted,   Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
October 19, 2015 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors, except Kim Schwartz and Dan Watson, were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes are available on website ( with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of September 21, 2015: $22,270.18; deposits: $1,050; deductions: none; Ending balance as of October 19, 2015: $23,320.18. George Parris made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by Wayne Nebel and passed.

Next Meeting: November 16, 2015 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall. (Election night)

Committee Reports:
Directory (Ken Horeis):  We have fewer ads this year compared to last year. If you know someone connected to the equine industry (farriers, vets, product suppliers or vendors), please contact them quickly about purchasing an ad in the 2016 Directory. At this time, we have: ¼ page black & white ads: 16 (1 more than last year); ½ page black & white ads: 15 (9 less); full page black & white ads: 1 (4 less); ¼ page color ads: 1 (2 less); ½ page color ads: 5 + several received tonight (11 last year); full page color: commitments for 16 (remained the same). We have not heard from: Laurel Saddle Friends, Rigid  & Valley Metals, Rose Valley Furniture, Miller’s Woodwork,  Royal Acres Haflingers (Dave Wilson), DQHA, Sunset Stables, Arabian Horse Association of Delmarva, Taylor & Messick, Inc., Traveled Lane Trailers ( Maryland), West Wind Kennel, Holly Glen Farm, Service Tire Truck Center in Seaford and Veterinary Medical Center of Easton. Each advertised last year but we have had no response this year. Please turn in all ads and single line listing updates to Ken ASAP. He wants to complete all preliminary work before November 12th.  George offered to check with Laurel Saddle Friends: Charlotte Grant – Sunset Stables and Royal Acres; Wendy – Arabian Horse Association
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Several magazines were brought in to be refurbished. Members are always welcome to take magazines home and later recycle them. Tami Stevens let us know about an article in American Horse that was written by a 15 year old girl from Houston, DE.  
Fundraising (Ken): (1) Trail ride (Julie Warrington): When Julie received the contract from Cape Henlopen State Park about our Beach ride, they quoted a price of $800. Later, they reduced the price to $600. However this price is still higher than we anticipated. Julie has now scheduled a Turkey Trot Trail Ride at Blackbird State Forest on Sunday, November 15th from 10 am to 1 pm. Cost is $25 per person, with a reduced rate of $15 for youth less than 14 years old. It includes a grilled lunch and warm drinks. The drawing for the turkey dinner will be held during lunch. Julie will talk to Jim Dobson about opening the gate to allow “drivers” to use the wider trails available at Blackbird. Wendy has contacted Mountaire about donating chicken for the lunch. The pavilion has grills. Julie will work to mark a trail for us to follow. It was suggested that Julie contact Mary Everhart and Donna Hurst to help in choosing a trail for the ride/drive. Members and non-members are welcome to attend. RSVP by Nov. 10th at or contact Julie at 302-423-7393 or Pam has been in touch with our insurance company about covering this event. She asked for an estimate on the number of participants as requested by the company. We felt that 35 – 40 is a good estimate. Our liability Insurance ($225) will cover events for 6 months – Nov 15th through May 15th. Flyers are available for members to post.(2) Turkey Dinner raffle (Wendy & Julie): Wendy received the Turkey dinner coupon from TA Farms, which offers a 16 – 18 lb fresh free-range dressed turkey, a dozen fresh yeast rolls, a t-shirt and a pot holder. Tickets are now available. We discussed what price(s) to set up for ticket sales. We decided to charge $5/1 ticket; $10/3 tickets and $20/10 tickets. Buyers will print their name and phone number on the back, and need not be present to win. Flyers will include the price and will be emailed out quickly for us to post. (3) Seminar/Clinic Series (Ken): Ken is working on setting up seminars and clinics beginning in the spring of 2016 – probably March, at Apex Stables. He has spoken with Ronnie Lloyd about holding a seminar on trailer maintenance. Ken is still pursuing the manure disposal seminar with Dick Power from EquiRoll, a manure disposal company, who will work in conjunction with the Nutrient Management Commission, a division of the Delaware Department of Agriculture. (4) Special License plate (Stan): Stan has been working on the paperwork involved in getting legislation proposed for a license plate for equine enthusiasts. He is using the Environmental Plate paperwork as a template. Stan suggests that we ask for a $35 price on the tag. Most cost $35 with a few charging $50. DMV would keep $15 and the remaining $20 would be donated to DEC. Stan suggested having a contest to find a background plate design. Possible legislators to contact to introduce our proposal: Dave Wilson, Bobby Outten, or Gary Simpson.
Nominating Committee (Pam Nebel): The following members have volunteered to run: President – Stan; Treasurer – Tami Stevens; Director: Pam, Julie, Cindy Volmer and Dan Watson. At the meeting, Julie nominated Janet Schukoske for a director position. If you are interested in running for one of these positions please contact Pam at or 240-994-2220 or Wayne at to have your name placed on the ballot. Nominations will also be accepted at the November meeting.
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): Another great issue! Wendy brought a box of newsletter for members to distribute. Please email events to Wendy for the calendar of events. She has had to search club websites and look for posted flyers to find events for the calendar. We discussed posting a notice on Facebook, asking for equine related events. Sometimes there isn’t room in the newsletter to include non-member events. It was suggested that we list member events in the newsletter and recommend readers visit our website for a more complete listing of events. Since we pay for changes on the website, it was recommended that we charge non-members to list event info on our website. Someone suggested offering a yearly fee of $25 (organizational member rate) for listings in a comprehensive event calendar. Once we establish PayPal on our website, it will be easy to receive payment for this type of service. If you are a member of an equine group, encourage the group to become an organizational member of DEC. Inform them of the all the advantages of a DEC membership, which includes free event listings in the newsletter and on our website.
Scholarship Dinner (Wendy): Sponsor/donor letter has been redesigned for the 2016 Scholarship Dinner, using suggestions from previous sponsors. Wendy received DECF letterhead tonight. She will print the letters and Stan will sign them this week, so we can begin requesting sponsorships. A brief meeting of the committee will be held after tonight’s meeting concludes. Save the date: Saturday, March 5, 2016.

Old Business

  1. Member Appreciation Day Picnic (Stan): 94 people attended the picnic this year. We had perfect weather, great food, nice trails, and good friends to share it with. We had 25 members renew (20 individuals (1 became a lifetime member), 1 youth, 2 commercial and 2 organizations). We recruited 29 new members (27 individual, 1 commercial and 1 organization). We sold $100 in sweatshirts. Expenses incurred: $1300 to Shorty’s; $90 – cookies; $44.78 – paper products; $33.75 – water and ice; $75 – gift cards for door prizes. A special thank you to Mike and Jennifer Reynolds with Turf Equipment & Supply Company (Toro) who donated a leaf blower and to Brooke Baker with Small Wonder Equine Services, LLC who donated a equine dental session and a Magna Wave session for additional door prizes. Pictures are included in the current newsletter and will soon be posted on the website. Total membership is now 212. Recommendations for future events: (1)Mark the trail that we plan to use; (2) Have a vehicle use the planned path to removed downed trees and other obstacles prior to event day; (3) Joining/renewal forms were not completely filled out – some didn’t check the type the membership, others didn’t complete the address/phone number portion of the form. (4) One person collecting the money.
  2. SSC Proof of Purchase Program (Marie Johnson): Remember to cut out and turn in your Southern States feed proof of purchase.
  3. Hearing on Open Spaces (Stan): DNREC was asked 10 years ago to develop guidelines for state purchasing property. Last year, DNREC was sued for non-action on this topic, so they are now working to rectify their oversight. As required, workshops were held in all three counties to discuss the Open Space Council’s draft on Standards and Criteria for acquisition of open space and the possible uses for these acquired areas. The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 20 at Dover Public Library at 5 pm. Bev Barnett attended the New Castle workshop and plans to attend the hearing tomorrow. It is too soon to inquire if equine activities will be permitted on the acquired lands, but we will keep up to date on this issue.
  4. Omega Fields Partner Program (Ken): Ken was contacted by Omega Fields about their partner program. They would develop a link from our website to theirs. Members who use this link to purchase their feed will receive a discount and DEC would receive a rebate. Ken inquired about the cost of the various feeds (seven types of horse feed and various dog feed) and felt they were expensive ($26.50 to $115 per bag). Since many local suppliers (Chick’s, Tractor Supply, Southern States and several Maryland dealers) already carry their products, we decided not to follow up on this program.
  5. Emergency Evacuation Plan & Action for Horses in Need (Ken): Since the Department of Agriculture is so busy with avian influenza; Ed Kee’s secretary has been working to get these meetings set up. A former DEC member is trying to set up locations where horse owners can relocate their animals in case of a natural disaster. All animal owners should develop their own plan, before an emergency occurs. During hurricane Joaquin, the State Fair grounds was asked about boarding horses, but had to decline because a DSU horse show was scheduled for that weekend and the facilities were therefore already booked. In cases of suspected animal abuse or neglect, contact Heady Brown at the Office of Animal Welfare 302-255-4646, option 4. This information is now posted on page 10 of Oct/Nov newsletter. We plan to include it in the upcoming Directory and post on our website. Remember in any cases of emergency relocation, you will be expected to provide food and water and coverage for your horse; and be prepared to pay the facilities.
  6. Thank You Letters (Stan & Ken): We received three Thank You notes. Happy Horses 4-H thanked everyone who made purchases at their booth at DEC Member Appreciation Day. The State 4-H Horse Advisory committee thanked us for sponsoring their awards at the Delaware State Fair – embroidered bridle bags.  The Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association thanked us for our sponsorship at their annual Golf tournament.

New Business:

  1. Day of the Horse (Stan): December 13 was designated the National Day of the Horse in 2004. The American Horse Council wanted to know which states have planned events for that day. DEC has no special plans for this day.
  2. Best of America by Horseback (Stan): DEC received a request from The Best of America by Horseback show on RFD-TV network. Stan read the letter: Beginning in 2016, we will be undertaking the “Grand Tour of America”. This is a national television show series that will visit as many horse related events, historic town celebrations, western heritage and community festivals. We are asking your assistance to notify these groups that we would like to consider visiting their events to showcase on television. In addition, we wish to create an opportunity to showcase your Horse Council. Please contact me (Tom Seay) directly at my personal email,, and we will explore the possibilities. This can be a very expensive endeavor – plan and run an event which would include a banquet. Chicks is interested in looking further into this request.
  3. Equine Liability Insurance renewal (Stan): In January, DEC joined the American Resource Group (ARG), which offers its members personal equine liability insurance. The cost is $20 per person or $40 per family. This insurance runs a calendar year – January to December. If you wish to receive the full 12 months for your payment and since we don’t meet in December, consider purchasing your 2016 insurance at the November meeting. Purchasers will receive a certificate of coverage.
  4. ARG dues (Stan): Stan received our renewal notice in today’s mail. Kathy will deliver it to Kim.
  5. Equine Disease Communication Center (Stan): Stan received a six page letter on October 6th from the Coalition of State Horse Councils (CSHC). Very short synopsis: The American Horse Council, wishing to be proactive in the prevention of the spread of equine related diseases, has helped to create the Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC). EDCC is currently operating in a limited capacity. Funding will make it a reality and ensure the industry is better prepared for future outbreaks. Their goal is to raise $100,000 per year to cover operating expenses for the first three years, allowing time for industry development of a sustainable plan to fund the operation. CSHC decided to pool donations from the various state councils to contribute to the EDCC, and are seeking donations or pledge gifts to reach this goal. Dr. Christina Dayton, a member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), said that our Delaware State Vet, Dr. Heather Hirst, is very quick in informing AAEP members and equine vets about outbreaks state wide and in neighboring states. Be proactive with your own horses, keeping up on vaccines and not sharing water buckets and feed tubs.
  6. DelTech Vet Technology Program (Stan): DelTech offers a veterinary technology program, but realize that there are limited places for students to gain experience in working with animals. They would like to work closely with DEC to help connect students and graduates with potential employment working with horses. They have several students who could benefit from part time job opportunities. They would like to invite a member of our council to serve on their advisory committee. Stan will attend the first meeting, scheduled on October 30th from 10 am to noon, to inquire where we can be of assistance.
  7. LEAD Delaware (Stan): We received a request from Holly Porter from the Department of Ag, about the program which works with young agriculture students to broaden their overview of agriculture fields. Ken helped with information on equine related topics earlier this year. LEAD Delaware is accepting applications for Fellows to serve on their board, until November 13th. Contact Holly Porter directly.


  1. Changing Fates: They are ordering t-shirts, with sponsors listed on the back of the shirt. They would like to include DEC in the list, at no cost, since we sponsored some of their events in 2015.
  2. Halloween Trail Ride (Pam): Sunday October 25th at 10 am at Redden State Forest Headquarters. Nov. 1st is the rain date. The fundraiser is being hosted by the Delmarva Chapter of the American Mustang & Burro Association. Cost is $25, which includes the ride, lunch, games and prizes. Costumes are encouraged, but not required. Contact: or 302-270-7932 Coggins is required.
  3. Blue Moon Fundraiser (Charlotte Grant): The Chincoteague group that purchased a pony and named it Blue Moon is selling ornaments as a fundraiser.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson

Delaware Equine Council
September 21, 2015 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors, except Dr. Christina Dayton-Wall and Wendy Lippincott, were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes are available on website ( with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
 Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of Aug. 17, 2015: $21,948.17; deposits: $605 (which included two life memberships); deductions: $282.99 ($42.99 – Stan Vonasek – DEC trailer hitch; $90 – Info Railway – yearly website fee; $150 – Delaware Horsemen Association – sponsorship); Ending balance as of Sept. 21, 2015: $22,270.18. George Parris made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by Wayne Nebel and passed.

Committee Reports:
Directory (Ken Horeis): Please turn in ad forms when completed (they can be mailed). We need new advertisers to help complete the book. Please consider contacting your farrier, equine dentist and anyone you know with a horse related business. Ken talked about several commitments for ads. For example, three area Southern States dealers (Southern States Milford, Southern States Clayton and Hudson’s) are joining together to place a full page color ad. Pam informed us about several places that are working on their ads. Kay Mildon will contact Eastern Shore Forest Products. First deadline is October 20th when the ads go to the company formatting the book. Ad forms are available on our website, as well as from Ken and most Board members.
Trails (Mary Everhart, Bev Barnett): Mary is currently guiding members of the National Monuments Committee around the New Castle County area. After visiting many equine areas around the continental US, Mary and Donna would like to see some improvements in our local parks. (a) Two horse corrals (at least 8’x8’) at Lum’s Pond (b) Tie lines at Blackbird State Forest (two 12’X6”x6” posts with connecting wire). Jim Dobson at Blackbird State Forest said he will install the tie lines if someone provides the materials. Donna noted that in speaking with state and national park workers from other areas of the country, many received donations of materials from such businesses as Tractor Supply. Both Lum’s Pond and Blackbird State Forest have equine camping areas. Wayne asked about the materials needed for the corrals and Donna suggested round pen panels or wooden posts and beams.  Perhaps something similar can be done at Redden Forest. Mary and Donna would like to continue looking into these projects. It was suggested that we need confirmation from the park that (1) The materials will be used as requested (2) The park will maintain the equipment and (3) The park will be liable for any injuries that may occur.
Stan brought up the email from Bev Barnett about the Open Space Council Public Workshops and Hearing (see notes below).
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): A stack of magazines were brought in for Carol to refurbish. Members can also pick up recycled magazines at our meetings.
Fund Raising (Ken Horeis & Julie Warrington): (A) Our scheduled poker ride for October will be rescheduled for the spring. We will be working with a group from Tuckahoe Equestrian Center to plan a joint poker run so we can “learn the ropes”.  The Beach Ride is planned at Cape Henlopen on November 15th from 10 am to 1 pm, followed by a light lunch. Julie recommended parking near the pavilion. Cost is $25 for adults and $15 for youth, 14 and younger. The drawing for the Thanksgiving Raffle will also take place. Members are asked to donate small items for a Chinese raffle. Donna suggested that we find out when low tide will occur on 15th, however we cannot change the time of the ride. Julie should have the contract by tomorrow. More details to follow. (B) Ken is planning on scheduling clinics/seminars in the spring at Apex Stables. The Nutrient Management Commission will present a seminar in conjunction with Nick Power from EquiRoll. Attendees will earn Nutrient Management credits.  (C) Stan discussed the specialized background license plate. These plates do not require a 200 plate minimum order. The purchaser retains their current license plate number. For example, DMV offers an Ag Farmland Preservation license plate at a cost of $50 (which is a one-time fee). Proceeds ($35 per plate) go to the Delaware Farmland Preservation Fund which is used by our Department of Ag Land Preservation Foundation.  These background plates need a state legislator to propose the design in order for DMV to begin work on them. The most current design is of Caesar Rodney – horse and rider. A possible legislator to contact is Dave Wilson, one of DEC’s founding members. Once legislation is passed, DMV will work with us to design a plate. DEC could have a background design contest. We should have our reasons for wanting to generate funds by selling the plate ready for presentation.
Nominating Committee (Pam Nebel): The office of president, treasurer and three director positions (one for one year, and two for three years) are open for nominations. Currently we have one accepted nomination: Julie Warrington has agreed to run a director position.
Donation Request: We received a request from the Delaware Department of Agriculture (DDA) to sponsor a $100 prize for the winner of a contest to build “Slow Feed Square Bale Feeder”. The contest will be held in conjunction with the Equine Sessions at Ag Week in January, 2016. It will be featured in the first talk on the cost of hay versus nutrition, where the speaker will emphasize saving hay and optimizing nutrition with the use of slow feeders. Donna Hurst made a motion to grant their request. It was seconded by George Parris. DDA is one of DECF’s scholarship dinner sponsors. We felt that this request is in keeping with DEC goals and the motion passed unanimously.
Old Business:

  1. Member Appreciation Day (Stan): Sunday, September 27, is right around the corner. The final count is due 9/22. We currently have 90 signed up. We decided to give Shorty a final count of 100. Three door prizes are planned: $25 gift certificate to: Chicks; Tractor Supply; and Southern States. Pam, Wendy, Laurie Vonasek, Marie Johnson and Ken will set up and run the registration table. We will have sweatshirts available for sale.
  2. Southern States POP’s (Marie Johnson): We received a $175 check from Southern States. This program is only open to nonprofit organizations, so please inform your neighbors and stables you have contact with, about donating POPs from Triple Crown, Reliance, Source and Legends feed bags to DEC.

