Delaware Equine Meetings Minutes

Delaware Equine Archived Meetings Minutes 2013

Delaware Equine Council
November 18, 2013
Monthly meeting minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
 Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of Oct. 21, 2013: $22060.03; deposits: $4405.00 (membership dues and Directory ads); deductions: $1451.32 ($150.00 – donation to Thoroughbred Association; $18.40 – Ken Horeis – postage for the Directory; $840.00 – Shorty’s – caterer for Member Appreciation Day; $119.94 – Stan Vonasek for desserts , drinks, etc. for Member Appreciation Day; $201.60 – Pam Nebel – Newsletter postage; $121.38 – Delaware Correctional Industries – DEC letterheads and envelopes; Ending balance as of Nov. 18, 2013: $25,013.71, which includes $15,000 in CDs. Kay Milden made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by Wayne Nebel. The motion passed.

Next Meeting: January 20, 2014 at 7 pm at the Harrington Moose Lodge.

Committee Reports:
Trails (Mary Everhart and Anna Nordberg): No report.
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Carol brought in several reconditioned magazines for members to distribute. She also received several to recondition.
Directory (Ken Horeis): We have about 10 new ads for 2014. Several previous advertisers didn’t renew their ads commenting that a slow business year did away with their advertising budget. Last weekend, Ken took the directory to the woman doing the formatting for us. Ken estimates that the Directory will take in $6815, formatting and printing will cost about $4100 (high estimate) leaving a profit of $2700. There are at least three boxes of Directories leftover, therefore we will be decreasing the order for 2014 directories. Carol is taking a box & Pam & Wayne will be taking a box for more distribution before the year’s end. The Directory goes to the printer the first week in December.
Banquet (Kathy Watson): Please reserve March 22, 2014 for the Scholarship Banquet at the Harrington Moose Lodge. The committee will start meeting in January, 2014. Let Kathy ( know if you’re willing to serve on the committee or are interested in helping. If you know anyone who is willing to donate items for the silent or live auctions, please contact them and relay the info to Kathy. Ken received a commitment from Secretary of Agriculture, Ed Kee, to speak at our dinner. We will once again offer four levels of sponsorships.
Old Business:

  1. Not-for-Profit Status Update (Ken): Ken received a note from Drew Slater saying that Kristie will take over from him helping to find out what is happening to our application. As of today, there is still no news on our application and or on our status. Once we receive our Not-for-Profit Status back, we plan to apply for 501C (3) status, so that any donations that we receive will be tax deductible. FYI – about 2000 organizations are having the same problems that we are facing.
  2. Webmaster: The Board decided to hire Douglas Kerr as our new webmaster. Doug is the webmaster for the Pennsylvania Horse Council. Pam read a list of the dozen or more items that he has performed on our website, with more improvements to follow. Doug has worked for 4 ½ hours on our website to date at a cost of $180. Please check out our updated website – You will be pleased with the results.
  3. Blackbird State Forest (Donna Hurst): A majority of their visitors are equine related. Donna asked if the Council would look into purchasing a mounting block. Donna talked to Jim Dobson, head Forester and a Forest Ranger at the Blackbird State Forest about this project. He insisted that it be safe to use and that we maintain it. Donna knows someone who is looking to “give away” a set of four concrete steps. Donna has talked to someone else (Country Side Excavation) about loading the steps into her horse trailer– we would have to pay for fuel. Jim Dobson would let Donna use his equipment to unload the steps at Blackbird State Forest. The steps have a metal railing on one side. We need to decide whether to leave the railing on them, replace it or forego having a railing. We would want to check into our liability with the use of these steps before we proceed. Pam will provide Stan with Jim Griffin’s (a lawyer with the Wicomico Hunt Club and a DEC member) contact information so Stan may get in touch with Jim with questions concerning the organization’s liability issues.  The weight of the steps will keep anyone from removing them.
  4. Liability Insurance: There was discussion and questions and comments about what liability insurance covers. Our Liability Insurance just rose from $400 to $500 a year.

New Business:

  1. New meeting site (Ken): Ken checked with Secretary of Agriculture, Ed Kee, about meeting at the State Ag Department building, but it’s not feasible after hours. Apex Arabians is building a new arena with a conference room. We would pay for the electricity we use. Apex Arabians is located on Williamsville Rd in Harrington. It will not be completed until February. Amanda Woodall offered to check into using the conference room at the expanded Governor’s Avenue Animal Hospital.
  2. Elections (Stan): No nominations were made from the floor. President Stan Vonasek and Treasurer Kim Schwartz were reelected. Three members, Carol Seiler, Amanda Woodall and George Parris, ran for the two Director positions. Each spoke about their involvement with horses and their interest in the position. Amanda and George were elected. Congrats to all.
  3. Delaware Horse Expo Update (Pam): Linda Chick had a mini stroke last month and will be stepping back from all her activities. The Expo will still take place with committee members taking up the load. Please contact Pam if you are interested in serving on the committee or helping on March 29 & 30, 2014.
  4. Pa. Racetrack in quarantine (Stan):  Our state equine vet sent out two emails: Several horses at Parxs Racetrack in Pa. tested positive for Herpes. We were all recommended to check with our equine vet about Fall Vaccines and updating inoculations.
  5.  Delaware Agricultural Industry Dinner: January 23, 2014 At Dover Downs – Reception at 5 pm, with dinner at 6:30 pm. Cost is $60.00 per person. Contact Ken for a copy of the application.

The meeting was adjourned at 8 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council
Monday, October 21, 2013
Monthly meeting minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of 9/16/2013: $22,218.43; deposits: None;   deductions: $158.40 ($50 to Site One - internet service; $36.80 to Kathy Watson - reimbursement for postage for Member Appreciation Day letters sent out; $4.60 to Ken Horeis – reimbursement for postage for the directories; $67 to Edible Arrangements – sympathy arrangement for Stan Vonasek & family); Ending balance as of 10/21/2013:$22,060.03 which includes $15,00.00 in CDs. Connie Lundquist made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. Marie Johnson seconded the motion and it passed. Next Meeting: November 18, 2013 at 7 pm at the Harrington Moose Lodge. (Election Night)
Committee Report:

  1. Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Carol brought a stack of repurposed magazines. She asked members to help distribute them.
  2. Trails (Mary Everhart and Anna Nordberg): See item 5 under New Business.
  3. Directory (Ken Horeis): Ken has extended the ad deadline to October 25th. Tonight he turned in $2600. There will be 12 new ads and a few less returning ads than last year.
  4. Southern States Feed Proof of Purchase seals (Marie Johnson): We have 1800 tags. (1800 * $0.25 = $450) Once we have our tax exempt status again, we can redeem them. Marie was given the 1099 form that we will need to file.
  5. Newsletter (Pam): Pam thanked Stan for putting out the most recent newsletter while she was away. Stan revealed to us the amount of work that is needed to accomplish this task, and encouraged everyone to ask for the newsletter via email.