New Business:

  1. Hearing on Open Spaces (Stan): Board members received an email, today, 9/21, from Bev Barnett about workshops and a hearing scheduled in all three counties to discuss the Open Space Council’s draft on Standards and Criteria for acquisition of open space and the possible uses for these acquired areas. The Sussex County meeting was tonight, 9/21 at 5 pm at the Georgetown Public Library; Kent County: 9/22 at 5 pm at the Dover Public Library; New Castle County: 9/29 at 5 pm at the Brandywine Hundred Library on Foulk Rd; with the public hearing scheduled on 10/20 at 5 pm at Dover Public Library. Bev plans to attend the New Castle workshop and the public hearing, hoping to learn more about how this document will impact open space use by Delaware equestrians now and in the future.
  2. Omega Fields Affiliate Program (Ken): Ken received a phone call from a representative from the Omega Fields Affiliate Program tonight. He explained that if any of our members purchase some of their products, they will rebate 15% to DEC. They make products for horses, dogs and people. Ken will check further into the program.


  1. George suggested that we hold one of our monthly meetings at the Marvel Museum in Georgetown, DE. A tour would be included the evening we attend. Since we wish to give plenty of notice to our members about the change of location for the meeting, we decide to schedule the April 18, 2016 meeting at the Museum.
  2. Flyers are available on the stolen Chincoteague filly. Wayne has posted the info, along with pictures, on our Facebook page.
  3. Delaware State Equestrian Team is now stabled at Dovington Training Center for the current academic year. This facility added two new arenas for their use. Dovington is now boarding horses at their facility.

Next Meeting: October 19, 2015 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:54 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
August 17, 2015 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors, except Kathy Watson, were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes are available on website ( with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
 Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of July 20, 2015: $21,006.85 of which $15000 was in CDs; deposits of $15,958.32 (Part of this was the $15,000 we had in CDs, which were cashed. The CDs earned $678.32 interest over five years.); deductions of $17 ($17 – Kathy Watson – printer ink); Ending balance as of August 17, 2015: $21,948.17 (All in the checking account). George Parris made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by Dan Watson and passed.

Guest speaker: Mike Reynolds – Toro Company. Toro is the largest manufacturer of commercial mowing equipment in the world. About four years ago, they put together a national program that offers equine owners a national discount on a variety of equipment. The program not only offers assistance to anyone in the equine world, but also pays back the equine community. As part of the Equine Savings Program, Toro will give horse owners 26% off the list price of commercial mowers, which means that you pay the dealers cost. In turn, Toro will reimburse the equipment dealers. In our state, 1% of the purchase price is put back into the Delaware equine industry (for example 4-H pony clubs, horse rescue groups, equine groups, etc.). For example, an $8700 Toro tractor can be purchased for $6400. John Deere has a similar program, but it is only offered to companies, while Toro’s program can be used by anyone owning at least one horse. Other participants in the savings program include: Burke Equipment, Atlantic Tractor (which is both a Toro and a John Deere dealer), Adkins & Sons in Laurel, and Suburban in Newark. Last year, Steve Anderson, the founder of program, placed an ad in the Directory to inform us about the program. Toro is a major part of the program, which also includes Massey – Ferguson, Exmark and Challenger tractors as well as Farm Paint products. Mike mentioned that Toro is interested in offering pasture management classes. He left flyers on the back table for members interested in the Toro program. Equine Savings program info is posted on the DEC website.
Committee Reports:
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): Wendy brought copies for us to distribute. She is always looking for articles. Wendy received several emails containing pertinent equine info, just after the current newsletter was published. She will put the info into the next newsletter. Any time sensitive info was emailed to members. Wendy and Pam worked very diligently to include the 4H awards info and pictures, from the 2015 Delaware State Fair, in the current edition. If you have events for October and November, please forward them to Wendy. If you prefer to receive the newsletter and DEC updates by email, and are not currently receiving them via email, please contact Wendy. 
Directory (Ken Horeis): Ken has the letter and ad rates ready to be sent to our current and prospective advertisers. When talking with potential advertisers, show them the current Directory as a sample, as well as give them the ad form.  This year, the one line listings will be free. The committee is looking for volunteers to help make phone calls for the single line listings. The 2014 Directory will be used to make the calls. When calling, check: (1) Whether the business is still in operation, (2) If they wish to continue listing in the Directory, and (3) If the info we have is current.  Mike Reynolds complemented us on both our newsletters and our Directory. He is a member of equine councils in several neighboring states and noted that our publications are among the best he receives. Wayne remarked that when he and Stan attended AHC meetings in Washington, DC, many of the councils were impressed with our Directory.
Trails (Mary Everhart, Bev Barnett and Anna Nordberg): No report was given. Mary is currently riding her way back across the country from the state of Oregon.
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Carol reviewed the program: she cleans out the magazines that we receive, blacks out the address label and places a DEC label over the blacked out address. Our label not only contains our name, but also contains our website address. We accept magazines up to two years old. The refurbished magazines are then distributed, by members, to doctor’s offices, libraries, etc.
Fund Raising (Ken Horeis): (1) Seminars/Clinics (Ken): Ken contacted Pam Robichaud about rental rates for Apex Stables. Pam rents for $500/day. When Ken expressed his concern at the high figure, Pam said that she would reimburse DEC when we send her an advertizing/promotional invoice for $500 for the event. Wayne Nebel posted a survey on DEC’s Facebook page to determine which topics members would like us to offer in seminars/clinics. To date, we have received one response. Ken spoke recently with Dick Power from EquiRoll, a manure disposal company, who expressed an interest in presenting a seminar in conjunction with the Nutrient Management Commission, a division of the Delaware Department of Agriculture. As a member of this commission, Ken knows that the rules governing the storage, dispersal and disposal of manure will become stricter in the near future. The committee will work to determine which topics to offer in upcoming clinics/seminars and what dates are available. (2) Trail Rides (Julie Warrington): Julie is looking at a Poker Ride/Drive on October 18th at Blackbird State Forest in Townsend, and a beach ride/drive in November. Julie will be contacting Blackbird State Forest and state parks in Lewes and Rehoboth for possible dates and locations. (The Board decided it was best to just plan a beach ride for November and set up a poker ride in the spring.) (3) Car Show (Dr. Christina Dayton-Wall): Christina is planning to attend Wine and Wheels, a fund raiser for Debbie’s Fund on August 30th at Pizzadilli winery, and the Vietnam Veterans Car Show on October 18th at the Veteran’s Home in Milford. She will learn what steps are necessary to set up a car show and set up some points of contact. The American Legion in Harrington is interested in helping us, but would also like to have some horses on display. (4) License Plate (Stan): Stan received the phone number for a point of contact at DMV. Since this person was away on vacation, Stan was unable to gather any info about a possible equine license plate before tonight’s meeting. He will continue to try to connect with her. (5) Turkey Dinner Raffle (Wendy): Wendy was able to receive a Turkey Dinner donation from TA Farms, in Wyoming, DE. Raffle tickets will be designed, printed and ready to be sold at upcoming meetings and drawn at the conclusion of the November ride/drive. Tonight’s guest speaker, Mike Reynolds, offered to donate a silent auction item: a leaf blower.
DECF (Wayne Nebel): Wayne reported that all of the scholarship checks have been cashed. DECF’s current balance is: $6058.82.
Old Business

  1. Member Appreciation Day (Stan): Our third annual Member Appreciation Day is Sunday, September 27, 2015 at Redden State Forest Headquarters tract. Carriages head out beginning at 10 am with riders following shortly after them. Shorty’s catering will again be providing lunch from noon to 2 pm. Members are free and can bring one guest. Nonmembers pay $15 ($5 membership discount) and automatically become 2015 & 2016 members. Please RSVP by 9/17 to Stan (302-684-3966 or or Pam (240-994-2220 or  
  2. 4-H Horse Show (Wendy): The 50th annual 4-H Delaware State Fair Horse Show was held on July 31st at the Quillen Arena on the State Fair grounds. About 35 participants competed in the days’ events. Late morning, event participants and spectators took a short break to honor the 50th anniversary with cupcakes and sodas. The awards presentation was held on Saturday, August 1st. Wendy served as the DEC representative. We contributed to the awards, which were embroidered garment bags. Pictures and award winners are included in our August/September newsletter.

New Business:

  1. DECF Scholarship Dinner (Wendy): The dinner is scheduled for March 5, 2016 at the Harrington Moose Lodge on Rte. 13 in Harrington, DE. Wayne has already sent in the deposit to reserve the date. Wendy asked for volunteers to serve on the committee. She is currently working on the sponsor/donor letter. Although this seems early to begin soliciting sponsors, many large corporations and financial institutions begin planning their charitable donation schedule for the upcoming year in the fall. Stan asked that a deposit check be sent to the DJ (Dancin’ with Jen) who has been booked for the dinner event. Other items, including the designing the flyer, the tickets and awards, need to get underway. Ken mentioned that Pam Robichauld indicated that Wells Fargo is planning to be a Platinum Sponsor again. George asked if DECF was planning to reimburse DEC the $5000 “seed money” it donated to DECF. Since DEC had designated $5000 in their budget for the 2015 scholarships, whether the money comes directly from DEC or from the $5000 DEC gave to DECF as seed money, the scholarships were funded with this money. We are able to raise money at the scholarship dinner for DEC, but it must be designated for DEC before the event. After Wayne and Stan met with our accountant to discuss the funds in DECF, the Board discussed this issue at their July meeting. The money raised by DECF can only be used to award scholarships and to pay any administrative bills. The only DECF bill paid by DEC was for letterhead, which DECF promptly reimbursed DEC. If DECF raises more money than planned, we can offer more scholarships. Remember, the $6058.82 currently in their account must pay for the 2016 scholarships, dinner expenses and any bills that DECF incurs during the coming year (for example, the franchise tax and accountant fees). Keep in mind that we work a year ahead, so the money will be in the account when we choose the scholarship winners next winter.
  2. Nominating Committee (Stan): According to our By-Laws, the President will ask for volunteers to form a nominating committee in August, with elections to be held in November. The offices of president and treasurer as well as three director positions (one for one year and two for three years) are open for nominations. Pam and Wayne Nebel volunteered to serve on the committee. If you are interested in serving in one of these positions, please contact the either Pam or Wayne.

Dr. Dayton has been working with some Maryland horses and their owners and noticed that several of the stables were designated as certified. Is this a program that DEC should look into doing for our state? Ken informed us that the Maryland Department of Agriculture in conjunction with the Maryland Horse Advisory Board inspects and registers the stable as certified. It is the Maryland Advisory Board that receives money from the equine feed program (with each bag of equine sold, 5₵ goes to the equine feed program). The Maryland Horse Council receives funds from their Advisory Board, which allows them to have a paid staff. The avian influenza situation has taken precedence with the Department of Agriculture in most states. Delaware Ag Secretary Ed Kee is planning on setting up meetings with DEC, the SPCA, the Delaware State Police and the Delaware Fire School to (1) Set up a protocol for loose horses, lost horse situation or an occasion when a horse falls into a swimming pool; (2) Set up locations where, when emergency or disaster situations arise, horses can be relocated (hopefully theses locations can also provide areas close by for their owners to stay during the emergency period). (3) Address the issue of large animal abuse and/or neglect. Ed hopes the group will address these issues so the situations can be resolved quickly and with positive results. Many officers and firemen do not have any experience with horses or other large animals, and would like guidelines to help them handle these types of occurrences.

Next Meeting: September 21, 2015 at 7 pm in the small meeting room at the Harrington Fire Hall.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
July 20, 2015 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes are available on our website ( with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): This contains two combined reports: Starting balance as of May 18, 2015: $21,435.98; deposits of$100; deductions of $529.13 ($75 – Sandra Gulledge – filing e-post card; $100 – American Horse Council – sponsorship at annual meeting; $354.13 – Equisure – DEC liability insurance); Ending balance as July 20, 2015: $21,006.85 which includes $15,000 in CDs. Since CD rates are so low (less than 1%), Kim, with the Board’s approval, cashed in the CDs (This will be reflected in next month’s treasurer’s report). Ken Horeis made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by George Parris and passed.
Next Meeting: August 17, 2015 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall.
Speaker – Delaware Animal Response Team – P. Jane Walmsley: Mrs. Walmsley called at 4 pm to cancel, due to an emergency. Wendy Lippincott had forwarded info to each DEC Board member that linked to a flyer about the Animal Response Team’s plans when horses need to be relocated in cases of natural disasters. Ken called Mrs. Walmsley and she asked to speak at our meeting. Previously, a contract employee working through the Department of Agriculture helped oversee large animal placement in shelters during an emergency. This included talk of sending horses to the Delaware State Fairgrounds in Harrington. However, the Fair grounds were never informed about this possibility. When this person moved out of Delaware, the Department of Ag did not fill her vacant position. Now, a representative from Division of Health and Human Services, pets division, handles the disaster evacuation situation. Mrs. Walmsley is the coordinator for the Delaware Animal Response Team. People, who have to move to a shelter during an emergency, hope that there is shelter nearby when they can place their pets. Owners would provide their own materials (bedding, food, medicine) but hope there is water available and a place for the owners to stay nearby. During Hurricane Irene, the SPCA monitored the area at Harrington Fair Grounds 24/7 and things went well. But during Hurricane Sandy, nothing was organized, there was no one logging in each animal or watching them and owners had no place to stay nearby.  The Department of Ag is working to meet with Mrs. Walmsley, the State Police, the ASPCA and possibly the Fire School to address two areas of concern: (1) Protocol to follow when a horse is loose; (2) List of sites (and owner requirements) to relocate horses and other large animals when it is necessary to evacuate due to natural disasters. Mrs. Walmsley believes that horses fall under her office (pets), but Secretary of Ag, Ed Kee is not entirely sure that horses fall under the heading of pets.     
Committee Reports:
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): Any articles, etc are due by August 1st. The upcoming 4H Horse Show (July 31st) and their awards presentation (August 1st) will be covered in the next issue. The August/ September issue will come out during the first week of August.
Trails (Mary Everhart, Bev Barnett): Mary is currently trail riding out west. Mary and Bev Barnett and their trails committee successfully negotiated a small parking area for riding in The First State National Historical Park. DEC, as well as several other related organizations, sent a letter to the Park Commission to aid with their request. The parking lot is located at Forbes Field, 501 Woodlawn Road, Wilmington, DE 19807 and is available on FRIDAYS throughout the summer months of June, July and August. Please observe the following conditions:

  • Keep horses off the playing field. Horse hooves create divots. Divots are tripping hazards for field hockey players, and cause a rolling ball to behave unexpectedly.
  • Park on the gravel, not on the grass. At no time may vehicles be parked on Woodlawn Road.
  • Keep the gate closed. If it can be locked, do that as well. The reason for the locked gate is to prevent turfing the playing fields. Also, DO NOT LEAVE THE GATE OPEN.                                                  
  • Remove manure from graveled parking area. Carry it out, or broadly disperse (fling) in the tall grass beyond the rock boundary.
  • Limit parking to a maximum of five trucks and trailers. Line up carefully, so everyone can pull forward on the gravel to depart.

Useful info from Pennsylvania State Police to help prevent auto break-ins: A) Close your windows and lock your doors. B) Remove valuables – place them in the trunk or out of sight. C) Remove “pull out” style radio face plates. D) Do not leave keys in the vehicle. E) Do not leave the vehicle running. F) If possible, secure mounting hardware out of sight – it could indicate to a thief that an electronic device is present. G) A garage door opener plus a registration card from the glove compartment can provide a thief with your home address and the means to gain entry.
Wayne Nebel posted on the DEC Facebook page info about a newly upgraded multipurpose trail along the D & C Canal. George remarked that the trail is only open on the Delaware sections along the canal.
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Please continue to bring in magazines for refurbishing and also help to distribute these magazines when Carol brings them back. She is recuperating from knee replacement surgery.
Directory (Ken Horeis): At the July Board meeting, a Directory committee was formed. Ken, Wendy and Pam Nebel have volunteered to serve on the committee. Interested members are asked to join the committee. Ken spoke with the publisher, who will be keeping rates the same as last year’s. Wendy has figures from another printing company. The committee will decide which company will print the 2016 Directory. Pam prepared sample index pages and formatted them to fit on two pages. Last year, we began charging a $5 listing fee. Those who had not purchased an ad, were charge $5 for listing their business under all categories that they requested. ($5 was paid once to cover all their listings.) Pam compiled a comparison of the number of listings in each category between the two most recent editions of the Directory. The 2014 Directory contained 473 listings, while the 2015 edition only contained 250. While several businesses have moved out of the area or closed, it does not explain why there are 223 fewer listings. For example, Boarding listings dropped from 48 listings to 24. Farrier listed only 5 in 2015, compared with 24 in 2014. Feed/Supplement Dealer had 17 fewer listings in 2015. These are only three categories among seven that had significant drops in the number of listings in 2015. DEC only collected $110 (22 different listings) in listing fees. Pam & Wendy paid $20 (of the $110) out of their own pockets to ensure four businesses would continue to be included in the Directory. Ken suggested that members get free listings. Julie Warrington suggested that use a smaller font to help cut the cost. We discussed DEC’s goals and whether the current Directory reflects DEC’s purpose: to promote, protect and enhance the keeping of equines in Delaware, and to support all equine endeavors in the First State. The Directory is very popular and copies do not remain long in shops where we make them available. Kim made a motion: DEC will not charge for listings in the Directory. The motion was seconded by Tami Stevens. Among those present, 14 voted in favor (not to charge for listings), while two voted against the motion (keep the $5 listing fee). The motion passed. We will use the 2014 Directory to call about possible listings. A photo contest will be held for the front cover of the 2016 Directory. We are looking for photos of member’s horse – no people or signage. If it is a professional portrait; we need the photographer’s permission. Contestants may also submit an original drawing or unlicensed design. Details will be included in the upcoming DEC newsletter.
DECF (Wayne Nebel): The scholarship dinner will be Saturday, March 5, 2016 at the Harrington Moose Lodge. Wayne has sent in the deposit check to reserve the room. The scholarship checks were sent directly to the colleges/universities of our winners, with signature return requested envelopes. All have been received, but one has not yet been cashed. Wayne will contact that university in September. DECF bank balance is $6,058.82
Fundraising (Ken):  (a) Dr Dayton is working with several groups (Debbie LaVere and maybe DelRods) about the details of putting on a car show fundraiser. (b) Ken is looking into renting the facility at Apex Arabians for an equine clinic. A survey will be posted on Facebook to help determine the topic(s) for possible clinics or demonstrations. (c) A dance will be too expensive to hold as a fundraiser: hall rental is $350 + cost of food + cost of a DJ. (d) Julie is talking to a member group from Tuckahoe Equestrian Center about setting up a Poker ride at Blackbird Forest. We would need volunteers to run registration and work the eight stations. $25 is a suggested entry fee for a poker run. $30 is the recommended entry fee for a paper trail ride. Refreshments would be included in the entry fee. The riders/drivers with the best poker hand would win prizes (donated or purchased by DEC).  She is looking at late October or the month of November for possible ride/drive dates. A beach ride is another possibility. (e) Wendy will ask TA Farms (On Mud Mill Rd in Kent County, DE) for a donation of a Thanksgiving dinner for 12 people. DEC would then sell $5 raffle tickets. (e) DMV requires that a social group pre-purchase 200 license plates when they release an organizational license plate. 117 different plates are currently available. There are also special plates (currently there are six different types) where the purchaser keeps their license plate number(and chooses the type of tag – regular, PC, RV, FT, Trailer, etc) but pays $50 for the special design. For example, there is an Animal Welfare license plate (cat and dog – Delaware is Animal Friendly which can be purchased for a onetime fee of $50. $15 goes to DMV and $35 goes to veterinarians that offer low cost spray/neuter cats and dogs and to nonprofit groups that offer shelter to unwanted cats and dogs. 200 plates do not have to be preregistered. Stan will look into having an equine tag that would benefit DEC or if that doesn’t meet their criteria perhaps split the proceeds between DEC and the Department of Agriculture. We could possibly contact Rebecca Raubacher about designing the plate.
Old Business:

  • PayPal Account (Stan): Stan opened a PayPal account for DEC. It will need to be monitored, so it is not active at this time. We need to decide its purpose. Suggestions included: membership dues; Directory ad fees; Equisure liability insurance for members through DEC. What is PayPal’s cut? Normally, it’s 3.5%, but is lower for nonprofit organizations.   
  • Member Appreciation Day (Pam): Save the date: Sunday, September 27, 2015 at Redden Headquarters. We discussed possibilities for a demonstration, including not scheduling a demo. The two previous topics were very good, but not well attended. Many members ride/drive, enjoy the BBQ, and head out again to ride. Many others leave shortly after the BBQ because their horses are “ready to go home”. Are we trying to do too much on that day? We decided not to offer a demonstration this year. We talked about an incentive – bring someone new and receive a DEC item (T-shirt?) when they join DEC at the picnic. This year we can advertise it as a trail ride/drive and BBQ, since we have liability insurance to cover this event. As in previous years, members can set up informational  & sales tables.
  • 4H Equine Show at the Delaware State Fair (Wendy): This year is the 50th anniversary of their equine show at the fair. A birthday celebration is tentatively scheduled for Friday, July 31st after the last showmanship class (approximately 11 or 11:30 am). DEC plans to include a coupon for reduced youth membership, a DEC application and our Member Appreciation Day flyer in their show packets. Wendy will represent DEC at their awards ceremony on Saturday, August 1st, since we sponsor their awards.

Keep in mind that DEC is not hosting a booth at the 2015 Delaware State Fair in Harrington.
New Business:

  • November “Discount Membership Month”: If you renew or join during the month of November, you’ll receive a $5 discount. New members that join after August 31st, get the balance of the current year plus the next year’s membership.
  • Rivers Edge Events – Ken: Ken recently received info about some upcoming events at Rivers Edge. They are located in Frederick, MD. Charlotte Bredahl-Baker Clinic will be offered on July 31st – August 1st. BBQ on Friday night. Charles de Kunfly clinic will be held October 30th & 31st. Equine Wellness Symposium will be held November 12 – 14. The main topic will be: Compensatory Injuries in Sport Horses. Speakers include: Dr. Deb Bennett, Dr. Tim Ober, Dr. Cooper Williams, Dr. Narelle Stubbs, Dr. Sheila Schelo, Desmond Hewitt, and Charles Owne. 


  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis – State veterinarian, Heather Hirst, DVM VS, sent out a report from the Chesapeake Health Department about a recently deceased 12-year old horse that tested positive for EEE. The horse was located off West Landing Drive in southwestern Chesapeake. The death of the horse indicated that mosquitoes are likely biting infected birds before biting other mammals. People should be aware of this and take precautions to protect themselves and make sure their horses are vaccinated. Almost all unvaccinated horses that contract the disease die.
  • Equine Herpes Virus Type 1 – An equine barn in Tionesta, Forest County, Pa has been quarantined after a horse tested positive for equine herpes virus type 1 on May 13, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. The horse was used in the Tionesta Wounded Warrior Horseback Scavenger Hunt where 94 horses took part, including horses from Ohio and West Virginia. PDA is tracing the horses that participated in the scavenger hunt, and has notified animal health officials in Ohio and West Virginia. The barns and horses are quarantined for at least 21 days. The quarantine was lifted after that three-week period. Strict sanitary and biosecurity standards were then enforced.
  • Two Old Mares Blanket Service – Pam informed us that the gals offer a 10% discount on services for Tuckahoe Equestrian Center members and any seniors (55+). Normal rates are: $18 for blanket cleaning; $15 for reproofing; and $10 for new steel hardware.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
May 18, 2015 Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors, except Dr. Christina Dayton-Wall were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes are available on website ( with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
 Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of April 20, 2015: $21,622.86; deposits of$255; deductions of $441.88 ($59.88 – Wendy Lippincott – reimbursement for ink; $57 – ARG – Equisure member insurance; $100 – Changing Fates Equine Rescue of Delaware, Inc – donation for fundraiser; $225 – Nationwide Insurance – event insurance); Ending balance as of May 18, 2015: $21,435.98, which includes $15,000 in CDs. George Parris made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by Kay Mildon and passed.

Next Meeting: July 20, 2015 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall. (No monthly meeting in June)

Committee Reports:
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): Any articles, event listings, etc are due now. Wendy has had two requests for ads. One is from a group in New Castle County looking for an instructor for their therapeutic riding program held at Carousal Park. The other is Lacy Lafferty who is running for Governor in 2016. 
Trails (Mary Everhart, Bev Barnett and Anna Nordberg): No report (See Forbes Field Agreement below.)
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Please continue to bring in magazines for refurbishing and also help to distribute these magazines when Carol brings them back.
DECF (Wayne Nebel): Wayne received the 990 e-postcard and gave it to our accountant to handle. (Kim received the same e-postcard for DEC and our accountant is also handling it.)
Fundraising (Ken Horeis): On Wednesday, May 13, Christina Dayton-Wall, Ken, George Parris, Tami Stevens, and Julie Warrington met to discuss fundraising ideas. All agreed that it was a very productive meeting. They are looking into five ideas: (1) Car Show, which may include tractors and/or motorcycles (Christina is looking into this idea with her father); (2) Beach Ride; (3) Poker Ride (Julie is looking into both of these ideas); (4) Clinics (Ken is looking into this idea – Talking to Apex Arabians about using her stable – cost? Will our current insurance cover it? Possible topics?); (5) Dance (Wayne is checking into the Harrington Fire Hall). Another idea was to designate the money from the silent auction from future DECF Scholarship dinner to go to DEC, or repaying the $5000 seed money to DEC.      

Old Business

  • Arabian Horse Association of Delmarva Donation Request (Stan): We received the request at our April meeting. Pam asked if the Arabian Association would be willing to put our name on the award that we sponsor (we will ask). They are current members of DEC. Wendy made a motion to donate $70 to sponsor the Overall Exhibitor, 18 and under award at the Arabian Horse Assoc. of Delmarva the End of Year ceremony. George seconded the motion and it passed.
  •  Healthy Kids Day (Ken): George, Wayne and Ken attended the event. Grace Poe, a friend of George’s, brought a mini horse that enjoyed the children’s attention. Due to scheduling conflicts with State Testing, only three groups of 4th graders attended the event. The students seemed to enjoy the horse presentation and asked good questions about horses. Two ladies from Killen’s Pond talked about offering a Healthy Kids Day at their facility next year.
  • AHC Annual Meeting (Stan): American Horse Council Annual meetings are scheduled for June 14 – June 17 at the Hyatt Regency at Capitol Hill. This year’s theme is “Protecting and Promoting the Horse”. Sunday, June 14th’s events include registration, a Coalition of State Horse Councils (CSHC) Committee meeting and Welcome Reception. Monday, June 15th‘s schedule includes registration, AHC Washington Update, followed by breakout sessions presented by: Unwanted Horse Coalition, Health & Regulatory Committee, Recreation Committee, Race Advisory Committee, the Animal Welfare Committee, and Horse Show Committee. There seems to be no charge for Monday’s meetings. Tuesday, June 16th begins with a Continental Breakfast hosted by KTA/KTOB. Gary Woodward, Deputy Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs, Animal & Health Inspection Service, US Department of Ag, will be joined by USDA’s staff to explain USDA’s relationship with the horse community and its efforts to protect the health of horses and support the continued viability of the industry. The Unwanted Horse Coalition will provide an update on its initiatives, its current activities and future plans. This is followed by AHC Committee Reports. After lunch, presentations focus on organizations and individuals intent on keeping youth involved in equestrian activities during their college years. AHC will also provide an update on several new and unique efforts to promote horses to the public with a presentation entitled “Promoting the Equine Experience”. The evening concludes with a Congressional Reception. These meetings are $105 plus lunch and reception fees. Thursday, June 17 is the Congressional Ride-In on Capitol Hill, where attendees meet with legislators involved in the equine industry.

It is approximately a two hour drive to the meetings. DEC will pay for registration, fuel, parking and lunch. Previous attendees recommend attending Monday’s sessions. Contact Stan if you are interested in representing DEC at this year’s AHC annual meetings. Ken made a motion to donate $100 to help sponsor AHC’s Sunday Welcome Reception. Pam seconded the motion and it passed.

  • Booth Appearances (Wendy): Volunteers are needed to set up the DEC booth at various shows and events. Pam & Wayne recently attended two horse shows at the Quillen Arena. Both events had large numbers of competitors, but few spectators. They are of the opinion that there would be no benefit for DEC to set up a booth for these shows due to lack of spectators and the participants being focused on their competition. Another member attended a third horse show and noticed the same lack of spectators.
  • Trails Day Cleanup (Stan): On June 6th, we plan to clean up the Jester Tract at Redden State Forest. Volunteers will meet at 9 am at the parking lot at the Jester Tract. Plastic bags will be provided by Jr. Webb. It generally requires about two hours to complete the clean up. Wayne will post the info on Facebook.
  • Kids Fest (Stan): We decided not to participate in this year’s event.
  • PayPal Account (Wendy): When the account is set up, it will be connected directly to our DEC checking account. Normally, PayPal charges 2.3% on transactions, but PayPal has a special policy for nonprofit organizations. One of the officers needs to set up the account and look into the nonprofit policy. Stan volunteered to work on setting up the account and will keep Wendy informed of his progress.

New Business:

  • Forbes Field Agreement (Ken): Bev Barnett is working with a group of equine riders to petition for use of a parking lot, at one of the Forbes Fields, to park horse trailers. They hope to reserve Fridays from 9 am to 3 pm to park their trailers, ride (cleaning up after each horse) and reload their horses, before children are out of school and heading to Forbes Field for afterschool sports. Currently, you can only ride if you live adjacent to the area.
  • Loose Horse Situation (Ken): Stan has received three calls, from the State Police, in the last six weeks about loose horses in Sussex County. The first call was about a loose pony by Trap Pond. Stan suggested the State Police call Billy Bean, who was able to help catch the pony. The second call was about a horse that had a stroke, broke loose and was acting crazy. Once again Stan suggested calling Billy Bean. The third incident involved a loose horse that the police were able to catch, but weren’t sure how to find its owner. When the State Police called the Sussex County SPCA, they responded with “We don’t do horses.” Billy Bean suggested that if he continues to get calls, he should be reimbursed for his efforts. A committee is being formed to work on a protocol for capturing loose horses. Allison Meadows, New Castle County Mounted Police, Ag Secretary Ed Kee, SPCA, are among the committee members. Sharon Geyer, stable manager at the First State Animal Shelter, volunteered to be a contact person in the event of a loose horse. Ed Kee agreed that Billy Bean should be paid if he is called to help catch a loose horse. Stan and Laurie had their local Fire Company come to their farm to help familiarize its members with handling horses. Then, Stan and Laurie also talked with them about the steps to follow in case of a barn fire.

(a)Directories (Pam): There are currently seven boxes of Directories. Please help distribute them to stores and organizations that deal with horses.
(b) Mrs. Janet Esterson passed away (Julie): Molly Esterson’s mother, Janet, passed away. Services are May 22nd at Cranston Funeral Home on Shipley Street in Seaford at 12 noon. A card will be sent to Molly from DEC. Mrs. Esterson worked with many young riders helping to foster a love of horses and keeping them involved in all the responsibilities of owning and caring for a horse. It was suggested that we name one of our scholarships in her honor. Julie will inform Molly of our decision.
(c) AMBA Trail Ride: American Mustang & Burro Association is holding a ride on June 7th at 10 am at Blackbird Forest.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
April 20, 2015 minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors, except Dan Watson, were present. Everyone introduced themselves, welcoming new members from Second Chance Horse Rescue.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on our website (, with a few hard copies placed on the back table. Kathy read a letter from Sharon Little thanking us for the $5 off DEC youth membership coupons that we sent for each participant’s grab bag at the Fix-a-Class horse clinic. Due to scheduling conflicts, the clinic was canceled. Julie Warrington has the template for the coupons.
 Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of March 16, 2015: 20,647.26; deposits of $1275.60 (Directory ads, dues, and reimbursement for DECF letterhead); deductions of $300 ($300 – Harrington Fire Hall – donation for room rental for our meetings); Ending balance as of April 20, 2015: $21, 622.86, which includes $15,000.00 in CDs. Motion made by George Parris to accept the treasurer’s report and pay all bills. It was seconded by Pam Nebel and passed.
Committee Reports:
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): Wendy had so much information, it was difficult to include all of it in the current newsletter! She was not able to include an article about the proposed Federal Bill to ban the double decker transportation of horses. It will appear in the next edition. A flyer was included in the newsletter that lists the benefits DEC members receive through the Association Resource Group and the American Horse Council. Wendy reminded us that all equine owners receive discounts through Stan had asked Wayne Nebel to put together display posters featuring these benefits. Wayne showed us the posters, which will be available when we set up the DEC booth. Wendy reminded horse associations to email her about upcoming events for inclusion in the newsletter. Ad space is available for both members and nonmembers.
Trails (Mary Everhart): There was no report from Mary. Stan has heard about a dedication taking place on June 6th at one of the parks upstate that has been working on making horse trailer parking available. Ken mentioned that on Facebook today there was a posting by residents in New Castle County objecting to the paving of some of the property held by the Woodlawn Trustees.
National Trails Day (Stan): June 6th is National Trails Day. Since we haven’t heard from any parks or state forests requesting our help, we decided to help clean up the Jester Tract at Redden Forest. This past winter, while attending a statewide Trails meeting, Junior Webb told Stan that Redden Forest is very appreciative of the cleanup events that we have done in previous years. We will inform members at the next meeting what time and where to meet and also post this info on Facebook. “Many hands” will make the cleanup go quickly.
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Carol brought in a large stack of refurbished magazines, asking us to help distribute them. She also received several to recondition.
Scholarship Dinner (Kathy Watson): This year’s dinner was one of our most successful, due in large part to DECF’s 501 (c) (3) status and the hard work of the committee and Board members in obtaining a record number of sponsors (15) and many high quality auction items. Our net profit is about $7,900. The committee made several suggestions to help improve our dinner for next year, including: Color code scholarship winner and sponsor tickets. This will enable us to spot them when they arrive and escort them to their table. Place the reserved table signs in elevated holders so they are easier to spot. We need to buy or make banner holders for our sponsor banners. Design a certificate and/or plaque for our scholarship winners. We will ask each scholarship winner to send a family representative if he/she cannot attend the dinner. Dr. Christina Dayton asked us to explain the difference between a sponsor (monetary donation) and a donor (item or gift certificate donation).
DECF Treasurer’s Report (Wayne Nebel): There is a balance $6,404.62 in the DECF account. Their account opened with $5000. The deposits are from the Scholarship Dinner. Withdrawals included the five $1000 scholarships, dinner costs (Hall rental, meals, DJ and shipping fees) as well as 501 (c) (3) set up costs, accountant fees, incorporation fees, and letterhead. DECF will check to determine whether it still needs to reimburse DEC for any expenditures that took place before DECF opened its checking account. The DEC & DECF board members will meet to discuss finances, including whether DECF can give money to DEC.
Old Business:

  • Booth Appearance Opportunities (Stan): Stan read through some of the possible places (horse shows, clinics, and equine association meetings) that we could set up our booth from a list compiled by Wendy. For example, on April 25th, Windy Way Horses in Hurlock, MD is hosting a Versatility Show, and on April 27th, the American Mustang/Burro Association – Delmarva Chapter will hold its monthly meeting. Our purpose behind the booth set up is to increase our memberships. It was recommended that presentations to other equine associations be conducted by DEC board members. If there is a particular event that you wish to attend to represent DEC, please contact Stan. There is a possibility that DEC may be able to set up our booth for one day in the Quillen Arena at the Delaware State Fair during the Delaware State 4-H Horse Show. Since it’s the 4-H’s 50th anniversary, Susan Garey will bring up our booth request to the committee. Once we have their approval, we will need to get Dave Wilson’s blessing to override the State Fair Board saying “No”. If Dave Wilson says “Yes”, we’ll be able to set up our booth. We are being considered because we are one of their major awards sponsors at the Fair.
  • Fundraising (Ken): Currently, our only sources of income are dues and Directory ads. Some ideas proposed tonight: Timed trail ride; selling DEC items at a slightly higher price; offer a clinician series and/or driving and riding clinics. A committee was formed: Christina Dayton-Wall, George Parris, Julie Warrington, Tami Stevens, and Ken Horeis. Ideas are needed so the committee can begin working to organize a fundraiser. Insurance is an issue and DEC strives not to compete with other horse associations. Call committee members with your ideas.
  • DEC Liability Insurance (Stan): Stan reminded our members can purchase Equisure’s Excess Personal Liability Insurance at very reasonable rates ($25 for an individual and $50 for a family). Each policy runs from day of purchase through December 31st of that year. Info is on the website. Call Stan for more info or to purchase the insurance.