Old Business:

  1. Tax Exempt Update (Kim): Ken will call Senator Carney’s office to get the most recent information on our status. Ken’s recent call went unanswered due to Mr. Slater attending meetings held upstate.
  2. Member Appreciation Day (Stan): 92 people attended. Check the newsletter for an article and photos. Many members asked for the caterer’s info: Shorty’s phone number is (302) 684 – 1607
  3. 2013 Equine Health Short Course (Wayne): University of Delaware is offering this 3 night seminar at the Paradee Center in Dover, DE in November. Presenters are Dr. Carissa Wickens and Susan Garey. Wayne reminded us that the deadline to sign up was 10/23.
  4. Mustang & Burro Halloween Trail Ride (Connie): Sunday, October 27 at Redden Forest Headquarters for a $25 fee. The event gets started at 10 am.

New Business:

  1. Budget (Kim): The proposed budget was handed out. Kim & Stan went over each listing. Dan Watson made a motion to accept the 2014 budget as proposed. Connie Lundquist seconded the motion. All present voted yes. The budget was approved.
  2. Webmaster: Thalia, along with Sly, has worked with the website this year, but Thalia’s new job will not allow her the time she needs to devote to the website.  Pam contacted both the MD Horse Council webmaster (Mystic Landing) and the PA Horse council webmaster to get an idea of what services we would need and how much the services cost. Pam received and forwarded Mystic Landings info to the Board today. Carol also contacted a friend about helping us. Carol received (and forwarded to Board members) suggestions to improve our website and her fee schedule. Amanda Woodall suggested that we contact some of the local colleges’ web design departments to possibly hire a senior student to design our website as a senior project and train us to maintain it.  Once the Board has all the info from the other webmasters and looks at these websites, a decision will be made to hire a webmaster.
  3. AHC National Welfare Code of Practice (Stan): The American Horse Council sent an e-letter to all the state Equine councils asking each to endorse the National Welfare Code of Practice. Wayne Nebel suggested that we sent up a link to the document (both on the DEC website and on Facebook), ask members to review it and vote on endorsing it at the January or February, 2014 meeting.
  4. Soring Legislation (Stan): Stan received an email from an Equine Protection Specialist with the Humane Society. He suggested we contact our legislators to encourage them to support “Prevent All Soring Tactics” Act.  A link will be set up for members to access the email & website. Stan will write letters to our Federal representatives and keep us posted.
  5. PA Equine Council Link & Trail Info (Stan): Stan was contacted by the Pa Equine Council. They are adding a trial riding page to the Mid Atlantic Equine website and would like permission to include a link to our website. He also would like additional info on places to ride and photos. He receives many visitors to his website from Delaware and would like to link to the DEC website.  Stan forwarded the email to the Board and to Mary (Trails committee chair). Mary likes the idea and suggested we may want a page dedicated to horseback riding/trail riding for easy “navigation”. For example, the State Parks link doesn’t take you directly to trails. She states that the link we send to them should go right to horseback riding. We need time to figure out how to do this directly.
  6. Newsletter Ad Rates (Ken): Ad rates need to be established for our newsletter. Ken suggested the following rates for nonmembers: full page - $100; ½ page - $75; ¼ page - $50; business card ad - $25. Members will receive discounts. Pam will talk with Linda Chick about suggested rates.
  7. Review Election Process (Ken): Members will register as they walk in. We will be voting on a president, treasurer and two directors. Ballots will be handed out when it’s time to vote. Nominations can be made from the floor that night.

Thalia Von Opstall and Amanda Woodall have offered to run as directors. Amanda introduced herself and told us about her involvement with horses. She is a vet tech at Delmarva Equine clinic.

  1. DE Horse Expo (Pam): Chicks and DEC will be cosponsoring Stacy Westfall. DEC will also be sponsoring Kirsten Willey.
  2. Blackbird State Forest: Donna Hurst asked Carol to present the idea of DEC donating a mounting block (with a plaque) near the parking lot by the port-a-potties at Blackbird State Forest. More than 50% of the park users are equestrians. We need to look into how to secure it and the cost of a permanent mounting block. The Board will look into this.
  3. Stallion Service Auction (Ken): Ken looked into this idea as a fundraiser for DEC. It’s too late for 2013.
  4. Miscellaneous: Hollering Hooves is holding an open 4-H equine event on November 16th at Apex Arabians. It’s a “Clean and Groom” event. Twelve teams of three 4-Hers have to clean up their horse (after the horse has been muddied) and then groom it. They have invited us to come out and show support for the group. We can also set up our booth. Hollering Hooves has their awards program in January and has asked if we would donate a t-shirt, a sweatshirt and two youth memberships as prizes. Ken made a motion to donate these items, Pam seconded it and the motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson



Delaware Equine Council

September 16, 2013

Monthly meeting minutes


The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President Stan Vonasek. All officers and all the directors, except Carol Seiler, were present.

Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on the DEC website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table. Kathy sent out invitation letters to DEC’s Commercial and Organizational members for the Member Appreciation Day.

Correspondence: Thank You letter from Susan Garey for supporting 4H Show Champions. Thank You from Stan and Laurie Vonasek for the condolences and the fruit arrangement sent upon his mother’s death.

 Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of 8/19/13: $22,443.58; deposits: $30.00; deductions of $255.15 ($35 – Tax Chicks – accountant for non-profit; $202.18 – Pam Nebel – postage for newsletter; $17.97 – Kathy Watson – computer ink); Ending balance: $22,218.43 which includes $15,000 in CDs. Kay Mildon made a motion to accept the report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by Dan Watson. The motion passed.


Next Meeting:  October 21, 2013at 7 pm at the Harrington Moose Lodge.


Committee Reports:

Trails (Mary Everhart and Anna Nordberg): No report


Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Several members brought in magazines for Carol to refurbish. (Note: The Member Appreciation Day may be an excellent time to bring your old magazines.)


By Laws Review committee (Ken Horeis): The By Laws, with the proposed changes, were reviewed (originally presented at the August meeting). Tandy Cook recommended that we include info about the planning by the Board and approval by the members of our annual budget. We proposed: Article III Section 4: The Board of Directors will prepare an annual budget, and present it to the general membership for review and vote at the October meeting.  The Standing Rules, with proposed changes, were reviewed. A motion was made by Kathy Watson to approve the By Laws and Standing Rules. It was seconded by Pam Nebel. It passed unanimously. The new rates go into effect January, 2014. All other changes go into effect immediately (9/18/2013).


Old Business

  • Member Appreciation Day (Stan): As of 9/15, we have 50 people attending. Shorty said he needs to have a firm number by 9/18. The small loop through Redden Forest is about an hour long, and the longer loop takes about 1 ½ hours. Event starts at 10 am.  Lunch is being served from noon to 2 pm. Michelle Egli has offered to do a presentation on Equine Chiropractor services around 12:30 pm. Nonmembers are reminded that the fee to attend is $10. The address for Redden State Forest Headquarters Tract: 18074 Redden Forest Drive, Georgetown, DE. Stan, Ken, Pam & Wayne Nebel can also give directions. The Board plans to post a large sign on Rt. 113 to help direct attendees.
  • Directory (Ken): Ken enlisted assistance from several members present to call businesses/ organizations/ people listed in the current Directory. We need to ensure that they are still in business, their info is correct and they are under the proper heading. Ken also has ad forms.