New Business:

  • Sponsorship Signage (Ken): Ken realized that the sponsor banners did not show up well in the photos taken at the Scholarship Dinner. We need to make or buy stands to display these banners so they will show prominently at the dinner and in the winners’ pictures.  Call Ken with any ideas.
  • Donation Requests (Pam & Wendy): (a) Pam read about Changing Fates Equine Rescue of Delaware, Inc. They are requesting $100 to assist with cost of game trophies/prizes and refreshments for the ASPCA Help a Horse Day on April 26, 2015. This event will allow Changing Fates to apply for a $10,000 ASPCA grant. Board members received this request via email several weeks ago. Kathy made a motion to grant their request. Kim Schwartz seconded the motion and it passed. Changing Fates will hang our banner at their event. (b) Wendy Lippincott & Joan Siler submitted a request from the Arabian Horse Association of Delmarva for DEC to sponsor a Year End High Point Award for a class of our choosing. They are requesting $70. We will vote on this donation request at the next meeting. 
  • Equine Herpes in Maryland (Stan): Stan informed us that a mare from North View Stables in Montgomery County, Maryland came down with Equine Herpes (EHV1). The stable was placed under quarantine. No new cases were reported. North View came out of quarantine on April 20th. The source of the virus has not been determined. When Stan received the info via email, he forwarded it to the other Board members. An article was posted on Ag Clips.
  • New Member Benefit (Stan): The Association Resource Group, of which DEC is a member, now offers a prescription discount card. The card can be used for equine, pet & personal prescriptions filled at a participating pharmacy. Dr. Dayton stated that she has written animal prescriptions for patient owners to take to regular pharmacies.
  • 2016 Scholarship Dinner Chairperson (Stan): Wendy will be our chairperson for 2016. The Board thanked Kathy for serving as the chairman for the past two years. Pam checked with the Harrington Moose Lodge for available dates in March of 2106. Only March 5th and March 26th are open. We decided to book March 5, 2016, since many equine clubs hold trail rides and/or begin their show season on the 4th Saturday in March and the Heart Ball is also scheduled on the 4th Saturday of March.
  • Insurance Rider for extra DEC events (Pam): Pam received a quote from our Insurance Company for insuring events beyond those currently covered in our policy. Based on info (such as description of each event, the number of participants and the number of spectators) supplied by Pam, $175 would cover three additional events: Healthy Kids Day, Member Appreciation Day and one other event. George made a motion to approve the purchase of the insurance rider. Donna Hurst seconded the motion and it passed.
  • Healthy Kids Day (Stan): Healthy Kids Day is scheduled for May 7th at Trap Pond. Stan will not be able to attend, but can help this year’s volunteers. George Parris volunteered to go. Ken will check his schedule. Wayne hopes to bring the DEC trailer, if his schedule allows. George will contact a friend about bringing minis (The students love seeing and interacting with these small horses.).
  • AHC Annual Meeting (Stan): The AHC Annual Meeting will be held from June 14th – 17th in Washington, D.C. The schedule includes a Welcome Reception/Cocktail Party on Sunday evening; Coalition of Horse Council meetings on Monday; various speakers on Tuesday; and a trip to speak with legislators to discuss horse related bills on Wednesday. Stan recommends attending Monday’s meetings. He feels that is it very worthwhile meeting with representative from other state horse councils. He has reached out to other state councils when researching the Association Resource Group and for fundraising ides. DEC will pay for registration and parking. Contact Stan if you are interested in attending. AHC Annual Convention is held in October, generally in the western US.
  • Kids’ Fest (Stan): For several years, Linda Chick organized an annual Kids’ Fest at the Harrington Fair Grounds. Several DEC members worked in the small Breyer horse painting booth at Linda’s request. For the past two years, the Boys & Girls Club has hosted the event on their property in Milford and we’ve continued to work in the horse painting booth. Kim hasn’t received a letter, yet, asking us to work the booth as in previous years. Is anyone interested in working in this booth if we receive a request for this coming June?
  • Horse Expo (Pam): For nine years, Linda Chick and Chick’s Saddlery, organized the Delaware Horse Expo. Since autumn of 2014, her health does not allow her to continue running the Expo. She hopes that DEC will take over organizing the Expo. DEC often sponsored some of the clinicians, hosted the DEC information booth, worked selling DEC clothing at a booth in the Quillen Arena and volunteered wherever Linda needed us. DEC doesn’t feel that we can successfully organize a Horse Expo. 


  • Delmarva Driving Club is hosting a drive on May 23rd at 9 am, meeting at the Marvel Museum in Georgetown. George asked to display the DEC banner.
  • Ken received eight feed coupons from Buckeye Nutrition for the Scholarship Dinner the week after the event. We decided to auction them off at tonight’s meeting. Pam offered $5. Several people also offered $5 for a coupon and they sold quickly.

Next Meeting: May 18, 2015 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:21 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson

Delaware Equine Council
 March 16, 2015 minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors, except Dr. Christina Dayton, were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on website, with a few copies placed on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): There are two reports: Starting balance as of 1/19/2015, $26,601.46; deposits of $765.00; deductions of $6,811.20 ($500 – Farm Family Insurance – liability insurance; $350 – American Horse Council – annual membership; $450 – Susanne Webster – Directory design; $200 – Doug Kerr – website; $211.20 – DE Correction Industries – letterhead for DEC and DECF (DECF reimbursed DEC for their letterhead tonight); $25 – State of Delaware – DE franchise tax; $4975 – Associates International – Printing the DEC directory; $100 – Association Resource Group – annual dues; Ending balance as of 2/16/2015: $20,555.26. Starting balance as of 2/16/2015: $20,555.26; deposits of $306.00; deductions of $214.00 ($100 – Ken Horeis – selling the most Directory ads; $114 – Equisure Insurance – member purchased insurance); Ending balance as of 3/16/2015: $20,647.26 which includes $15,000.00 in CDs. George Parris made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and pay all bills. The motion was seconded by Dan Watson and passed.
Donation Request (Kathy): The Delaware 4-H Advisory Council requested $250 for the 4 – H Equine awards at the State Fair. We have included the awards in our 2015 budget, so their request will be granted.
Next Meeting: April 19th at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall.

Committee Reports:
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Carol received several magazines to refurbish. Remember you can submit equine related magazines up to 2 years old to be cleaned and relabeled with a DEC sticker over the old address. The DEC label includes out website address.
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): The next newsletter will include info about the NAHMS Equine Survey and the DECF Scholarship Dinner. Wendy reminded organizations to send her info about upcoming events (shows, clinics, meetings, etc.) so she can include them in the calendar of events in the newsletter. Wendy has been checking equine organizations websites for events, but contacting Wendy directly will ensure the info is accurate. Nonprofit groups can advertize two fundraising events for free each calendar year. Classified ads that do not bring in business revenue can be placed in the newsletter.
Membership (Pam Nebel): We currently have 150 paid members. Ken feels that the 501 (c) (3) designation for DEC Foundation, Inc is helping to bring in new members and additional sponsorships for the scholarships.
Trails (Mary Everhart and Anna Nordberg): Mary is currently traveling around the USA trail riding. White Clay Creek had a meeting last week to work on the parking situation. Trailer parking is a big problem. Their committee is working with a private land owner and a donation drop box on a trial basis. The donations will be used to make improvements in the parking areas.
DECF Scholarship Dinner (Kathy Watson): Sponsorships have increased: $3720, but ticket sales are down. Sponsorships as of 3/16/2015: Platinum ($1000): Wells Fargo Home Mortgage; Gold ($500): Bryan & Brittingham, Crown Equine, M & T Bank; Silver ($250): Burke Equipment, Chick’s Saddlery, DTHA: Bronze ($125): Best Equipment, Delaware Department of Agriculture, Diamond State Pole Buildings, Mid Atlantic Farm Credit; Patrons ($50): Del One Credit Union, Dan Watson Welding. The deadline for ticket sales is March 21st, with the head count due March 23rd. We have many great auction items, which have been listed on our Facebook page. Wendy passed around a spreadsheet of our donations. Sharon Little suggested we try including a bucket raffle (also called a Chinese raffle) at our 2016 dinner.
Old Business:

  1. Council Funding (Ken Horeis): Ideas: (a) Julie Warrington suggested that we speak to each of the Delaware horse organizations about the advantages of DEC membership to increase our membership. Many of us are not aware of all the discounts available to us as DEC members. Wendy plans to list the available discounts in the next newsletter and asked to have them posted on the website. We, also receive discounts through the American Horse Council. is another way to save on farm equipment and farm paint. (b) Stan is still looking into the feed fund, but it is a long legislative process. (c) DEC license plates – minimum of 200 plates. Maybe a plate with just a horse would sell better. Wendy suggested that if we decide to sell a plate, we should have a contest to design a license plate. (d)Ken suggested a Stallion Stud Service Auction. He know a group (     ) that will charge $159/horse. He suggested that we split the profit with the stud owner. Ken knows several Standardbred and Paint horse owners that are willing to donate. This type of endeavor takes time to set up. (e) Cowboy horse race (f) Think outside the box – Cars shows and tractor shows are popular money makers. Some type of awards or trophies would have to be offered. (e) Pam has contacted our insurance agent (Hal Bennett) to find out if we are covered for Kid Fest, Healthy Kids Day and if we hold a trail ride or competition what insurance we need.
  2. Sunday hunting (Stan): During the last six weeks, Delmarva’s Eastern Shore has had several counties proposing legislation to allow Sunday hunting. Many of our members ride and/or drive in these park/ wildlife areas. We will keep the membership posted.  Stan had planned to attend the first meeting in February, but we had a snow storm the night before. DENREC is also looking into increasing hunting fees, initiating park user fees for non-hunters (would include horseback riders and carriage drivers) and possibly allow Sunday hunting. Hunting seasons in Delaware start in September and go through February. If you hear of any pending legislation, please contact Stan or another board member, so we can act quickly to prevent Sunday hunting in Delaware and Maryland.
  3. Vet Seminar Series (Ken): Ken inquired whether the members were interested in another vet seminar for April. We all agreed that the seminars have been informative and would like to continue offering them. Ken can ask a representative from Crown Equine (Dr. Harrell) or ask Dr. InderWiesche to speak at our April meeting. Pam suggested asking Dr. Harell since Crown Equine is Gold Sponsor for the DECF Scholarship dinner.
  4. Equisure Liability Insurance (Stan): Since DEC has joined the Association Resource Group, members can purchase Equisure Excess Personal Liability Insurance ($1 million policy above your homeowners insurance) for $25/individual or $50/family. The coverage runs from date of purchase through December of that year. Currently, four (two individuals and two families) DEC members have purchased the insurance.

New Business:

  1. CPR, First Aid, Concussion Training (Wendy): Legislation is pending in Connecticut to require all riding instructors to be CPR, first aid and concussion trained. Wendy suggested that we get ahead of the curve and look into offering training sessions. Perhaps we could charge a small fee to hold these sessions. Wayne will contact the Harrington Fire Company to inquire if they offer these types of training sessions.  
  2. NAHMS Equine Study (Stan):  There is a United States National Animal Health Monitoring System study that will be launched in 2015. Previous studies were launched in 1998 and 2005. The 2015 study has several goals: Trends in equine care & health, estimate the occurrence of orally reported lameness, practices associated with lameness, practices associated with infectious diseases, animal health related costs of equine ownership, controlled practices for parasites, evaluate equines for the presence of ticks, controlled practices for tick control, and collect demographic information to create a bank for future studies. Surveys were sent in previous years. This states that Phase One will begin in May through July, representatives from the USDA National Statistical Services will contract equine owners in 28 selected states – Delaware is one of them. They will conduct personal interviews with participating operations that have one or more equines and qualify as a farm. Phase Two will have USDA vet services will visit farms from midsummer through December to conduct a second survey. The fact sheet sent out was very confusing as to how a farm is chosen for the survey. Ken states that the government will be looking closely at health issues related to owning animals. Manure storage and disposal is one area of concern, especially manure stored near ditches or near water that drains into ditches.)
  3. DEC booth appearances (Wendy): DEC should set up our booth at other horse organization events, clinics, and shows to promote DEC membership and sell liability signs, t-shirts and sweatshirts. The booth would need to be manned for several hours, but not necessarily the full time of the event/show. We will need volunteers to man the booth. Perhaps Liberty can make an appearance at some of these events.
  4. Double Decker Horse Transport Bill (Stan): Federal Government is looking into proposing a national bill that would prohibit transporting horses using double decker vehicles. Several states already have legislation in place, but there is no federal law at this time. This issue is being looked into as a result of a horrific accident involving double decker transport vehicle that killed many horses on board.


  1. PayPal account (Wendy): Wendy suggested that DEC will look into setting up a PayPal account for paying on line. There are fees involved when someone uses PayPal. The Appaloosa organization adds the PayPal fee to the dues when paying online, calling it an online convenience fee. Later, we can look into using PayPal to accept payment for the Directory ads and maybe accepting for donations. Pam will look into getting PayPal set up.
  2. Email address for DEC (Pam): Pam is looking into setting up an email address for DEC, which she and Wayne will check every few days. is the future address.
  3. Southern Delaware Therapeutic Riding: 2015 Spring Beach ride & Walk is Saturday, March 28th at Cape Henlopen State Park. Download forms at SDTR is also raffling off a 7 day cruise for two to the Bahamas. $5 each or 5 for $20 call 301-644-1920. SDTR Charity Spring Golf tournament at Kings Creek Country Club is on May 12, 2015.

The meeting was adjourned at 8: 25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
February 16, 2015 meeting minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. 3 officers and 3 directors were present. (Attendance was down due to snowy weather.)
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on website, with a few copies placed on the back table.
 Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Since Kim had not received the February bank statement; the balance remains $26,601.46 which includes $15000 in CDs.  Pam made a motion to pay all bills. Dan Watson seconded the motion and it passed.
Next Meeting:  March 16, 2015 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall.

Committee Reports:
Scholarship Dinner (Kathy Watson): The committee has met twice, with their next meeting on February 25th at 6:30 pm in the small meeting room at the Harrington Fire Hall. Sponsorships have been received from Wells Fargo, Chicks, Burke’s, and DTHA. The dinner menu was chosen and confirmed with the Ladies of the Moose. Ticket sales are underway. We are collecting items for the live and silent auctions. Remember, there are discounts for tables of 6 and tables of 8.
Trails (Stan Vonasek): White Clay Creek is working on parking areas for horse trailers.
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Magazines were brought tonight for refurbishing. Stan has three bags of magazines from Mary Everhart to turn in for reconditioning.
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): Wendy suggested that we include the business cards of our two lifetime commercial members (Chicks and B & W Farm Supply) in every issue of the newsletter. Mary Bashtarz suggested enlarging their business cards, but it may not fit the newsletter format. Pam suggested that we include Wendy’s card in the newsletter, since Wendy works hard as our newsletter editor. Wendy is planning a new series – Rescue Horse of the Month.
Membership Update (Pam Nebel):  As of the end of January, DEC has 142 paid members. This includes 90 individual members (3 lifetime), 8 youth members, 37 commercial (2 lifetime) and 7 organizational members. Membership renewals are past due, so please renew if you have forgotten.

Old Business:

  1. Association Resource Group/Equisure Insurance (Stan): Four members have purchased the liability insurance. The policies came in the mail last week. Check the February/March newsletter for details on the Equisure Insurance program.
  2. Funding sources for the Council (Ken): Our current sources of income are membership dues, Directory ads and t-shirt and sweatshirt sales. Suggestions include: (a) Hosting a chuck wagon dinner, dance & bonfire. (b) An obstacle course horse competition (would need an arena and purchase insurance). (c) Stallion service auction. (d) Stan is still looking into the “feed” fund.

If you have ideas, please contact a board member and present the idea at a meeting. 

  1. Maryland Sunday Hunting (Stan): Caroline and Dorchester counties have a hearing Tuesday, February 17 in Annapolis on allowing Sunday hunting. Stan has prepared a statement for DEC and plans to attend the meeting tomorrow (weather permitting). Queen Anne’s county plans a similar meeting on February 24th. DEC plans to keep everyone informed on what is taking place. The State of Delaware is also looking into allowing Sunday hunting.

New Business:

  1. Foreign Exchange Student Program (Wendy): A group, CIE, contacted Dusty Chaps Farm (Wendy). They have three exchange students expressing an interest in equine activities. CIE is looking for host families. Pam read the requirements for hosting a student; reviewed what is involved & read short biographies of the three students. Wendy plans to include an article in the next newsletter and give us more information at the next meeting.
  2. Horse Shoes for the Heart (Wendy): Wendy contacted them about a possible donation for our scholarship banquet. They are donating two shoes! Purchasers on the website can choose an organization to receive a portion of the proceeds. DEC will be among the organizations listed.
  3. 4 – H in Delaware (Wendy): Delaware 4-H currently holds the lead in a national contest to win $10,000 in STEM scholarship funds. The “4-H Grown” contest asks anyone who is a 4-H alumni or anyone who has experience with Delaware 4-H to “check in” with their name and email to the National 4-H website: Delaware is credited for each “check in” on a per capita basis. Participants may opt out of receiving future emails. Contest ends on 11:59 pm EST on March 16, 2015.


  1. Stolen Horse International: A representative would like to speak at one of our monthly meeting. They plan on donating a chip kit for our scholarship dinner.
  2. Delaware Farm Bureau (Ken): Our new rep, Caroline Foltz, wants to connect with us and introduce herself at a meeting. She planned to join us tonight, but had to cancel due to weather.
  3. Fix-a-Class Horse Show Clinic (Julie Warrington): Julie received an email from Sharon Little requesting a coupon from DEC to include in the Horse Community Packet that she plans to give to each participant at the Fix-a-Class Horse Show Clinic. The event will be held either April 18th or 19th. The judge is Kenny Fairfax. They expect 20 to 30 children to participate. The cost is $55 per child/horse combination, which includes the clinic and showing. Pam made a motion to send a coupon good for $5 towards our membership dues. It was seconded by Tami Stevens and passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:34 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
January 19, 2015 minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
 Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of November 17, 2014: $27,111.71; deposits of $4,520.00; deductions of $5,030.25 ($12.25 – Ken Horeis – stamps, $18.00 – Pam Nebel – refreshments at Nov. meeting, $5,000 – DEC Foundation, Inc.); Ending balance as of January 19, 2015: $26,601.46. This includes $15,000 in CDs. George Parris made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. Dan Watson seconded the motion and it passed.
Guest Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Callahan from the Veterinary Medical Center in Easton, Maryland spoke about winter time equine issues and ways to avoid them. Look in our next newsletter for an article on this informative presentation.
Next Meeting: February 16, 2015 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall.

Committee Reports:
Directory (Ken Horeis): Our 2015 Directory is now available. Ken reported that this edition had 73 color ads compared to 61 last year. Ads and listings brought in about $8589; it cost $5537 to print and gave us $3052 in profit (about the same as the two previous editions). Ken asked for help in delivering the 2015 Directory, especially to our advertisers.
Scholarship Dinner (Kathy Watson): The date for the Scholarship Dinner is now Saturday, March 28. Checks for dinner tickets and/or auction items should be made to DEC Foundation, Inc. Flyers were available for members to pick up and post. The committee has a meeting scheduled for Wednesday, January 21; call Kathy (302) 670-7358 if you’re interested in helping. Tickets will be available soon. We are also looking for donations for our live and silent auctions and for door prizes. The Harrington Moose is, once again, our location. Ken received some items from Single Tree Stables. Tickets are $30/adults and $15/children 12 years old and younger. Discounts are available for tables of six and eight.
Scholarship Review Committee (Stan Vonasek):  Dr. Christina Dayton, Dr. Christina Abramowitz, and Dr Michelle Egli will be reviewing the scholarship applications. Deadline is January 31, 2015. Applications are in the Directory and posted on the DEC website. Wayne Nebel did a press release announcing the scholarship, sent letters to four universities and contacted Susan Garey about the scholarships. Wendy has seen it posted on Ag Clips.
Trails (Mary Everhart and Anna Nordberg): Stan reported that on January 12 Trails Meeting that he attended with Mary Everhart and Lona Crist. Members of the State Forest, State Parks, Fish & Wildlife and Department of Agriculture also attended. Among the items discussed was a request by Redden State Forest that groups of ten or more riders should get a permit to ride. There is no cost for the permit. It allows them to be able to open gates and accommodate the crowd. Call Redden Headquarters to obtain a permit. There is a state statute that says that private land owners are not liable when they allow no cost access to their land for recreational use. The group recommended that DEC post the various hunting seasons on our website, advising that some State Forest trails are closed during hunting season. Wayne Nebel already handles this and also posts deer hunting info on our Facebook page. Stan suggested that we also post turkey hunting dates. Henlopen State Park riding was discussed. It appears that they maybe opening a loped trail, besides just the winter beach riding. Stan and Mary will be attending another meeting on Friday, January 23.  
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Carol brought a dozen refurbished magazines which she asked for help distributing. Several were brought by members for Carol to recondition. Carol reviewed the process she uses – remember do not cut out your address label.
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): Please contact Wendy Lippincott if you would like to submit an article. Ads can be placed in the newsletter. The price sheet will soon be posted on the website.
Old Business:

  1. Budget (Stan): The 2015 budget proposed by the Board was passed out and discussed. Dan Watson made a motion to accept the budget. It was seconded by Pam and passed.

New Business:

  1. 501 c (3) Status (Stan):  The Delaware Equine Council Foundation, Inc. has been formed. It is a 501 c (3) group, which means donations are tax deductible for the donor. Officers are: Stan Vonasek – president; Wayne Nebel – treasurer; Marie Johnson – secretary. It has a separate bank account and post office box. Its sole purpose is to administer the scholarships, so the dinner, sponsorships and donations to the dinner are now under the DEC foundation, Inc.  Wayne gave a treasurer’s report: Beginning balance: $5000; deductions: $1368 ($813 – CPA set up fees; $305 – Room deposit for the scholarship dinner; $200 – Food deposit for dinner; $50 – DJ deposit); ending balance: $3632. He will also be paying for the letterhead and envelopes that we recently purchased. Mary Bashtarz volunteered to be vice president. The DEC Foundation, Inc needs a few board members that are not DEC board members.
  2. Association Resource Group (Stan): When Stan and Wayne attended the Coalition of State Horse Councils meetings in the fall of 2010; they attended a session presented by the Association Resource Group. If DEC is a member of ARG, our members can purchase Equisure’s Excess Personal Liability Insurance at very reasonable rates and receive many other discounts. Stan read the FAQ about the Equisure insurance.  DEC can join for $100. Equisure will pay us $100 to offer their insurance to our members and post their banner on our website. Previously, ARG required that 50 members purchase the insurance, but have recently dropped this requirement. George Parris made a motion that DEC join ARG and offer the insurance for $25/adult or $50/family. Ken Horeis seconded the motion and it passed.
  3. Council Insurance with Farm Family (Stan):  Our information needed to be updated. Our policy covers our ten meetings each year at the Harrington Fie Hall and Member Appreciation Day. Stan will check whether it covers Kids Fest and Healthy Kids Day. Our cost remains at $500. We pay the Harrington Moose Lodge $150 for insurance for the dinner; DEC Foundation, Inc does not need a policy to cover the dinner.
  4. Potential Funding Sources (Stan): In previous years, we brought in money from the Directory, membership dues, Southern States POP program, and the Scholarship Dinner. The dinner can no longer provide funds to DEC. We’re looking into other fundraising events. Stan emailed the Coalition of State Horse Councils for ideas. Several states emailed him about feed revenue that they receive. For each bag of equine horse feed sold, they receive 5¢ to 15¢ and $2 to $6 per ton of feed sold. We do not know if we can get this system set up in Delaware. We do need to encourage all horse related organizations to become DEC members. We do not compete with our association members for fundraising. We will continue this discussion, with all ideas welcome.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
November 17, 2014
Monthly meeting minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
 Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of 10/20/2014: $24,528.02; deposits of $4,375.00; deductions of $1,791.31 ($314.90 – Department of Agriculture – 4-H  awards at the DE State Fair; $90.00 – Inforailway – website; $52.97 – Walmart – printer ink; $315.00 – Pam Nebel – gift certificates, stamps, and refreshments for speaker night; $43.44 – Stan Vonasek – paper products, etc. at Member Appreciation Day; $975 – Pam Nebel – Caterer at Member Appreciation Day); Ending balance as of 11/17/2014: $27,111.71, which includes $15,000 in CDs. Kay Mildon made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. George Parris seconded the motion and it passed.

Next Meeting: January 19, 2015 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall. No meeting in December.

Committee Reports:
Trails (Mary Everhart and Anna Nordberg):  No report, except that Mary is currently trail riding in Tennessee.
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler):  Carol brought in a stack of refurbished magazines, asking those present to help distribute them. She received a new stack to refurbish.
Directory (Ken Horeis): Ken reported on ad sales: More color ads were sold in all three sizes: 15 full page, 11 half page and 3 quarter page; Black and white ads: 7 full page, 24 half page and 14 quarter page. We have received $8,265 to date. Several are waiting to proof their new ads before sending in their payment. Ken did not have the cost of printing the new directory. Ken is requesting more help for next year’s Directory.
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): Send articles to Wendy
Scholarship Dinner (Kathy Watson): The 2015 committee will begin meeting in January, 2015. Please contact Kathy ( or (302) 670-7358) if you’re interested in serving on the committee.  Save Saturday, March 21, 2015 at the Harrington Moose Lodge for the dinner. Ken brought several copies of the sponsor letter for our scholarship dinner. Contact Kathy or Ken for more info.
**Scholarship reminder: Applications are due by January, 2015.  The application is posted on our website and in the Directory. Encourage eligible college students studying agriculture and/or equine related fields to apply.

Old Business:

  1. 501(c) 3 Update (Stan Vonasek): Our accountant said she would have the paperwork completed this week. Stan will meet with Sandra Gulledge at 9 am on Friday at the Milford location. Pam and Wayne will also attend.
  2. Move by NCAA to eliminate Equestrian sport (Stan Vonasek): The motion has been tabled until spring, 2015. DEC will post any info we receive on the website and/or Facebook.
  3. Returns Day (George Parris): 12 carriages carried our politicians in the Sussex County parade. George thanked all who helped that day. It turned out to be a very pleasant day.

New Business:

  1. Elections (Pam): Ballots were passed out. Stan asked for any nominations from the floor. Since there were none, our new officers are as follows: Ken Horeis will remain as Vice President; Kathy Watson will remain as secretary and our new directors, serving for three years starting in January, 2015 are Wendy Lippincott and Dr. Christina Dayton-Wall. Congratulations!
  2. Amanda Woodall announced that this will be her last meeting (moving). The Board will select her replacement, who will serve until the next election in November, 2015.


  1. We received a Thank You letter from the Delaware Horseman’s Assistance Fund for sponsoring a hole at their Annual Golf Tournament fundraiser. This fundraising event raised over $14,000.
  2. If you are planning on purchasing some new equipment, check into the Equine Equipment Savings Program. It will save equine owners money on tractors, mowers and paint. ( Board members have brochures available. Stan has taken advantage of this worthwhile program.
  3. Dr. Christina Dayton-Wall thanked everyone for their calls and cards following her recent horse mishaps.
  4. The First State Animal Center/SPCA in Kent County has horses available for adoption.  Check out their website at
  5. Remember to save your Southern States proof of purchase seals to turn in to DEC. Check the article in the August/September newsletter for more details.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
October 20, 2014 

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table. Kathy read thank you notes from Caroline County Humane Society (we donated combs), Mary Bashtarz (speaker at the Member Appreciation Day) and Happy Hooves 4-H club (vendor at Member Appreciation Day).
Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of September 15, 2014: $24,526.81; deposits of $505; deductions of $503.79 ($170 – Doug Kerr – web design; $25 – membership in Council of Farm Organization; $250 – Mounted Police sponsorship; $58.79 – Kathy Watson – reimbursement for edible fruit basket and stamps); Ending balance as of October 20, 2014: $24,528.02, which includes $15,000 in CDs. George Parris made a motion to accept the report and to pay all bills. Wayne Nebel seconded the motion and it passed.

Next Meeting:  Nov 17, 2014 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall. It is election night.

Committee Reports:
Trails (Mary Everhart): No report was received from Mary. Lona Christ has been in touch with Mary several times concerning equine trails in Sussex County. Lona is a vet tech living in Sussex County, who is interested in finding ways to increase the number of equine trails in Sussex County. She has written a proposal to allow riders to use the nature trails in Cape Henlopen on the Lewis side during the off season. She would also like the proposed Rails to Trails from Lewis to Georgetown to consider equine usage along with proper footing for horses on the new trails. Lona wrote to Raymond Bivens, but has not heard back from him or his office. She is willing to work on these issues and is looking for interested workers and suggestions. Mary suggested Lona schedule a meeting with Fish & Wildlife, who oversee state parks. If Lona can schedule a meeting with them, a DEC board member can accompany her. A DNREC representative will forward updated State Trails and Regulations to Pam when completed. These will be included in the Directory and also through a separate link on the DEC website.
Directory (Ken): Ken has been working hard on the 2015 Directory. We have increased the number of color ads, but the number of black and white ads has decreased. We now charge $5 for single line listings and much work has gone into notifying those currently listed and verifying these listings. The ABSOLUTE deadline is October 31st. Contact Ken ASAP – or (302) 270-2648. If you use anyone listed in the Directory, please thank them for their ad and listing. We want to make sure each vendor gets a copy of the Directory.
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): Wendy is always looking for ideas for articles. Show season results and any current issues that come up make nice articles. The current newsletter highlights one of our junior members. If you have written an article for submission, contact Wendy at or (302) 632-9733.
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Carol was unable to attend. Remember to bring in your magazines.
Nominating Committee (Pam Nebel): Positions open: Vice President, Secretary and two director positions. Wendy Lippincott and Dr. Christina Dayton have been nominated and accepted their nominations for the director’s positions. The October/November newsletter contains descriptions of each position. Nominations are still open and can be submitted the night of the election.
Old Business:

  1. Member Appreciation Day wrap up (Stan): 78 people attended the second annual Member Appreciation Day, with 21 new members joining us and 14 current members renewing. The weather was beautiful. Everyone enjoyed the camaraderie, the trails, the meal by Shorty’s, and the demonstration by Mary Bashtarz.  Three members set up displays of their product/services. Check the current newsletter and the DEC website for pictures.
  2. Update on 501 (c) 3 (Stan):  No update at this time. Our accountant recently had surgery and will be out for several weeks recuperating. We are working to establish the Delaware Equine Council Foundation for our Scholarship program so donations will be tax deductible.
  3. Letters for Scholarship Dinner sponsorships (Ken): Ken brought several copies of the sponsor letter for our scholarship dinner to tonight’s meeting. Contact Ken for more info.
  4. Returns Day (George Parris): If you are interested in helping with the carriage horses (as a walker) on Thursday, Nov. 6, please contact George or (302) 846-2189. Helpers will meet at the Marvel Museum at 11 am, with the parade starting at 12:30 pm.

New Business:

  1. New member initiative (Wendy): Wendy suggested asking members to sponsor a new youth member for 2015. Possibly a t-shirt or other give away will be an incentive for new members to join.
  2. NCAA move to eliminate Equestrian sports (Stan): Today, October 20th the NCAA Committee on Women’s Athletics are putting in a vote to drop Intercollegiate Equestrian as a NCAA Division sport. Ken and Wayne Nebel saw a posting on Facebook from Caroline Foltz and forwarded the info to Stan. Stan sent an email to the four people/organizations listed, voicing the DEC position supporting intercollegiate equestrian as a NCAA Women’s Athletic sport. It was such short notice that we didn’t have time to get the word out. Wayne will keep us posted via Facebook.


  1. Thursday, 10/16/14 – 10 horses were removed from a Laurel farm by the SPCA and moved to Camden.
  2. Ken received a phone call from Agriculture Secretary Ed Kee. The Delaware State Police Mounted unit must move their horses from Well Spring farm. They are looking for a mid-state location. He asked Ken for names of farms/stables that had four or five empty stalls so the team could be stabled together. They are asking for a paid boarding situation. The group prefers a stable with indoor facilities, so the horses could be exercised during inclement weather. If you know of available places, please contact Ken so he can forward them to Ed Kee. Ken has already given the following names: Dusty Chaps Farm, Gambler’s Choice and Heartland.  
  3.  AMBA is hosting a Halloween trail ride & walk is scheduled on October 26 at 10am at Redden Headquarters. Cost is $25 which includes ride, lunch, games & prizes. Info in the newsletter and on our website. Contact Alycia Hovey at

The meeting was adjourned at 7:48 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
September15, 2014 minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. Vice president, Ken Horeis, and directors, Amanda Woodall and Connie Lundquist were unable to attend. All other officers and directors were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
 Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of 8/18/2014: $24,216.81; deposits of $505.00; deductions of $195.00 ($150.00 – DHAF sponsorship, $45.00 – Stan Vonasek – reimbursement for refreshments at the August 11 Board meeting); ending balance as of 9/15/2014: $24,526.81, which includes $15,000 in CDS. George Parris made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. The motion was seconded by Wayne Nebel and passed.
Next Meeting: Monday, October 20, 2014 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall.