  • Tax Exempt Status: Ken spoke to Drew Slater and will set up an appointment to check on our application status. He forwarded information to Mr. Slater about our progress (or lack of progress) in this matter. Mr. Slauter is checking with the IRS office in Wilmington concerning our application.


  • Nominating Committee (Dan & Pam): November’s ballot will include: President, Treasurer and two (2) Directors. Stan has said that he will run again, but would like others to also run.


New Business:

  • Banquet: Kathy Watson has consented to be the chairperson. Next year’s Scholarship Fundraiser will be Saturday, March 22, 2014 at the Harrington Moose Lodge. Tandy Cook and Wendy Lippincott have volunteered to be members of the planning committee. We plan to start working in January. If interested, please call Kathy at 698-9507.


  • Newsletter: Ad rates need to be established for upcoming issues.


  • Miscellaneous: (A) Ramon Dominquez was recently honored (9/14) at Delaware Park. Governor Markell declared September 14 as Ramon Dominquez. He postponed kidney stone surgery to attend. A get well card will be sent to Ramon. (B) The September issue of Horse Force Monthly will be its last issue. (C)  Health concerns have been raised about some horses in Delaware, so keep a close eye on your horse(s) condition. (Note: News was released over the weekend about a young horse in Sussex County that succumbed to Equine Encephalitis, from an insect bite.)


The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Kathy Watson



Delaware Equine Council
August 19, 2013
Monthly meeting minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by Vice President, Ken Horeis. President, Stan Vonasek and Director Connie Lundquist were absent. All other officers and directors were present.

Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on website, with a few hard copies placed on a side table.

Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of 7/15/2013: $22,668.52; deposit of $100; deductions of $324.94 ($40.00 to Site One – Internet Server; $284.94 to Discount for promotional items); Ending balance as of 8/19/2013: $22,443.58, which includes $15,000.00 in CDs. A motion was made by Dan Watson to accept the report and to pay all bills. It was seconded by Wayne Nebel. The motion passed.

Next Meeting: September 16, 2013 at 7 pm at the Harrington Moose Lodge.

Committee Reports:
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Please bring in magazines for Carol to “recycle”.
Trails (Mary Everhart via email): Anna Nordberg (of the First State Coon Hunters) will be joining Mary on the Trails Committee. The most significant equestrian news is that the trail work on the north side of the C & D Canal has begun. A press release can be found at: Mary will be attending several meetings representing DEC and equine interests: the DNREC Trails Steering Committee - Tuesday, August 27 at Judge Morris Center; the White Clay Creek Advisory Board - October 22 at the Nature Center – one item which will likely be on the agenda is plans for the Tri State Marker trail in the Pennslyvania White Clay Creek Preserve with hopes to eventually connect to trails in the Delaware White Clay Creek State Preserve; the Greenways Council - September 18, 2013.
By Laws Review committee (Ken Horeis): Ken thanked the other members of the committee - Kim, Kathy and Donna Hurst – for all the work done. This past winter and spring members expressed their concerns about several issues that needed to be addressed in the By Laws. Ken read the proposed changes in the By Laws (At the end of this document is the file with the proposed changes in blue, also posted on the DEC website). Donna Hurst inquired whether DEC has insurance on those acting on the DEC’s behalf. Ken said that he is not aware of any. Kathy read the proposed changes in the Standing Rules (At the end of this document is the file with the proposed changes in red, also posted on the website). Several members made suggestions: take out “Attend Educational Clinics” since we open guest speakers to all. Other suggestions helped to clarify the wording of several items. Kay suggested that we vote on these Standing Rules at the next regular monthly meeting. This will give more members time to look over the proposed changes.

Old Business:
Tax Exempt Update (Kim): Kim has received several letters from the IRS, but no news on our status. While traveling in Georgetown, Ken stopped to visit Congressman Jon Carney’s District office. He spoke to Drew Stauter and will set up an appointment to check on our application status. Mr. Stauter stated that several organizations are having issues with receiving their not-for-profit status. Ken has copies of all the paperwork that we have filed. He will obtain other pertinent information from Kim tonight.
Member Appreciation Day (Stan): Sunday, September 29th at Redden Headquarters. Shorty’s will be the caterer – Chicken, ribs, sides, ice tea & lemonade. Lunch will be served from 12 noon to 2 pm. Gates open at 10 am. RSVP to Stan (302) 684-3966 or by September 15th. Adult members are free and can bring 1 immediate family member. Youth members are free. Organizational & Commercial members can send 1 representative free. All members, including our Commercial & Organizational members can set up a booth (They can set up displays, hand out information and/or sell items). Perhaps we can set up a “Used Tack for Sale” table. Previously, Stan said the gravel area can hold 8 – 10 trailers, the grassy area can hold about 100. Get the word out!
Fair Review: This year we were moved to the building behind the Commodities building, with the University of Delaware groups. Although we had received a confirmation letter from the State Fair Committee, the Department of Agriculture did not include us in their schedule. We feel that the Agriculture Department dropped the ball. We will inquire about setting up our booth in the Quillen Arena on days when equine events are scheduled.
Directory (Ken): Ken handed out the new price list for Directory Ads and a copy of the letter he is sending to current and future customers. Prices are slightly higher due to set up fees for ads that are not ‘Camera Ready”. The back covers (inside and outside) have already been sold. Ken proposed that DEC again offer $100 to the member who sells the most new ads. Ken offered a discount to Commercial and Organizational members: $15 off a full page ad and $10 off a half page ad.
New Business:
Nominating Committee (Ken for Stan): Dan Watson and Pam Nebel volunteered to work on the committee. This November, the following offices are up for election/re election: vice president, treasurer, and one (1) director’s position (Thalia Van Opstall currently holds this position).
Equine Health Short Course - Dr. Carissa Wickens: The University of Delaware Cooperative Extension is offering a three evening educational series on topics in horse health in November at the Kent County extension Office - Paradee Center in Dover, DE. Info will be posted on the DEC website. Carissa will be moving in December to accept a position in Florida. She will be missed.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson






Delaware Equine Council
July 15, 2013
Monthly meeting minutes

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by President, Stan Vonasek. All officers and directors were present.
Secretary’s Report: (Kathy Watson) Minutes available on website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz): Starting balance as of 6/17/2013: $23,513.87; deposits of $300.00; deductions of $1,145.35 ($100 – Coalition of State Horse Councils – sponsorship; $750 – Department of Treasurer – nonprofit status fees; $161.56 – Pam Nebel – postage for DEC newsletter; $125 – Holiday Inn - room rental for June meeting; $8.79 – Dollar Tree – supplies for painting horses at Kid Fest) Ending balance as of 7/15/2013: $22,668.52 which includes $15,000 in CDs. A motion was made by Kay Mildon & seconded by Connie Lundquist to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. The motion passed.

Next Meeting: August 19, 2013 at 7 pm at the Harrington Moose Lodge.