Equine Vet Lecture Series: Dr. Michele Egli, from the Delmarva Equine Clinic, spoke on Equine Cushing’s Disease. She talked about the symptoms to look for in an ailing horse, which groups of horses are most likely to contract the disease and the treatments available. There should be an article in an upcoming DEC newsletter about this presentation.
Committee Reports:
Trails (Mary Everhart or Anna Nordberg):  Mary has been horseback riding and carriage driving on trails in Brandywine Creek State Park, The First Monument, Lum’s Pond and the C & D Canal. Mary noted that all of these trails are in good useable condition. She has recently attended meetings of the White Clay Creek State Park Advisory Council and the Trail Steering Committee formed by DNREC for RTP. The Trail Steering Committee is looking for some other stakeholders to become part of the group. No problems have been reported to Mary about trails in New Castle or Kent counties. She has had a recent request from equestrians in Sussex County. They need more equestrian riding trails. Many former roads, farm lands and trails used in the past are now unsafe. They would like the State to work to open new trails to horses in the State Park system and include equestrians use in multi-use trails that are being developed. Mary asked The Trail Steering Committee for suggestions for a response to the Sussex County equestrians. This group needs to organize themselves and ask for meetings with Parks & Recreation, Fish & Wildlife, Forestry Department, and Wild Life Preserves and the group organizing the multi-use trails. If anyone has ideas on who to contact to make their requests heard and acted upon, please contact Mary or a DEC board member.
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Carol received several magazines to refurbish and had several ready for redistribution.
Directory (Pam Nebel for Ken Horeis): Pam asked for updates from those calling about the line listings in the Directory. The deadline for the 2015 Directory is October 10th.  Please call Ken at (302) -270-2648 or at for questions. Applications are available on the website. Ken has several new ads for this year. Time is running short, so contact everyone about ads and listings in the 2015 Directory.
Nominating Committee (Pam and Wendy Lippincott): We’re seeking nominees for Vice president (two year term) and secretary (two year term) and two directors positions (three year terms). Wendy and Dr. Christina Dayton have each agreed to run for a director’s position. 
Old Business:

  1. Member Appreciation Day (Stan): Our 2nd Annual event begins at 10 am, Catered lunch from noon to 2 pm, demo by Mary Bashtarz “The Bio-mechanics of Saddle Use” at 1:30 pm. Current members are free and can bring one guest free. Several door prizes will be given out. Non members pay $20 and automatically become a 2015 DEC member. See the flyer posted on the website and in the August/September newsletter.
  2. Update on 501(c) 3 Foundation (Stan) : Our accountant, Sandra Gulledge, has been pulled to work on another account at her office. She will be back on our accountant within the week. All the proper paperwork filing and processing will take time.

New Business: None

  1. Thank you from Dr. Christina Dayton for the Incredible Edible Arrangement she received form DEC and for cards she received from other members after her recent equine accident.
  2. Susan Garey received an email on Friday, 9/12 about a webinar “Horses in Disaster Situations” scheduled for 9/17. The registration cut off was tonight (9/15).
  3. At the 12th annual Horsemen’s Classic, Delaware Agriculture Secretary, Ed Kee was honored. Stan attended the event and was impressed with the items that were obtained for their live and silent auctions. Stan was glad to attend the ceremony honoring Ed Kee, which was well deserved.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
August 18, 2014
Monthly meeting minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors, except Connie Lundquist, were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of July 21, 2014: $24,356.88; deposits of $105; deductions of $245.07 ($100 – American Horse Council Coalition – donation to reception committee; $79.80 – Kathy Watson – Incredible Edible arrangement to Amanda Woodall + book of stamps; $65.27 – Pam Nebel – refreshments for speaker night); Ending balance as of August 18, 2014: $24,216.81, which includes $15,000 in CDs. George Parris made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. Dan Watson seconded the motion and it passed.
Next Meeting: September 15, 2014 at 7 pm in the small meeting room at the Harrington Fire Hall. We will have Dr. Michelle Egli, DVM as our guest speaker.

Committee Reports:
Trails (Mary Everhart and Anna Nordberg): Ken received a forwarded email from Bev Barnet about the Woodlawn Trusties Property. The email was sent to Richard Jones. Bev wanted to bring to the attention of the National Monument Committee the negative impact of the development to the trails (hiking, biking and riding) on this 325 acre property adjacent to Brandywine State Park.
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Carol brought in a stack of refurbished magazines for us to distribute. Carol reminded everyone not to “disfigure” the magazines when turning them in to her. Someone had cut out the address area on the front cover, which renders the magazine unusable. Carol blacks out the address and covers it with a DEC label. She is also low on labels. Carol asked that the new labels also contain our website, which would be more pertinent than our address.
Directory (Ken Horeis): It’s time to begin working on the 2015 Directory. Ken had copies of the letter and the rate schedule he will be sending out. Starting with the 2015 Directory, one line listings will only be free if a full or half page ad has been purchased. $5 is the listing fee per directory. The deadline is October 10, 2014. He needs eight people to make phone calls to assist with checking listings.
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): Everyone congratulated Wendy on the best newsletter to date. She thanked everyone and said it helps when she has many articles sent in for publication. Wendy needs help with distribution, especially with upstate and Middletown locations. Carlotta’s is also a great place for newsletters.
Southern States (Marie Johnson):  Marie turned in a $475 check from Southern States POP program.

Old Business:

  1. State Fair Wrap up (Wayne Nebel): We need to work on a better location for next year. Are we receiving enough exposure for the amount of time we man our booth? Many areas are not available to us or involve fees.
  2. Member Appreciation Day (Stan): Email will be sent out to all members having an email addresses on record with membership. Duties were assigned: Set up at 9 am – Board; paper products – Stan; dessert – Pam; registration – Ken & Amanda; Introduce speaker – Pam; Door prizes (one hour saddle consultation with Mary Bashtarz; free hoof trimming by Barbara Dixon; embroidered DEC shirts)– Stan.  Remember to RSVP by September 18th to Stan (302-684-3966 or or Pam (240-994-2220 or
  3. 501(c) (3) (Stan): The Board has been working with our accountant, Sandra Gulledge, to file for this tax status. We will be forming a Delaware Equine Council Foundation. It will be a separate entity from DEC.

Donation Request: The New Castle County Mounted Police requested a donation towards the costs for hosting the North American Police Equestrian Competition. Pam made a motion that we become an Event Partner Donor ($250) for this three day event which will be held Friday, September 26th through Sunday, September 28, 2014 at Carousal Equestrian Park in the Pike Creek area. Wendy seconded the motion and it passed.

New Business:

  1. Nominating Committee (Stan): Pam and Wendy volunteered to chair the nominating committee. The positions open, this November, are: vice president, secretary, two directors (currently held by Wayne Nebel and Connie Lundquist). If you are interested in running for any of these positions, please contact either Pam or Wendy
  2. Vet Lecture Series (Ken): Dr. Michelle Egli, DVM, will speak at our September 15th meeting. She has not decided what her topic will be. Wayne will post her topic on facebook when she decides.
  3. Award Response (Laura Nennstiehl): Laura, a member of the Eastern Arabian Horse Association, introduced her granddaughter, Paige Taylor. Paige thanked us for sponsoring the 4-H awards at the Delaware State Fair. Paige showed us the hay bag she was awarded in the Walk Trot ages 9 – 12 category, along with her prize ribbon. Both are grateful for the opportunities presented by 4-H.
  4. T. G. Adams Equine Nutrition Seminar (Ken): T. G. Adams & Sons, in Bridgeville, is hosting an equine nutrition seminar at 6:30 pm on September 18th. The seminar is open to the public and includes refreshments and door prizes. Stan suggested we will look into setting up our booth at that meeting.


  1. Delmarva Driving Club (Donna Hurst): The Delmarva Driving Club is looking for volunteers on November 6th for Returns Day. They need “out walkers” to help with the carriage horses during the parade. They could use about 10 – 15 volunteers. Contact Donna Hurst (302-492-3932) or Terry Johnson to volunteer.
  2. School Supplies: About six years, DEC donated school supplies to the DAFB school children. Since it’s too late for this coming school year, Amanda suggested that we look into setting up a booth at a military appreciation day on the base. We might want to have some minis for demonstration purposes.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
July 21, 2014
Monthly meeting minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of 5/20/2014: $24,971.25; deposit of $20.00 (dues); deductions of $634.37 ($222.89 – Oriental Trading Company – items for Kid Fest & State Fair; $200 – Women of the Moose – balance due from Scholarship Dinner; $108.01 – Pam Nebel – postage for DEC newsletter, materials and refreshments from speaker night; $6.50 – Family Dollar – supplies for Kid Fest; $96.97 – Staples – copy paper and labels for newsletter) Ending balance as of 7/21/2014: $24,356.88 which includes $15,000 in CDs. A motion was made by Kay Mildon & seconded by Pam Nebel to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. The motion passed.

Next Meeting: August 18, 2014 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire station small meeting room.

Committee Reports:
Trails (Mary Everhart or Anna Nordberg): Anna Zink at the American Horse Council meetings in June was asking for information about trail riding on the East Coast from Maine to Florida (this couple wants to trail ride in every state). Stan sent the request to Mary. In her response, Mary included the following websites:,, and included info on Blackbird State Forest & Lums Pond and suggested checking Mary also recommended Trail Rider magazine as an excellent resource.
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Carol received several magazines to refurbish and redistribute.
Kid Fest (Kim):  Despite the major storms that came through our area the day before this event, the children attending Kid Fest had a great time. Kim, Kathy and Carol worked at the Breyer Horse painting booth. It was so breezy that we had to hold the paper plate while the children painted. Each child then picked out a prize to accompany their uniquely colored horse.

Old Business:

  1. Delaware State Fair Booth (Stan): The DEC booth was moved back to the Ag Commodities Building on 7/24 & 25. The schedule was circulated at the meeting. Fair entry tickets were distributed to booth workers. The 4-H awards start at 5 pm on Saturday night, 7/26 in the Ice Rink. Wendy Lippincott will help hand out awards and take pictures. Kathy will forward her contact info to Susan Garey. Thanks and appreciation to Kim Lippincott for providing all our volunteers with gate tickets to the fair.
  2. Member Appreciation Day (Stan): DEC is sponsoring a luncheon for all our members on Sunday, September 28th at Redden Headquarters. Shorty’s will be the caterer – Chicken, ribs, sides, ice tea & lemonade. DEC will need to provide plates, napkins, cups, plastic ware & dessert. Lunch will be served from 12 noon to 2 pm. Gates open at 10 am. RSVP to Stan (302) 684-3966 or or Pam (240) 994-2220 or by September 15th. Adult members are free and can bring one guest. Youth members are free. Organizational & Commercial members can send one representative, who can bring one guest free. Mark & Tami Stevens will work with Pam to design a flyer for this year’s event. Invitations to individual members, Commercial & Organizational members will be sent via email and on Facebook. Commercial and Organizational members for whom we do not have an email address, will receive an invitation by mail. Commercial and Organizational members can also set up a booth (They can set up displays, hand out information and/or sell items). Perhaps we can set up a “Used Tack for Sale” table. Last year we signed up 42 new members and had 84 attendees. Guests are $20 (price of an individual membership). Riding and driving is available at Redden, but DEC is not sponsoring either of these activities.
  3. Vet Lecture Series (Ken): Everyone enjoyed the presentation by Dr. Paul Hanebutt, Jr., DVM. It was suggested that we have the vet lecture on a non-meeting night and/or have them quarterly. Wayne Nebel will check with the fire company on availability of the meeting room on other evenings. We will ask for members attending to RSVP to get an accurate number for each presentation. Amanda Woodall suggested that we contact the Del Tech Vet Tech department and invite their students to our lecture nights.
  4. Southern States Proof of Purchase (Marie Johnson): Marie sent in the proof of purchases that have been turned in to date, expecting us to receive $475. Nonprofit groups can receive 25¢ per proof of purchase. Amanda suggested that we send out a monthly reminder on facebook about collecting the “POP”s and getting them to the council. Information about the program is posted on our website.

Donation Requests:
(1) 4-H Fair Horse Show Awards (Stan): The Delaware 4-H Horse Advisory asked us to continue sponsoring their Championship Awards for the State 4-H Horseshow, held during the Delaware State Fair. Their request described the five awards (hay bags embroidered with Delaware Equine Council and Delaware State 4-H) at a total cost of $250. The discussion included the fact that our 2014 budget included money for these awards. Dan Watson made a motion to grant their request. The motion was seconded by George Parris and passed.  
(2) DHAF Golf Tournament Sponsorship (Ken): The Delaware Horsemen’s Assistance Fund, Inc. asked us to continue our support by again sponsoring a hole at the DHAF Golf Classic, at a cost of $150. The discussion included the fact that our 2014 budget also included money for this event. Ken Horeis made a motion to grant their request. The motion was seconded by Kim Schwartz and passed. A special presentation to Ed Kee will also be part of this year’s tournament award ceremony. Stan will attend as our representative.

New Business:

  1. DE Council of Farm Organizations (Stan): DEC received a letter about becoming a member of this organization. The membership fee is $25 and Stan read the names of other members. After a short discussion, Wayne Nebel made a motion that we join. Kay Meldon seconded the motion and it passed. Stan mentioned that they list University of Delaware and Delaware State University as Ex-Aficio members and we should look into doing the same for them for our Council.
  2. Distribution of Newsletter (Pam for Wendy): Pam handed out newsletters and asked us to distribute them. Ken will send Wendy information, for inclusion in the newsletter, about ads for our 2015 Directory.
  3. Membership Attraction events (Pam for Wendy): Wendy is looking to recruit upstate members, and came up with two ideas: (a) Talk with the University of Delaware Riding Club about joining and (b) holding one meeting each year upstate, perhaps at Carousel Park or C-Line Stables.
  4. Legislation (Stan): American Horse Council Washington Updates:
  5. Vet Medicine Mobility Act was passed in June. It amends the Controlled Substance Act to now permit vets to carry these types of medications in their vehicles. Ken sent letters to our federal congressmen and representatives, urging them to support this bill. The bill now goes before the President and he is expected to sign it into law in the near future.
  6. Bill to Reinstate Bonus Depreciation passes the House. This bill would restore and make permanent 50% bonus depreciation for qualifying new property purchased and placed into service, including assets used in the horse industry. The first use of the horse or equipment must begin with the taxpayer. The bill now goes to the Senate.
  7. Wild Horse Oversight Act introduced. This bill would amend the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burro Act to allow states and Indian tribes to assume the management and protection of wild horses and burros within their borders.
  8. National Forest Trails Bill that was introduced on June 19th.  This bill directs the National Forrest Service to help address the current trail maintenance backlog issues. Many of these maintenance issues cause unsafe trail conditions.


  1. Doug, our webmaster, has created an “R code” which connects directly to our website.
  2. USDA 2012 Agriculture Census was recently released. Stan updated us on the figures cited.
  3. Sunday’s News Journal listed pet projects that received money in the DE 2014 budget. This list cited $25,000 for improvements to the outdoor arena at Carousel Park Equestrian Center on Limestone road in Wilmington, DE

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
May 19, 2014
Monthly meeting minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by Vice President, Ken Horeis. President Stan Vonasek and directors Connie Lundquist and Dan Watson were not able to attend.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table. Thank you notes were read from Holler-n-Hooves 4-H (purchase of first aid kit) and Ashley Dones (scholarship recipient).
 Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of April 21, 2014: $24,530.02; deposits of $1,094.00; deductions of $652.77 ($150.00 – Harrington Moose Lodge – donation for allowing us to hold our monthly meetings there from July, 2013 through February, 2014; $125.00 – Hollering Hooves 4-H – purchase of Equine First Aid Kit for scholarship dinner; $377.77 – Pam Nebel – stamps, promotional items for scholarship dinner & refreshments); Ending balance as of May 19, 2014: $24,971.25, which includes $15,000.00 in CDs.
A motion was made by George Paris to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by Kay Mildon and passed unanimously.

Next Meeting: July 21, 2014 at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall.  
Reminder: No regular monthly meeting in June

Vet Lecture Series: Our guest speaker tonight was Dr. Paul Hanebutt, DVM from Brenford Animal Hospital. Dr. Hanebutt gave a very informative power point presentation: “Neurologic Issues Facing Horses”. He discussed the symptoms and medical treatments available for various equine illnesses. The key messages were to make sure your horses are properly immunized and to keep a close eye on them for the symptoms he discussed.

Committee Reports:
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Keep bringing in magazines for Carol to refurbish.
Newsletter (Wendy Lippincott): The committee submitted their recommendation: Our newsletter will include two ads, at no cost, per member per year for nonprofit events.

Old Business:

  1. Kids Fest (Kim): The items ordered by Kim & Pam have arrived. Chicks will order the small white Breyer horses for us (Robin &/or Kim Chick are registered Breyer rep). The event is June 14th at the Boys & Girls Club in Milford. Kim and Connie Lundquist will be working the event, with Kathy Watson on call.
  2. Healthy Kids Day (Wayne): DEC was one of ten stations at this event. We are one of the longest running groups to participate and have not missed a year since the inception of the program. Carol Seiler brought her mini horse, Little Miss Muffet and her hackney pony, Mochy, and used them to demonstrate the correct way to groom a horse. Stan Vonasek spoke about care and safety with horses and how they are utilized in our state. Wayne Nebel showed kids the horses’ hooves and talked about the importance of keeping them trimmed. The highlight of our set up was the opportunity for the kids to pet and groom the ponies
  3. Large Animal Mortality Program (Ken): Please contact your local State Representative to urge him/her to fund this program. If you are not sure how to contact them, please call Delaware Association of Conservation District’s office at (302) 741-2600, ext.3. (Refer to April, 2014 minutes for details.)
  4. AHC National Issues Forum (Ken): The forum is scheduled for June 22 – 25, 2014 in Washington, D.C. This year’s topic will be: “Where Have All the Horses Gone?” In previous years, we have made a donation towards the Welcome Reception held on Sunday evening. Wendy made a motion to make a donation of $100 (or $150 – Kim will check with Stan to insure that that is the correct amount) to the reception committee, which will get our name published in the program. The motion was seconded by Wayne and passed. Contact Stan if you are interested in attending as our representative. DEC will pay for your registration, parking, lunch, and fuel.
  5. Delaware State Fair booth: (Ken): We will be in the Ag Commodities building on Thursday, July 24 and Friday, July 25. The group coordinating events in the Quillen Arena are hesitant to open up their area for booth setups during State Fair week. They would also charge for each booth. A schedule for sign ups was passed around. Empty slots will be filled in at the July meeting or by contacting Ken.

New Business

  1. Delaware Department of Agriculture Liaison – Holly Porter: Holly is a Marketing Specialists with DDA. As our liaison, she will relay any questions and concerns we have to DDA and keep us abreast of relevant DDA info and events. DDA has a printed directory. The equine information is very limited, but does include racing locations & a few listings of public riding stables. When revamping their directory, Holly felt that since our equine directory is so comprehensive, they would not try to “reinvent the wheel”. They hope to encourage people to log onto their website ( where users can view their directory and other agriculture related items. If you wish to reach the public through DDA, please contact Holly (Ken has her contact info). The 2004 & 2012 surveys did not give an accurate picture of equine use in Delaware, since it did not include all horse owners (Only those who earned more than $1000 in gross receipts) or race horses. Currently, legislation is pending to conduct a study on the economic impact of horse racing (Standardbred and Thoroughbred) on the economy in Delaware. Ken would like to form a committee to look into developing a small bi-fold equine brochure similar to the tri-fold developed by the State of Maryland to hand out at the DE State Fair and other related events.


  1. Mountain Bike Race at Brandywine Park: There will be a bike race at Brandywine/Woodlawn/FSNM trail on Sat., June 7th. The coordinator of the event sent out an email to possible trail user groups to give a heads up on the upcoming event in this area. Please keep this in mind if riding or driving your horses in that area on 6/7. View the map of the course at:  
  2. U of D Cooperative Extension Pasture Walks offering Nutrient Management & Pesticide Credits (Kathy): Two upcoming walks have been scheduled: May 28th Pasture Walk hosted by Rick and Kim Vincent in Harrington, DE (Call (302) 730-4000 or email by May 27th) and June 4th Pasture Walked hosted by U of D Webb Farm in Newark, DE (Call (302) 831-2507 or email by May 30th). Their website includes more info.
  3. Reminder: Changing Fates Equine Rescue of Delaware is holding a trail ride and drive fundraiser on June 7th at Redden State Forrest Headquarters Tract. Cost is $25 if preregistered, $30 day of the event. The schedule is: Registration: 9 – 9:45 am.; Ride out: 10 o’clock; Lunch: 12 noon. Contact Robin Weinkam  Check their website for updates: BRING YOUR HORSES TO RIDE OR DRIVE!
  4. Vet Lecture Series (Ken): The board hoped you enjoyed tonight’s presentation by Dr. Hanebutt. We are fortunate to have several local vets who which to participate in presenting equine issues to DEC. Please contact a board member if you would like DEC to pursue scheduling these presentations. Keep a check on our website for upcoming presentations – scheduled dates may not be meeting nights.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
April 21, 2014
Monthly meeting minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors were present. We welcomed Paige and Jennifer from All Aboard Exchange in Smyrna, a new commercial member.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
 Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Two reports (Treasurer’s report is based on our bank statements. The March statement did not arrive until after our March monthly meeting.)
(A) Starting balance as of2/17/2014: $28,276.52; deposits of $562.50; deductions of $535 ($50 – Dancin’ with Jen – deposit for dinner; $240 – Douglas Kerr – Website format; $200 – Women of The Moose – dinner deposit; $45 – written twice on deposit slip); ending balance as of 3/17: $28, 304.02
(B) Starting balance as of 3/17/2014: $28,304.02; deposits of $7,147; deductions of $10,921 ($8 – service charge (Kim thinks this is for the $45 written twice on deposit slip); $25 – Delaware Corp. & Tax; $3,350 – Associates Graphics – Directory printing; $200 – Dancin’ with Jen – balance from dinner; $300 – change for dinner auction (included in deposit total as a redeposit); $1,000 – Ashley Dones – scholarship; $1,000 – Meredith Bonnell – scholarship; $1,000 – Kacie Minner – scholarship; $1,000 – Natalie Fogarty – scholarship; $1,000 – Kimberly Hildreth – scholarship; $1,538 – Moose Caterers – balance from dinner; $500 – Farm Family – Liability Insurance); ending balance as of 4/21/2014: $24,530.02, which includes $15,000 in CDs. Kay Milden made a motion to accept the treasurer’s reports and to pay all bills. Connie Lindquist seconded the motion and the motion passed.

Next Meeting:  May 19th at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall in the small meeting room.

Committee Reports:
Banquet (Kathy Watson): We made $5,227 (Ticket sales: $2,734 (22 complementary tickets); Sponsorships: $2,250; Live auction: $1,130; Silent auction: $1,589; 50/50 raffle: $143; Total gross income: $7,846. Room rental: $306; Caterer: $1938 (113 adults and 2 children = 114 meals at $17); Dancin’ with Jen: $250; expenses: $125 for First Aid Kit for Live auction; Total expenditures: $2,619. A special thanks to our platinum ($1000) sponsor, Wells Fargo. The committee met on April 1 to discuss the dinner and auction. Suggestions were made to improve the procedures for our next scholarship dinner. We will be contacting possible sponsor as early as      September, since many stated that early fall is when they determine their donations for the following year. We have set March 21, 2015 as the date for the next year. Ernie Vogl and Pam Nebel will contact the Harrington Moose Lodge to reserve the date.  Kathy will check on the discrepancy with the dinner bill (The bill listed our deposit as $400, but we only sent in $200.) Wayne stated that although there were a few problems (lessons learned), overall the evening went very well.
Trails (Mary Everhart and Anna Nordberg): Mary was asked to check into a possibility of a user fee being charged when someone is utilizing Delaware State Wildlife areas governed by the Division of Fish and Wildlife. These areas are separate from state parks. This will affect bird watchers, hunters, and trail riders among others. Mary reported that a $20 annual fee (State Wildlife User pass) is being proposed. It will become part of the hunting and fishing license fee program. Also of interest is how will this fee be enforced – truck sticker similar to a DE State Park pass (Fair Hill, MD has a similar truck sticker) or ID card? Nothing has been proposed, yet. Wayne Nebel will look into which areas fall under the Division of Fish and Wildlife, looking particularly for areas used by trail riders (and possibly cart drivers), for example the Norman Wilder CNR Center. If there are areas that horseback riders and cart drivers can use, then DEC will weigh in on this issue.
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): No report. (Please continue to bring in magazines to be refurbished.)
Old Business:

  1. Newsletter Ads (Ken): Ken, with help of both the Board and our membership, set up an ad rate schedule for members and nonmembers for the newsletter. He asked for a small committee to clarify which ads for member events will not be charged the scheduled ad rate.  For example, a not for profit event would not be charged, while a money making event would. Ken asked for volunteers: Wendy Lippincott (newsletter editor), Pam Nebel and Ken will serve on the committee. If you are interested in serving on this committee, contact Ken.
  2. Kids Day (Stan): Stan, Carol Seiler, Connie Lundquist and Molly Esterson will be working on May 8th at Trap Pond. Several minis will be assisting them. Stan wants to take the DEC trailer to the event. If the weather is mild, Liberty will make an appearance.
  3. Kids Fest (Kim): Kim and Pam are coordinating our booth with Chicks, who is donating Breyer horses & paint for the booth. The June 14th event is held at the Boys & Girls Club in Milford. Contact Kim if you are interested in working at our booth.
  4. 501(C) 3 Application (Stan): Once tax season is over (Federal due 4/15 and DE State due 4/30), Lank, Johnson & Tull will begin looking into assisting us in filing for 501(C) 3 tax – exempt status. This firm will file our 2013 e-form for us. When Stan & Laurie met with Mr. Johnson in March, they answered many questions about our organization, giving him pertinent information about us. Stan felt that it went well and that we should be able to file relatively smoothly for the 501(C) 3 status.

New Business:

  1. Large Animal Mortality Program (Ken):   Erica Webb Kohout recently posted the following information on Facebook: “Currently the state (of Delaware) funds a program helping in the cost of the removal of large animal carcasses from farmers and horse lovers who have lost their beloved cow or horse. We horse owners and farmers will soon no longer receive these funds if the program ends. Please contact your local State Rep!!!” Her posting also included the following: Danger – Please Read This Large Animal Mortality Program is in danger of ending soon. To this point the program has been funded through a series of grants and temporary funding sources. Unfortunately, there are no future funding sources identified to sustain the program past June 30, 2014. Without this program no cost-share will be available to assist you for future large animal rendering services, resulting in you bearing the entire expense, approximately $175.00 for a cow and as much as $300 to render a horse. The Delaware Association of Conservation District’s have expressed the need for a permanent funding line in the State Bond Bill to sustain this program in the future. If you use and value this program, contact your local State Representative to urge him/her to fund this program. If you do not know how to contact them, please call our District office at (302) 741-2600, ext.3. Wendy Lippincott gave the example that she could have a deceased horse (that is not a race horse) hauled off by the render (she would use Kohout) for $25 after filling out the paperwork for the Conservation District, instead of paying about $275. This reduction in fees is designed to encourage large animal owners to have their animals removed instead of burying them on their farm. You can bury your horse on your property in Delaware as long as the site is greater than 100 feet from a water source.
  2. Member Appreciation Picnic (Stan): Save the date: Sunday, September 28th at Redden Headquarters with Shorty as our caterer. Members are free and can also bring one family member free of charge. Nonmembers will be $20 (price of an individual membership)
  3. Sunday Hunting Legislation (Stan):   Representative John Adkins (Sussex County) has posted his concerns on Facebook about the damage done by deer to many farmers’ crops in his district. Many of the people responding on Facebook suggested instituting Sunday hunting. Ken spoke with Holly Porter from the Department of Ag. Holly is checking with her legislative contacts to find out when Sunday hunting will be proposed in the Legislature. Sunday Hunting would eliminate all horseback riding/driving during all hunting seasons. Wendy Lippincott and Kim Chick have contacted several legislators to express their concerns and to inquire about related legislation. Please contact your district representatives and senators, asking them to vote “No to Sunday Hunting”. This can happen overnight in our state legislature. Even if Sunday hunting is restricted to private land, bullets don’t stop at the boundary line between private and public lands, so we won’t be able to ride
  4. Delaware State Fair (Stan): Stan will contact the Department of Agriculture to ask if DEC can set up our booth in the Quillen arena instead of in the Ag Commodities building. Stan is uncertain if the Department of Ag handles the State Fair scheduling for the Quillen arena, but it is a good place to begin our inquires.
  5. Possible Vet Series (Ken):  At least four area vets are interested in making a presentation: Dr. Hanebutt, Dr. Egli, Dr Abramowitz and Dr. Dayton.
  6. Scholarship Platinum Sponsorship (Ken):  Ken made a suggestion that Platinum Sponsors ($1000 donation) become a named cosponsor on one of the scholarships we award each year. Platinum sponsors are currently offered recognition and signage (provided by them) at the dinner, year-long recognition on our website, and a complimentary full-page black and white interior ad in next year’s directory. He also suggested that Gold sponsors ($500 donation) also be offered recognition and signage (provided by them) at the dinner, a link on our website, and recognition for one year in our bi-monthly newsletter. This will hopefully enable us to secure more Platinum and Gold sponsors for future scholarship dinner.
  7. National Discovery Trails (Stan): Senator Chris Coons has scheduled a meeting at 2 pm on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at Cape Henlopen State Park to discuss the National Discovery Trails Act of 2014. The nation’s only coast-to-coast non-motorized recreational trail would extend from Cape Henlopen State Park to California’s Point Reyes National Seashore. Ken will try to attend. He hopes to speak with Senator Coons to request that areas on this trail be designated for use by horseback riders.
  8. New Maryland Highway Laws (Wayne): Wayne and Pam are members of Tuckahoe Equestrian Center. At their March meeting, a MD State Trooper and a MD State Highway official discussed the new regulations. Maryland members take note: The total weight of your tow vehicle and trailer will determine the class of the license you need. The state trooper emphasized that all truck/trailer vehicles (including horse trailer rigs) that have a combined weight of 10,001 pounds or greater are required to stop at all MD weigh stations, regardless of where your vehicle is registered. More than likely you will be waved through. They will always be on the lookout for inspection/safety violations. If MD residents have more than one trailer (any type, not just horse trailers) the first must be registered in MD then the second can be registered in Maine (or elsewhere). Wayne suggested putting this flyer on Facebook and on our website for our Maryland members.
  9. National Horse Council Forum (Stan): This year’s Forum will be held from June 22nd through June 25th in Washington, D.C. On Tuesday, June 25th the topic for discussion will be “Where have all the Horses Gone?” Enrollment in all breeds and disciplines has dropped and is of concern to Horse Councils worldwide. Contact Stan if you interested in attending. DEC would pay for your registration, parking and fuel.


  1. DDC Talk and Lunch Series (Carol):  A flyer was available reminding members about DDC’s upcoming event: “Helping your Animal be their best through Chiropractic and Acupuncture” talk by Dr. Christina Dayton, DVM and Dr. Christina Abramowicz, DVM.  The May 17th event at the home of David and Carol Seiler includes a swap/sale, equine chiropractic demo, grilled lunch (bring a covered dish), demo on acupuncture and other forms of alternative medicine, and 50/50 cash contest. Preregistration is a must! Call (443) 466 – 5043 to register. DDC members in good standing are free; $5 donation is recommended for all others.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:06 pm.

Respectfully submitted,


Kathy Watson

Delaware Equine Council
March 17, 2014
Monthly Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors were present, except Connie Lundquist and Amanda Woodall
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on our website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): The treasurer’s report is based on the monthly bank statement, which Kim had not received prior to this meeting. However, Kim has made a $1000 deposit from Wells Fargo. Dan Watson made a motion to pay all bills. Pam Nebel seconded the motion and the motion passed.
Next Meeting:  at 7 pm at the Harrington Fire Hall. When parking in the main lot, walk towards the front community entrance. Take the sidewalk to the left. The small meeting room is the third door on the left.
We’ll have a sign posted by the correct door at each monthly meeting.
Committee Reports:
Trails (Mary Everhart and Anna Nordberg): No report was sent in to the Board. Ken has asked Mary to check into the article in the Dover Post that states that equine users and bird watchers will be charged a fee for using State Lands.  
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Carol brought a stack of refurbished magazines and received several to “clean up”.
Banquet (Kathy Watson): The Scholarship Dinner committee met last week. We reviewed our menu, ticket sales, sponsor lists, Saturday’s schedule, duties for Saturday night and donations received.  DEC has a camera, but we need a photographer. Charlotte Grant did a nice job taking pictures at the Member Appreciation Day and volunteered to take pictures at the Dinner. Kathy, Wendy, Ken and Pam will meet on Wednesday, 3/19 to sort the donations. Stan suggested that DEC purchase an equine First Aid Kit ($125) from Holler’ Hooves 4-H club and donate it to the Scholarship Dinner auction. Dan Watson made a motion that we procure an Equine First Aid Kit from the 4-H club and donate it to the auction. George Parris seconded the motion and the motion passed.
Scholarship winners (Stan): We received 13 applicants: 8 from University of Delaware (UD), 1 from Colorado State University, 1 from Delaware Valley College (PA), 1 from Delaware State University, 1 from Delaware Technical and Community College and 1 from San Juan College.  Our recipients are: Meredith Bonnell (Felton, DE) graduates from UD in 2014; Ashley Dones (Harrington, DE) graduates from Delaware Valley College in 2017; Natalie Fogarty (Newark, DE) graduates from UD in 2014; Kimberly Hildreth (Salisbury, MD) graduates from UD in 2017; and Kacie Minner (Harrington, DE) graduates from Delaware State University in 2015. Natalie will not be able to attend. She sent a nice note thanking us and letting us know that she will be attending veterinary school at University of Pennsylvania.
Old Business:

  1. Vet Seminar Series (Ken): At the February meeting, we discussed organizing an equine vet seminar series. Laurie Vonasek suggested that we hold the presentations in conjunction with our regular monthly meeting, in a format similar to our guest speaker night. We also decided that each presentation should last about 30 to 45 minutes. We must decide if there is member interest in setting up these lectures. We will contact each local equine vet to determine if they are interested in hosting a session, which meeting date(s) fit in their schedule and what topic they which wish to present.
  2. Donation Request Form (Ken): Ken read over a proposed Standing Rule about the procedure to request donations from DEC. Ken passed out copies of the procedure to all present, which we had also looked over at the February meeting. Procedure for requesting donations: Step 1: Fill out the Request for a Donation Form, to be presented to the Board, preferably at the regular monthly meeting when requesting the donation. If possible, make extra copies. Step 2: Present your request and be prepared to answer questions. Step 3: At the next regular monthly meeting, a vote will be taken on the donation. Roberts Rules of Order, regarding the procedures to make motions, will be followed.  George Parris made a motion to accept the proposed Standing Rule. Dan Watson seconded the motion and the motion passed. We will have the new Standing Rule posted on our website. The Request for a Donation Form will be available at each meeting and on our website.
  3. Update on 990N for 2013 (Kim): Our e-form is due at the end of May. Stan & Laurie have an appointment with Lank, Johnson and Tull this week to discuss the procedure and cost to fill out the forms to apply for 501(C) 3 not-for-profit status. Stan will also ask what they would charge to file our e-form. The Board will then compare their fees with those of our current accountant.
  4. Healthy Kids Day (Stan): Stan will also be working with Carol Seilor and Connie Lundquist. Carol asked if she can also bring her friend’s small mini horse along with her own two regular sized minis. The kids will love them! Healthy Kids Day is being held on Thursday, May 8th.