Committee Reports:
By Laws Review committee (Ken Horeis): The committee met on Wednesday, July 10 - reviewed their work on the By Laws and worked on the Standing Rules. Ken will email each Board member (and each committee member) the proposed By Law changes. Kathy will email the proposed changes in the Standing Rules. The committee will be meeting in August to finalize the proposed changes. The final report will be ready for the DEC August meeting. As per Roberts Rules of Order: Thirty days notice will be given for the proposed changes to the By Laws. A 2/3 majority of the members present is needed to approve each proposed change.
Magazine Redistribution (Carol Seiler): Carol needs magazines to refurbish and redistribute.

Old Business:
Tax Exempt Update (Kim): The check has been cashed, but we haven’t received word about our status. Kim will keep checking via phone and online (list of Not-for-Profit organizations) and give them a month to respond about our reinstatement as a 501(C) 5. We plan on pursuing filing for 501(C) 3.
Fair Booth (Stan): The DEC booth was moved to the Ag Department Education Building on 7/25 & 26. The schedule was circulated at the meeting. DEC received four tickets to distribute to booth workers. The 4-H awards start at 5 pm on Saturday night, 7/28 in the Ice Rink. Wayne Nebel will help hand out awards and take pictures.
Member Appreciation Day (Stan): Sunday, September 29th at Redden Headquarters. Shorty’s will be the caterer – Chicken, ribs, sides, ice tea & lemonade. DEC will need to provide plates, napkins, cups, plastic ware & dessert (possibly watermelons?). Lunch will be served from 12 noon to 2 pm. Gates open at 10 am. RSVP to Stan (302) 684-3966 or by September 15th. Adult members are free and can bring 1 immediate family member. Youth members are free. Organizational & Commercial members can send 1 representative free. Kathy will compose a letter to send to our Commercial & Organizational members to invite them to set up a booth (They can set up displays, hand out information and/or sell items). Perhaps we can set up a “Used Tack for Sale” table. We’ll check the DEC trailer for door prize items. Wayne inquired about the number of trailers that can be parked at Redden headquarters. Stan said the gravel area can hold 8 – 10 trailers, the grassy area can hold about 100.
Barn Tour (Ken): Since Delaware Park races at 1 pm, the barn tour will start at 7 am. It was suggested to organize a “Day at the Races” instead – Carpool to Delaware Park, have lunch and watch the races. We’ll conduct a survey on Facebook to find out if there is any interest in attending & possible date.

New Business:
Equine Industry Directory (Ken): Ken handed out the new price list for Directory Ads and a copy of the letter he is sending to current and future customers. Prices are slightly higher due to set up fees for ads that are not ‘Camera Ready”. Ken plans to enlist members from each county to call those currently listed in the Directory to verify next years’ listings. The back covers (inside and outside) have already been sold. Ken proposed that DEC again offer $100 to the member who sells the most new ads. Please contact anyone, any organization and/or any company that would like a (free) listing in the Directory and/or to purchase an advertisement. Ken has received plenty of positive feedback about ads. He has a possible ad from a Pennsylvania company that sells small horse farm manure containers.
Scholarship Criteria (Thalia Van Opstall): Thalia made a motion: Effective in 2014, the DEC Scholarship criteria will state that the applicant must be (1) A U.S. citizen or a permanent resident; (2) Delaware resident or DEC member. The motion was seconded by Ken. Thalia explained that a permanent resident pays federal, state and social security taxes. The motion passed unanimously. The scholarship application form will be revamped to include a check off box: __ U.S. citizen or __ Permanent resident: Alien Registration number __________
Calendar of Events (Pam): The Calendar of Events needs to be updated in each newsletter. Please let Thalia or Pam know of any upcoming events for August/September so that Thalia can post them on our website calendar and Pam can get them in the newsletter. Organizations need to be sure to let us know the dates of their events.
Nutrition Management Equine Style (Ken): At the August 6th meeting of the Nutrient Management Commission, the PA company mentioned above, will have a speaker presenting information about composting horse manure. (By attending this meeting, you can earn one (1) credit toward a Nutrition Management Certificate.) Ken will report back after attending this meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson


Delaware Equine Council

Meeting Minutes

June 17, 2013


Meeting was called to order at 7 pm by President Stan Vonasek. All officers were present. Four directors (Connie Lundquist, Pam Nebel, Carol Seiler & Dan Watson) were present, with a total of 11 people attending.

Secretary’s Report (Kathy): Minutes available on the website, with five hard copies placed on the side table.

Treasurer’s Report (Kim): Starting Balance (5/20/2013): $26,352.51; Deposits (0): $0.00; Total Deductions: $2,838.64 ($100.00 – Delmarva Driving Club – Sponsorship; $153.94 – Pam Nebel – P.O. box fee, containers for shirts, postage; $165.00 – Pam Nebel – postage for newsletter; $1,000 – Meredith Bonnell & $1,000 – Natalie Fogarty – scholarships; $399.75 – 0riental Trading Co. – promotional items for Kid Fest & State Fair; $19.95 – USPS- postage to send nonprofit application, certified, registered overnight to the Department of Treasury) Ending Balance (6/17/2013): $23,513.87, which includes $15,000 in CDs. Motion by Dan Watson, second by Connie Lundquist to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills. The motion passed unanimously.


Next meeting: July 15th at 7 pm at our new location, the Harrington Moose Lodge on Rte 13


Committee Reports:

  • Trails (Peggy): No report from Peggy or anyone on the committee. Stan thanked Wayne Nebel & Connie for joining him and Laurie at Redden Headquarters to work at Jester tract on June 1st for National Trails Day. The crew worked hard for several hours collecting a truck load of trash.
  • Newsletter Ad Committee (Donna & Megan): No report.
  • By-Laws committee (Ken): The committee will be meeting again before the end of June.
  • Magazine Redistribution (Carol): Carol needs magazines to recondition and distribute.


Old Business:

  • Tax Exempt update (Kim): DEC check was sent certified, registered, overnight mail to ensure it was received by May 23, 2013. Kim has yet to receive the return receipt. She will use the tracking number to find its location. Ken said that he spoke with Sue Garey, who informed him that the State Fair just recently filed for a 501(C) 3 status. Their paperwork was completed by Horty & Horty in Dover, who also perform the bookkeeping for several livestock organizations. Ken will check with the Sue to ask about the fee they paid Horty & Horty. The State Fair originally filed for a 501(C) 5 because the Delaware Secretary of State recommended that as a small agricultural organization, they file for a 501(C) 5 versus a 501(C) 3. Carol raised the question: Will the amount of donations offset the filing fees?  Most large companies (and individuals) do not like to make donations that are not tax deductable. (Update: IRS received and signed for the check on May 23, 2014.)
  • Delaware Park Barn Tour (Ken): Ken hasn’t been able to reach Bessie Gruwell to determine which Saturdays and Sundays in July through September are available for us to set up a tour date. The backside tour will start very early in the morning (by 7 am). Race dates run through October. The available dates will be posted on the website and included in the newsletter so we can determine the number of members planning to attend and the most convenient date.
  • Fair Booth (sign up) (Stan): Our booth dates are Thursday, 7/25 and Friday, 7/26. The signup sheet was circulated tonight and will also be available at our July meeting. Since Stan has the trailer with our materials, he has volunteered to do the set up. Pam and Wayne will do the take down. The Commodities building, where our booth is located, is air conditioned. Available times are: Thursday from 1 pm to 3pm & from 3 pm to 5 pm; Friday from 10 to noon & from 4 pm to 6 pm. Sign up at the July meeting or call Kathy Watson (302) 670-7358.
  • Member Appreciation Day (Stan): Kathy Watson made a motion that DEC host a member appreciation day on Sunday, September 29th, 2013 at the pavilion at Redden Headquarters. Connie seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Each member can bring one immediate family member at no cost. Stan has contacted Southern Grille in Ellendale ($16/person for fried chicken, ribs, sides, paper products, ice tea, lemonade & desserts); Emming’s ($15 for BBQ chicken; $16 for ribs; $18 for chicken & ribs; sides); He will also contact Park Place in Milford (caters the mule club party) and Shorty (does ribs, hamburgers, hotdogs, pig roasts). An R.S.V.P. date will be chosen so we will have an accurate number for the caterer. Members can bring their horses to ride and/or drive. Details to follow – save the date for this fun event!
  • Kid Fest (Kim): Kim said everything, except the weather, went well. The new location worked well and everyone was outside under tents. We were busy until about 1 pm, once the rain started, the crowds thinned out quickly.


New Business:

  • State Fair 4-H Show sponsorship (Ken): Pam made a motion that we sponsor the awards (engraved bridle bags) for the 4-H horse show at the State Fair. Our estimated cost is $200 (already in our budget). The Award presentation will begin at 5 pm on Saturday, 7/27 (All the awards are presented at this time).
  • AHC updates (Ken): Congressman Moran (Congressman from Virginia) is sponsoring a bill to ban funding for USDA inspectors from horse slaughtering plants.  Rhonda has heard about federal legislation that would prohibit veterinarians from carrying controlled substances and euthanasia drugs in their vehicles. (Due to reports of “vehicle invasions” where drugs are stolen.) The owner of the injured animal would take it to a designated area where it would be put down. (Many of these animals cannot be moved!) She suggested each of us contact our vet to find out who to contact to voice our displeasure with these pieces of legislation. It may take almost two years to be passed and enforced. States in our area are trying to coordinate plans on handling this federal legislation. Federal legislation has been introduced that would make therapeutic riding an insured medical treatment for wounded veterans.
  • Pens (Pam): Pam has narrowed the search for promotional pens to four styles. 500 pens would cost about $300. Kay made a motion to allow Pam to finish her research, consult with the Board members and order 500 pens. It was seconded by Cheryl and passed unanimously.
  • Membership (Pam): Last month we tabled a discussion about the number of monthly meeting held each year. Currently, we hold 11 meetings, omitting the December meeting. Pam suggested that we leave out another month, say June, giving us ten meeting dates a year. June is not a busy time for the Horse Council. This idea will be considered and discussed further. We’re also looking for ways to build up attendance at our meetings.

The Harrington Moose Lodge is pleased that we chose their facility to hold our monthly meetings

  • Southern States Proof of Purchase (Pam): Jill was collecting these at each meeting. We now must complete a W – 9 form for the money we receive (Kim has copies of this form). Stan read the Southern States proof of purchase earning statements from the last several years. The Milford Southern States, as well as Hudson’s in Harrington, has a container (designated for DEC) for shoppers to drop in their proof of purchase squares. Ken will contact Jill about the program. Carol volunteered to help Jill.
  • Newsletter (Pam): Pam brought extra newsletters if anyone wants to help distribute them.
  • Delaware Horse Expo (Pam): Pam asked if DEC will continue to sponsor/co-sponsor a clinician for the 2014 Delaware Horse Expo, so that she can move forward in the search. The answer was affirmative.
  • 2014 Directory (Ken): Ken has begun working on the 2014 Directory. This year the goal is to have the 2014 edition ready by January 1st. He is working on an updated price schedule for 2014. The ads and other items need to be in by the end of September or mid October. If you know anyone who may be interested in an ad or listing, please contact them or provide Ken with their contact info.


Meeting adjourned at 7:56 pm



May 20, 2013


Meeting was called to order at 7 pm by President Stan Vonasek. All officers were present. Five directors (Connie Lundquist, Pam Nebel, Wayne Nebel, Carol Seiler & Dan Watson) were present, with a total of 13 people attending.

Secretary’s Report (Kathy): Minutes available on the website, with five hard copies placed on the back table.

Treasurer’s Report (Kim): Starting Balance (4/15/2013)$32,042.98; Total Deposits(4): $4,368.00; Deductions: $10,058.47 ($42.76 – Pam Nebel – postage; $3,600 – printing Directories; $209.90 – Wayne Nebel –  gift cards for Jen Wilson & Sly for doing the website; $1,000 – Amber Callahan & $1,000 – Stacey Thompson – scholarships; $3,000 – Craig Cameron – Horse Expo clinician; $125 – Laurel Saddle Friends – donation for Livia; $1080.81 – Delaware Prison Industries – sweatshirts & T-shirts) Ending Balance (5/20/2013): $26,352.51, includes $15,000 in CDs. Motion by Donna Hurst, second by Kay Mildon to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills.

Next meeting: June 17th at 7 pm at the Holiday Inn Express in Harrington.

  • The Harrington Library has changed their meeting room policy. They will no longer lend out keys for evening meetings – Pam came in tonight before the library closed (6 pm) and waited in the meeting room until 6:50 pm to let us in. The June meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn Express on Route 13 in Harrington, at a cost of $125. We are looking for a new place to meet. Our goal is to try to keep the meetings located in Harrington, since it is centrally located for all our members. Pam will contact the Harrington Moose and inquire about their meeting room. Ken will contact Pam Robichaud about meeting at her new facility. (Later under National Trails Day, #3 of New Business, Donna suggested that we look into holding our monthly meeting at the education cabin at Redden Headquarters. She will look into this for us.)
  • How many meetings should we have per year? (Currently, we have 11, with no meeting in December.) Since we have poor attendance, should we switch to bimonthly meetings? Meetings could be held in the “odd numbered” months. Would we be able to get everything done with only six meetings a year? If needed, the Board could meet in the “even” months to conduct business. If we want more member involvement, reducing the number of meetings may be counterproductive. Further discussion is needed.

Committee Reports:

  • Trails (Peggy & Mary): Neither was present – no report had been sent.
  • By Laws (Ken): The committee has met once so far and identified several areas that need to be looked at more closely. We reviewed several other Equine Council By Laws to get ideas for ours. The next meeting will be in June, with the goal of a final draft ready by August or September.
  • Newsletter Ad (Donna): Stan presented some of the Boards’ ideas and mentioned that the By Law committee may be recommending only 2 types of memberships: adult at $20 and youth at $10. Ken talked about the types and cost of the various memberships in Maryland and in Pennsylvania. Has anyone looked into how this would impact the amount of dues that we take in each year? We currently have 57 Commercial, 11 organizational and 95 individual memberships. There are concerns that we may lose some commercial memberships. Their new rate would be lower but has no incentive other than being able to purchase a large ad in the newsletter. It was suggested to perhaps charge a little bit more and include the listings for commercial members (Separate county listings with phone numbers). Stan is concerned that listings in the newsletter will take away from the usefulness of the Directory. Donna suggested that we have 1 year memberships and offer life memberships for $250. We can limit ad sales to only members or have a higher rate for non - members. We could offer an incentive for the person, group, etc. who brings in the most new members.  Kay made a motion to table the discussion to a later meeting. It was seconded and passed.
  • Magazine Redistribution (Carol): Carol has about 6 – 8 magazines. Please bring them to each meeting when possible so we can keep this program going.


Old Business:

  • Tax Exempt Status (Kim): Kim talked to several interns at Senator Carney’s office, who can’t seem to help us. Kim called the IRS (Talked to a Mrs. Turner) who told her that we should have received a letter asking us to send in the remaining $750. Kim received two different stories from her. Kim asked to talk to her manager, but she refused to connect Kim. Mrs. Turner said that we must send in the $750 balance by May 23rdor our account will be closed out. Kim went to the tax office in Greentree, which has merged with another company. They charge per hour to complete the forms. Our accountant was in Las Vegas over the weekend. A motion was made that we pay the $750 ASAP, and then look into changing our status to a 501(C) 3. Kathy Watson made the motion, Pam Nebel seconded it and everyone voted in favor of it. Our accountant will know how to expedite the money to the IRS.
  • Healthy Kids Safety Day: Stan, Connie, Molly and Carol did the equine sessions. They spoke with 6 groups of 25 kids for 20 minutes each. Carol brought a pony & a mini horse for the children to brush.
  • Horse Force Series Final (Pam): Country Comfort Stables in St. Michaels was the location for the Horse Force Series Final sponsored by DEC. It was very well attended. Pam & Wayne said the ribbons and plaques that we sponsored looked great.  Everything went very well.
  • AHC Conference (Stan): DEC will pay for a member to attend (Includes the registration fee, parking,  lunch & gas money). Both Wayne and Stan have attended in previous years. Wayne would like to attend, but would like to give other members a chance to go. No one volunteered to attend, so Wayne Nebel said that he would attend. (It was later determined that Wayne had a previous commitment and will be unable to attend.)  The meetings begin Sunday, June 16th and end Wednesday morning, June 19th. Stan made a motion to approve funds for Wayne to attend. Ken seconded it and it passed unanimously.
  • Delaware Park Barn Tour (Ken): The Maryland Equine Council is doing something similar at one of their race tracks. They’re charging $40 which includes a buffet luncheon and speaker (Steuart Pittman), a barn tour and a meeting with a jockey & owner. Our tour may be an all day event. It will start very early possibly at 8 am at the track, because all activities in the barns are finished by 10 am. We will look into doing it on a Saturday. Steuart Pittm
  • New Business:
  • Steuart Pittman and Carissa Wickens are both interested in partnering with us for this event.
  • Fair Booth (Stan): Our booth dates are Thursday, July 25th & Friday, July 26th. A signup sheet will be circulated at the June meeting.  
  • Member Appreciation Day (Stan): Stan suggested we have a Member Appreciation Day at Redden Headquarters on Sunday, September 29th. Members can ride and/or drive their horses if they like. A catered lunch (looking into Emmy’s, Southern Grille or a pig roast) will be provided. All agreed it is a great idea. Details need to be worked out on the price for “nonmember” family members who wish to join us; indentifying members at the event; info tables for the organizational and commercial members, etc. Save the date! More info to come!
  • National Trails Day: Stan contacted Junior Webb to make arrangements for trail cleanup at Redden Headquarters on June 1st.  Stan received a stack of trash bags for our use. Last year ten members worked for three hours. Remember to bring bug spray! (Full strength Listerine makes a great bug spray.) Interested members will meet at 9 am at the Jester Tract. Pam sent around a signup sheet. Perhaps we can have our monthly meetings in their educational cabin. (Carol has a horse fly spray recipe: equal parts of water, pine sol & apple cider vinegar.)
  • Other:
  • Email articles for the June & July newsletter to Pam, who will forward them to Kim Chick.
  • Kid Fest will be June 8th at the Boys & Girls Club on Airport Road in Milford. Kim & Connie will be there starting at 9 am. Event times are 10 am to 4 pm. Kids are free; adults pay $5 and ride and game wristbands are $5.


A motion was made, seconded and unanimously passed to adjourn at 8:28 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Kathy Watson




April 15, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. All officers (Stan Vonasek, Ken Horeis, Kim Schwartz and Kathy Watson) and 4 directors (Pam Nebel, Wayne Nebel, Carol Seiler and Thalia Van Opstall) were present, with a total of 16 people present.
Secretary’s Report (Kathy): Minutes available on website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report (Kim): Starting balance (3/18/2013): $30,402.36; Deposits of $5533.00; Deductions of $3892.38 ($250 – Jennifer Tinnes – DJ for banquet; $212.90 – Pam Nebel – newsletter postage & Robert Rules books; $200 – Moose Caterers – deposit for banquet; $10.86 – Stan Vonasek – postage; $100 – April Murray – selling the most ads; $500 – cash for change at the banquet; $1000 – Elsje Marneweck – Scholarship; $1123 – Women of the Moose – caterer; $212.89 – Stan – reimbursement for computer software for website; $183.70 – Boscov’s – 30 polo shirts; $18.49 – Southern States – auction supplies; $34.54 – Staples – auction supplies; $8.50 – Party City – tickets for raffles; $37.50 – Kim Schwartz – auction supplies; Ending balance (4/15/2013): $32,042.98 which includes $15,000 in CDs. A motion was made by Wayne & seconded by Carol to pay all bills.

Committee Reports:
Trails (Peggy Kosner): Peggy was absent. No one present had any new info.
Newsletter Ad (Megan Warnick): Megan was absent. Donna Hurst gave the board a first draft of a proposed letter to be sent to commercial members about the changes in the newsletter. Board members will review it at the upcoming Board meeting. Donna said the best way to reach her for comments is to call her at 492-3932.
By-Laws (Ken Horeis): The committee will meet at 7 pm at Ken’s house on May 1st. Committee members are Ken, Megan, Donna, Kim, Kathy and Rhonda. Ken asked each to bring a list of the items in the by-laws that most need to be addressed.