New Business:

  1. Kid’s Fest (Kim): The Boys and Girls Club of Milford called Kim to see if we’re still willing to have a table at the 2014 Kid’s Fest on June 14th. In the past, we worked with Chick’s Saddlery. Chick’s provided us with small white toy Breyer horses and paint, while we manned the booth and handed out items to the kids. Kim will check with Chick’s and report back at the next meeting.
  2. Moose Donation (Pam): We used the Harrington Moose Lodge for six meetings with no room charge. Pam mentioned that we made a yearly donation to the Harrington Library when we met there free of charge. She suggested that we make a donation to the Moose. Dan Watson made a motion that we donate $150 to the Harrington Moose Lodge. Wayne Nebel seconded the motion and the motion passed.
  3. Maryland Sunday Hunting (Kathy): Kathy reported on email blast from the Maryland Horse Council. After intense lobbying by horse owners and MHC, The Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee voted down the Anne Arundel County Sunday Hunting Bill. It doesn’t stop the bills in Calvert, Frederick, Garret, Washington, and Allegany Counties. Maryland horse enthusiasts are asked to email or call the members of the House Environmental Matters Committee with the simple message of: Vote No to All Sunday Hunting Bills. Delaware horse lovers need to keep an eye on their efforts in case we face similar legislation in the future.
  4. Miscellaneous:
  5. Ken sent a letter to Senator Carney voicing his view against the proposed Veterinary Medical Mobility Act. Senator Carney sent an email response agreeing with Ken’s viewpoint and saying that he would keep Ken’s letter in mind when voting on the bill.
  6. Carol reminded us that the lecture series scheduled at her place has been moved up to May 17th. The event includes a presentation on equine chiropractic evaluations and a presentation on equine acupuncture. A tack sale and swap meet will also take place. Carol plans to serve grilled food. The members of Delmarva Driving Club are free and nonmembers will pay $5 to attend. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
February 17, 2014
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by Vice President, Ken Horeis. President Stan Vonasek and directors George Parris and Amanda Woodall were absent.

Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table. There were copies from both the November 18, 2013 and the January 20, 2014 meetings.
Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of 1/20/14: $27,307.67; deposits: $2,147.79; deductions: $1,178.94 ($207.90 – University of Delaware – reimbursement for 4-H Awards at State Fair; $350 – American Horse Council – annual membership dues; $616.79 – Pam Nebel – reimbursement for newsletter postage, postcards, letterheads, and Moose Hall rental for the scholarship dinner; $4.25 – bank service charge); Ending balance as of 2/17/2014: $28,276.52, which includes $15,000 in CDS. Kim will contact the bank to investigate the service charge. Kay Mildon made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. Connie Lundquist seconded the motion. The motion passed.
Next Meeting:  7 pm on March 17, 2014 at a location to be determined.

Committee Reports:

  • Trails (Mary Everhart and Anna Nordberg): Mary attended the Council on Greenways & Trails on February 7th. Mary’s report to the Council included info about the Delaware Equine Council’s website, newsletter and meeting schedule. She gave an account of the phone meeting she had with David Bartoo about the newly constructed section of the Michael Castle Trail on the north side of the C & D Canal. Mary had recently ridden this new section and was able to report her favorable impressions. They discussed the concept drawings of the equine parking lot. Mary agreed with many of the suggested changes, but did feel that the proposed hitching rails are not needed, since most riders tie their horses to their trailers. Mary was concerned about security in the Thompson’s Bridge parking lot (an unstaffed lot). Twice, the vehicles she has been in have experienced smash and grab robberies.   
  • Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Carol brought in about 10 refurbished magazines to be distributed. A few magazines were brought in to be refurbished.
  • Scholarship Dinner (Kathy Watson): The committee met again last week. Our auctioneer is Frank Chick, Jr. A deposit was sent to the Ladies of the Moose to secure our dinner menu. Please help sell dinner tickets and help solicit donations for the auctions and door prizes. Ramone Dominquez and his wife, Sharon, may be in town the weekend of our dinner. If their schedule allows, they will attend.
  • Scholarship applications (Wayne Nebel) The committee received 13 applications. Dr. Christine Abramowitz also served on the committee with Stan and Wayne. The committee first checked to make sure each applicant had met the minimum qualifications, and then they reviewed each applicant’s activities, grades and essay. Dr. “A” recommended that the essay be expanded from 250 words to between 300 to 500 words. Once the congratulation letters have been sent to the students chosen to receive the scholarships, the “winners” will be announced.

Old Business:

  • Tax Exempt Update (Kim): We have received our 501(C) 5 status, retroactive to 5/15/2011. Our accountant charges $75 to file our yearly “e tax form”. Kim asked her what her fee is to file form 1023, which is the application for a 501(C) 3 status. Her fee would be $300 to compile all the related documents and file out the form. Stan will contact Lank, Johnson & Tull (member Marie Johnson’s son is a partner) to inquire about their fee to file these forms for us.
  • $500 donation to Delmarva Search and Rescue (Ken): Bill Heisterhagen, the president of DSAR emailed Stan about our $500 donation. He was not aware that Dr. Ruthie Franczek had approached us for a donation to help pay for clinician, Ken Nowacki. Stan and Bill discussed DSAR’s search for a clinician to further train the equine rescue staff. It was agreed that DSAR would send our check back. Once DSAR has made their decision on a clinician, they can apply for a donation to help fund the training.
  • New meeting site (Ken): We are still researching locations for our monthly meetings. (a) Wayne & Pam drew up a letter to request our use of the small meeting room at the Harrington Fire Hall. Their Board meets at the end of this month and will consider our request. (b) The Department of Agriculture in Camden is available for our use. (c) Kathy will be speaking with someone in charge of scheduling at the Viola Ruritan this week. (d) Pam is also looking into the Parks and Recreation building (Price Community Center) in Harrington. Members present at tonight’s meeting prefer to keep our meeting place in or as close to Harrington as possible. Once all the info is gathered, the Board will make a decision and post the location of our March meeting.
  • Newsletter Ad Rates (Ken): Ken reviewed the rates established for the newsletter, which incorporated several recommendations from our January monthly meeting and the February board meeting. The rates will be published in each newsletter.

New Business:

  • Healthy Kids Day (Ken): Stan received an info pack from the Division of Parks and Recreation of Sussex County about Healthy Kids Day at Trap Pond. It is scheduled on Thursday, May 8th (rain date: May 9th). Connie Lundquist and Carol Seiler (along with her mini) volunteered to help. Anyone else interested in helping should contact Stan. (We give 7-9 15 minute presentations to groups of 4th graders)
  • 3-Day Clinic (Wendy): Chick’s is looking into sponsoring a 3-day equine clinic. We discussed ideas: we would like to see a variety of clinicians (Western and English); check into which local clinicians are available; Quillen Arena is $1500/day to rent – is there another less expensive location nearby or does Chick’s prefer to stay at the State Fair grounds? Once the clinician(s) have been chosen, DEC can decide whether we wish to donate some of the money set aside for the Delaware Horse Expo to this event.
  • Commercial Membership Concerns (Wendy): Three commercial members have called about the changes to their membership. Rates have risen, but advantages have changed – (1) business card ads are now included in the newsletter only once a year instead of in each issue and (2) members receive a discount on full and half page ads in the Directory. Those commercial members not interested in purchasing the larger size Directory ads feel as if they are paying more in dues for less in services. Ken and Carol explained why the decision was made to increase the dues of all membership categories. We brainstormed ideas – one of which was to include a section Please Patronize our Commercial Members with a Directory style listing in each newsletter.       
  • First Aid Clinic (Ken): We received info about one day equine first aid clinics by Equi-Health Canada/USA from New York, recommended by Dr. Sharon Little. The cost is $149 for an 8 hour hands-on adult course and $59 for a 3-4 hour children’s (ages 5 – 10 years) course. We felt the cost was prohibitive. Dr. Christine Dayton-Wall and Dr. Christine Abramowitz both felt that a shorter course could be organized by local vets at a more reasonable cost. The Holler-n-Hooves 4-H members are selling Equine first aid kits.
  • Donation Request Form (Ken): Ken and Kathy worked on a form to standardize requests for donations from DEC.  A vote will be taken at the March monthly meeting to add this to our Standing Rules.
  • Miscellaneous:

(1) The date for the Fun Mule & Horse Game Show has been changed to Sunday, April 6th. Registration opens at 9 am. Show begins at 10 am. New this year is a trail ride on Saturday, April 5th at 1 pm. After the trail ride, there will be a BBQ dinner & barn dance. Both days will include a 50/50 drawing, silent auction and other attractions. Contact Anna Nordberg (302) 542-1415 or Delbert Mills (302) 670-8624 for questions or to make a donation for their auction.
(2) A free workshop on “Caring for the Aging Pet” and dealing with the loss of a pet is being held on March 1st from 10 am to 12 noon at the Delaware Hospice Center in Milford. Registration is requested – contact Michelle August at 1-800-838-9800. Contact Laurie Vonasek at (302) 684-3966 for more info.
(3) On May 24th, there will be two demonstrations at Carol Seiler’s – an equine chiropractor and an equine acupuncturist. Contact Carol at for more info.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson



Delaware Equine council
 January 20, 2014
Monthly meeting minutes
The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm by President Stan Vonasek. All officers were present. All Directors, except Connie Lundquist, were present.
Secretary’s Report (Kathy Watson): Minutes from the November 18, 2013 minutes were posted on the website. Copies were available on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report  (Kim Schwartz): Starting Balance as of 11/18/2013: $25,013.71; deposits: $2,930 (Ads for the Directory and dues); Deductions: $636.04 ($15 – Pam Nebel – reimbursement for refreshments; $68 – Edible Arrangements – Linda Chick; $26.78 – Delaware Correctional Industries – DEC postcards; $47.26 – Staples – labels & tabs for newsletter; $479 – Suzanne Webster – formatting the DEC directory) Ending Balance as of 1/20/2014: $27,307.67, which includes $15,000 in CDs. Ken Horeis made a motion to accept the report and to pay all bills. The motion was seconded by Pam Nebel and passed.
Next meeting: February 17, 2014 at 7 pm at the Harrington Moose Lodge on Rt. 13

Committee Reports:
Trails (Mary Everhart & Anna Nordberg): Mary sent an email report: Shortly after the New Year, David Bartoo, trail planner/specialist for Delaware Parks and Recreation, shared a concept drawing of the South Lums Pond Trailhead with Mary and they discussed several concerns/ideas about the proposed parking lot design. This work will be part of Phase 3 of the Michael Castle Trail connecting Delaware City to Chesapeake City on the north side of the C & D canal. The work will be done by DelDot and the estimated completion is 2015. Right now Phase 1 is completed. Phase 2 is slated to begin and go through 2014. For a map of the entire C & D Canal:  Mary will be attending the Council on Greenways meeting on Wednesday, January 22 and the White Clay Creek State Park Advisory Council meeting on Tuesday, January 28 at 7 pm. The public is welcome to attend these meetings. Contact Mary ( for additional information.
Directory (Ken Horeis): Ken handed out a wrap up sheet on the 2014 Directory. This year’s Directory had a net profit of $3151. We lost some previous advertisers (for various reasons) but also gained 13 new advertisers.  We gave $255 in discounts to advertisers who were paid members (full or ½ page ads), gave two comp ads, paid for formatting and printed 2300 copies. Pam will check with our webmaster about placing the Directory on our website. In the Directory, we have many who have single line listing(s) that did not buy an ad. Donna Hurst made a motion: If someone/an organization/a business has not purchased a display ad in the Directory, there will be a $5 charge for a single line listing. George Parris seconded the motion. Discussion followed: Some that are listed were not contacted before being included in the Directory. Could we include full addresses? Full addresses would make the Directory much larger – currently we include the area in the listing. Ken will need help making phone calls –not only to update info, but to notify them about the $5 fee. The motion passed. The $5 fee will begin with the 2015 Directory and will be charged once per person/organization/business. Stan (and all of us) thanked Ken for all his hard work on the Directory. Directories were handed out after the meeting.
Magazine (Carol Seiler): Remember to bring/send in horse related magazines to be refurbished.
Awards Dinner (Kathy Watson): The Committee met on January 14th. The Scholarship Awards Dinner is March 22 from 6 pm to 10 pm at the Harrington Moose Lodge. The Ladies of the Moose will serve a buffet dinner. Activities include silent and live auctions, door prizes, a 50/50 raffle, dj and dancing. Secretary of Agriculture, Ed Kee, will be our guest speaker and help to hand out Scholarship awards. Flyers and dinner tickets were handed out after the meeting. Tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for children under the age of 12. Two discount table options are available: $170 for a table of six (6); $225 for a table of eight (8). Tickets can be purchased at Chicks Saddlery and from any board member. Contact Kathy Watson (302) 670-7358 or for information. Deadline for ticket purchases is March 15th. Several sponsor levels are available, contact Ken for more info. We are also looking for donations for the auctions and door prizes. If someone wants to mail a package to DEC, give him/her Stan’s contact info: or (302) 684-3966
Scholarships (Wayne): At this time we have received only two applications. Wayne has sent the info to several local colleges (DE, MD, PA, and NJ), posted the info in our newsletter, on our website and Facebook page, and sent the information to several newspapers. Amanda Woodall is speaking to future vet techs at Del Tech soon and will include info on our scholarship in her presentation. In previous years, we received a flurry of applications during the week of the deadline. This year’s deadline is January 31st.
Old Business
Tax Exempt Status (Ken Horeis): Ken received a note from Drew Slater, stating that our application has been processed and that we should receive a letter by January 31st. After our 501(C) 5 is received, we will look into filing for a 501(C) 3 status.
Decision on Mounting Block at Blackbird (Stan Vonasek): Due to liability issues, DEC will not be donating a mounting block to Blackbird State Forest.
New Meeting Site (Stan and Ken): DEC is searching for a new location for monthly meetings. We are presently sharing the Moose Lodge banquet room with another group and would prefer to have a private room. Other possibilities are: (1) Department of Ag building in Camden - Holly Porter will check to make sure the meeting room is available on the 3rd Monday of each month. (2) Apex Arabians – new building will not be complete until at least April. (3) Harrington Fire Hall – we would receive a discount if we have our not-for-profit status officially reinstated. (4) Calvary Wesleyan Church in Harrington – Wendy Lippincott will check into this and into (5) Lake Forest High School. The Board will continue looking into the possibilities.
Expo Update (Pam): The Delaware Horse Expo for 2014 has been cancelled due to health reasons in the Chick family. Other Expo committee members are not experienced or prepared to take over coordination of the Expo. Chicks had also indicated that 2014 was going to be their last year of hosting the Expo. Wendy Lippincott contacted Equestrian Promotions, Inc (coordinator of the Maryland and Pennsylvania Horse Expos). They indicated that there was not enough time to organize a DE Horse Expo by March 29th and did not commit to interest in coordinating at any other time.  
New Business
Newsletter ad rates (Ken): Ken had a sample advertising order form adapted to DEC for each member to review, which included rate for members and nonmembers. There wasn’t a rate listed for members wanting to purchase business card ads. According to our new By Laws, Commercial members receive one free business card ad per year. It was suggested that we add classified ads – restricted to # of words and free for members. Randy Cook made a motion to accept the advertising form, once the issue of business cards has been resolved. It was seconded by Donna Hurst and passed.
Insurance (Kim): Farm Family has raised our liability insurance rate to $500 (includes an infinite number of booth set ups). Kim received information from EquiSure Information - $100 membership fee then $550 with includes only two booth set ups. Debbie Edwards suggested that we contact Penn National Insurance, which charges $336 to AMBA.
AHC updates (Stan & Ken): Stan receives emails from the American Horse Council (AHC) weekly and currently forwards these email to the Board. Recently, AHC sent a summary of what they have accomplished in terms of legislation. Stan will post these updates in our newsletter.

  1. New York Carriage Horse Issue (Stan): The new mayor of New York City has promised (A campaign promise) to eliminate the carriage horse industry in Central Park. The New York State Equine Council sent letters to other state horse councils looking for letters of support to keep the carriage horse industry in operation. Stan read the letter, which included the regulations governing the industry. Amanda Woodall recently took a carriage ride in Central Park and spoke about the positive treatment of the horses. All members present felt the need to show our support. Wayne Nebel made a motion, Ken seconded it and it passed: Stan will compose & send a letter showing our support. Members of the Delmarva Driving Club asked for the address so they can also send a letter of support.
  2. Delmarva Search & Rescue request (Stan): Ruthie Franczek, DVM, gave us an overview of the Delmarva Search & Rescue mounted (equine) unit. The group was formed a year ago and currently has eight (8) members. The team is requesting funding to have a clinician (Terry Nowacki) come to train their unit in scent detection and other mounted techniques.  His fee is $875. Donna Hurst made a motion that DEC donate $500 to them. It was seconded by Rhonda Whitehouse and passed. Delmarva Search & Rescue is holding a fundraiser on March 23rd from 10 am to 2 pm at Blackbird State Forest, where they will be staging a mock rescue. For more info, check their Facebook page: Delmarva SAR

Member Appreciation Day (Board): This will become an annual event with DEC. We are looking to reserve the park at Redden Headquarters again this year in late September. More info will be forthcoming.
Congratulations to Amanda Woodall whose horse, Resplendent, won USEF National Hunter Breeding Yearling Champion, USEF Zone 3 Hunter Breeding Yearling Champion, American Performance Horse 0 – 3 year old Champion, PHSA Hunter Breeding Yearling Champion, and the Sallie B. Wheeler National Hunter Breeding Yearling. The filly was also bred by Meg Sherman of Milton, DE.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Kathy Watson

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