Old Business:
Tax Exempt Status (Kim): Kim has talked to everyone in Congressman John Carney’s office regarding our submittal to IRS to resolve DEC’s not-for-profit status. Robynne Jarmon asked how long DEC has been dealing with this problem. Kim told her that we have been working on it since last May. Ken stated that after the last meeting Stan contacted The Coalition of State Horse Councils across the country and many of the councils seem to be having the same problems that we are. New Mexico Horse Council has finally resolved their not-for-profit status after two years, but the New Mexico Horse Federation has not. Robynne said that she filed (for the first time) for a 501(C) 3 status and received her approval after 2 months. Some groups can qualify to only pay $100 (instead of $850) because they made less than $25,000 three years in a row. Pam mentioned that we look into filing for a 501(C) 3 status so that it might be easier to solicit donations for the scholarship dinner. Our accountant is a certified C.P.A. who volunteers her time to help us out. There are very few accountants in the area that can help with the paperwork for 501(C) 3 or 501(C) 5. Stan asked if the accountant thought that if we paid the full $850 amount we would get approved. Kim said yes, she does but is afraid that we won’t get the other money back. The accountant suggests that we wait to hear from Congressman Carney’s office first. Robynne said that there is a not-for-profit accountant in Greentree Shopping Center. Kim went to them but they told her that they would not do it. Marie Johnson said that her son’s company, Lank, Johnson & Tull, do help with filing for Not-for-profit status. They have offices in Milford & Dover. Robynne said that it costs $850 to file for a 501(C) 3. She also paid $1100 to Legal Zoom to file on line. There are certain items that are needed when applying, which include three year budget plan, where the money is spent, what we do in the community, etc.
Magazine Redistribution Program (Carol): Carol needs more magazines to recondition and needs more DEC labels to put on them. She did distribute some in New Castle County. There are other places where members can drop off magazines (listed on page 8 in the Directory: Rainbow’s End Tack Shop, Seaford; C-Line Stables, Odessa; Milford Southern States, Milford and Chick’s, Harrington). Stan can check Milford Southern States, Ken with Chick’s and Kathy will call Cecile about C-Line Stables.
DE Horse Expo (Wayne & Pam): The Craig Cameron Extreme Cowboy Race Exhibition was very well attended. Craig Cameron was excellent. There were several excellent clinicians and we were able to tie in past clinicians, such as Brenda Wise and Tara Jones. Craig said that he had a great time and hopes to come back. He thanked The Delaware Equine Council and Chicks for sponsoring him. There were problems with the sound system. Our t-shirt, polo shirts and sweatshirt sales were outstanding. New sweatshirts (regular, pullover hoodies and zip up hoodies) purchased from the Corrections Department were a big hit. We sold out of both the zip up and pull over hoodies. Kim deposited $1838, with included $45 in Equine liability signs. We need some smaller adult sizes (all items) and children’s sizes in the sweatshirts. We used to buy the sweatshirts at Boscov’s, but now we will be buying them from the Corrections Department prison where the silk screening is done. The Department has a new brand of sweatshirt which is a higher quality than those previously used. They are now charging a $1.00 additional fee for silk-screening or embroidering items purchased elsewhere. Purchasing from the Corrections facility will save a lot of travel time and paperwork in addition to providing a better quality product. Tee shirt sales were also outstanding, even with the increase of price of $10.
Directory Update (Stan): The directory has a new look, which everyone likes, and we’re getting many good remarks about it. Ken took copies of the directory to Wells Fargo. They are interest in paying NOW for their ad for next year’s directory. Ken has been talking to the printer about next year’s book. They may be different prices for camera ready ads and for ads that need to be set up. Someone asked about whom gets a listing placed in the directory. We ask people to let us know if (and where) they want to be listed. Listings are free but not automatic. Please let someone know if your organization or business wants to be listed. Stan called several people who were previously listed to check to see if wanted a listing in the 2013 directory. We need to look into contacting the organizations about getting listed. Donna said that it is mentioned in the newsletter in the fall issues. Jennifer starts teaching next fall and won’t have time to help get the directory ready. We want to start earlier (October) on the directory ads. This way the books can be handed out around January 1st, and we won’t be asking for money for several items at the same time of the year. Kay asked for about 30 copies to hand out. Ken talked to several possible new advertisers. When he showed them the Directory they were impressed and some have indicated that they are interested in purchasing ads in next year’s directory. We made a profit of $3100 on the directories.
Scholarship Banquet (Board): It was one of the best that DEC has ever had: good venue, outstanding food, attractive set up and excellent service. Having the dance floor in the middle was great. Our net profit this year was $5631. This total was an increase from past years even though we had fewer attendees, fewer auction items and gave up our 50/50 raffle so that the Laurel Saddle Friends could sell raffle tickets to help a friend in need. The Lodge set up the tables and decorated them; meals were less expensive than other vendors. We need to set up a committee now to begin organizing for next year. Carol suggested that we change the name – Scholarship Banquet – sounds too formal. All agreed that scholarship dinner would sound better. Another suggestion was to have a bull roast.
USDA Animal Disease Traceability Program (Ken): Ken contacted the State Vets office after some concerns were raised at the last two meetings. He was told that it will take about two years to firm up guidelines and police them. They suggest that you have current listing of vaccines; Coggins test (within 12 month) and some type of I.D. for each horse with you when crossing stateliness. It would be nice if the NJ, Pa, MD, DE and VA area could come up with a standardized program for the Mid - Atlantic area.
Board Member Election (Stan): An election was held to fill Kay Mildon’s director position through Nov. 2014. Megan Warnick was nominated at the March meeting. There were some concerns about Megan having enough time to fill the director’s position. Robynne Jarman nominated herself, but would not be willing to participate in any fundraising (no solicitation of donations for any fundraisers.) Connie Lundquist was nominated from the floor and accepted the nomination. Election results were: Connie – 14 votes; Megan – 1 vote; Robynne – 0 votes; abstain – 1 vote. Congratulations to Connie, who will be our new director filling the position through November 2014.
Southern Delaware Therapeutic & Recreational Horseback Riding, Inc.: Kathy asked for an address to send the certificate on their 25th anniversary. Stan gave it to her: P.O. Box 219. Nassau, DE 19969
New Business:
Healthy Kids Safety Day at Trappe Pond (Stan): Date is May 9th - it starts at 9am and ends at 2 pm. We do a 20 minute presentation about horses. Molly Esterson has helped in the past, but may not be available this year. Carol, Connie and possibly Robynne will help. Robynne has a horse skull and horse teeth that she can lend out for the day. Contact Stan if you are willing to help out.
Horse Force Schooling Show Series Final April 27th (Pam): It will be held at Country Comfort Farm in St. Michaels, Maryland. The May cover of Horse Force Monthly will have our scholarship winners.
AHC Updates (Ken): Ed Whitfield has introduced a bill to prevent soring. The USDA will be receiving $1.2 million less this year in Federal funds.
Proclamation (Stan): Stan read the proclamation that we received the night of the Scholarship Banquet. Our Governor declared the first week in April as Horse Appreciation Week. The week’s events culminated with the Delaware Horse Expo in Harrington.
Possible new meeting place: Apex Arabians located on Williamsville Road outside of Harrington has volunteered their place for future meetings. The board will look into the possibility.
Barn Tour (Stan): The Thoroughbred Association would like us to tour their facilities at Delaware Park sometime in June. We would also stay for a race and possibly have a picture with a winning horse. Discussion is still taking place on the feasibility of a barn tour at this location.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.
Next meeting is May 20, 2013 at 7 p.m. at the Harrington Library.


March 18, 2013

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 President Stan Vonasek. All officers were present: Stan, Ken Horeis, Kim Schwartz and Kathy Watson. All Directors present: Carol Seiler, Kay Mildon, Wayne Nebel, Pam Nebel, and Thalia Van Opstall. There were a total of 23 people present.
Secretary’s Report : Minutes are available on website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table. Stan read a brief review of the minutes. There were two typos: Old business part 9 (Board Member Election) I had written Peggy announced that… it should be Paula announced that… The next paragraph starts with Megan Warren made a motion…it should say Megan Warnick made a motion… Mary Everhart asked me to check the tape recording of the February meeting to see if she called for a motion (about rescinding “April’s election being declared null and void) to be brought to the floor. She did, but I had not included this in the minutes.
Treasurer’s Report (Kim): Starting balance (2/18/2013): $26,815.86; deposits: $4385.00; deductions: $798.50 ($53.75 – April Murray – stamps; $530.26 Stan Vonasek – DEC key chains; $64 – Pam Nebel – stamps; $68.49 – April Murray – Ink & copies for the directory; $47 – Kim Schwartz – ink and stamps; $10 – returned check fee; $25 – Delaware Equine Council franchise tax); Ending balance: $30,402.36 which includes $15,000 in CDs.
A motion was made (by Ken and seconded by Kay) to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills.
Next meeting: April 15, 2013 at 7 pm at the Harrington Library.
**The tape recorder did not record the rest of the meeting.
Committee Reports:
Trails (Peggy Kosner): Peggy talked to David Davis at a presentation he had given. DelDot put crush–n–run on the trail at C & D canal. Fish and Wildlife will run the C & D Canal area. (They’re not very horse friendly.) Lums Pond will have 2 parking lots for equine activities. Signs will be posted on the road indicating the location of the equine lots. Stan asked if there was any news on the National Park issue. Peggy said they seem to be looking at historical sites. Mary Everhart let us know that the Beaver Valley Conservancy is on Facebook.
Newsletter Ad (Megan Warnick): Megan was asked to chair this committee at the February meeting and agreed. She informed us tonight that she would be unable to work on it for at least three months. She and Donna Hurst, the other committee member, have not convened to date. Selling ads for the newsletter is in our By-Laws. Stan asked Peggy if we have done this (selling ads for the newsletter) in the past. She said we have (Dave Wilson, Wicked R, and a real estate ad) but not since 2006. The rates were posted inside the first page of the newsletter. New rates would need to be established and should cover the cost of any extra postage needed to mail out the newsletter. The current cost of the 16 pages is $1.12. Megan made a motion about discontinuing the printing of the business cards for commercial members in each newsletter. Donna Hurst asked why we can’t tell commercial members that starting in 2014 we will no longer list their business card in the newsletter. April asked about the number of 2013 commercial members. Pam (our membership chair) said that we have 30 fewer commercial members this year. (Some still owe money.)Paula Barto said that we need to look at the economic repercussions of dropping the business card ads – will we lose commercial memberships? Donna remarked that it’s only $10 more for a commercial membership (It’s actually $20 more than an individual & $10 more than an organizational membership) – which isn’t enough to break anyone. She recommended that we up the cost of our dues. Several others (Mary, Ken, Peggy) had comments on the issue. Megan recommended that the business card listing be a perk of paying on time. Wayne pointed out that the purpose of the committee is to hash this out and make their recommendations to the Board. Donna restated the motion: From this moment forward, businesses purchasing a commercial membership will no longer have a business card listed in the newsletter as part of their commercial membership. The vote: for – 5; against – 15; abstain – 3. The motion was defeated. We have commercial members that have paid for several years already. Peggy recommended that we ought to talk to our commercial members to see what they think. Stan has received newsletters from other horse councils to share with the committee. The Board looks forward to hearing from the Newsletter Ad committee.
Old Business:
1) Tax Exempt Status (Kim): No new news. Kim said that Congressman Carney’s office has received her letter. Kim has also made an appointment with the accountant. Wayne suggested that we contact the congressman’s office to find out who will handle “our concern” and contact that person. April Murray asked when DEC first learned about our tax exempt status being denied (last spring) & why has it taken almost a year to straighten out. Kim & the accountant have been working on it since then to resolve the problem. Wayne explained the differences in the tax exempt categories (501(C) 5 versus 501(C) 3). Garry Collins said that he didn’t realize that his donation for the banquet was NOT tax deductible. Stan reminded us that when asking for any donations for DEC that we make sure the donor knows it is not tax deductible.
2) Magazine Redistribution (Carol): Carol brought magazines to be handed out. Remember to bring any magazines to each meeting to give to her to be reconditioned.
3) DE Horse Expo (Pam & Wayne): Dates: April 6th & 7th at the Harrington Fair grounds. Wayne talked about Craig Cameron, who will bring “The Extreme Cowboy Race” to the Expo. Wayne also talked about the other clinicians, speakers and some of the other activities at this year’s Expo. A signup sheet (for the table at the Quillen Arena and for the info table in the exhibition hall) was passed around. If you would like to help DEC at the Expo please contact Pam Nebel or (240) 994-2220.
4) Directory (Stan): April gave a financial report: Income - $4180 (color ads) + $2520 (black & white ads) = $6700 total; Cost of printing: $3600; Profit: $3100. April thanked Jennifer Wilson, Megan Warnick and Carol Seiler for their help. She had letters from Jennifer and from Michael Frebert (the printer) about how professional the directory looked. Megan asked about what will happen when we run out. Stan said we would order more. Stan talked about distributing them. He will keep track of who takes directories and where the directories are located.
5) Scholarship Banquet (Board): We have 90 people attending. We have $2400? In sponsorships and 50+ items for silent auction, live auction and door prizes.
6) Traceability Program (Stan): Stan talked about the info he has received. It requires a great deal of paperwork. Maryland is looking at a Mid Atlantic Alternative. Some states are looking at a GO Pass. North Carolina is looking at an animal event permit. Stan said that he would like to see a DelMarVa program. Garry Collins said he heard that Delaware isn’t participating. Stan pointed out that it’s a Federal mandate so every state must participate. Ken said that in the past Registered Papers have served as an Id and updated vaccination records and a negative Coggins test have been enough documentation. April asked if the Department of Agriculture has criteria set up. At this time, they do not.
7) Board Member Election (Stan): We will be voting tonight on a Director position to end in November, 2014. Dan Watson has indicated to the Board that he would like to run and Megan Warnick was nominated from the floor. Each candidate gave a short speech. We cast our ballots, which were counted by Garry and Carol. The results were announced later in the meeting: Dan – 14, Megan – 9.
8) Ad contest: $100 is to be awarded to the member selling the most new ads for the Directory. April is the winner! She intends to take Jennifer Wilson out to lunch with it.
New Business:
1) By-Laws Review Committee (Stan): Our By-Laws need to be reviewed and many items need to be clarified. The director’s duties were read and are very vague. Stan asked the Coalition of Horse Councils (which has 47 equine associations as members) for copies of By-Laws from the equine associations, and has received a few already. We need to form a committee to review the By-Laws – recommend changes, additions and deletions. Megan made a motion to form a By-Laws review committee. Pam seconded it. We voted and the motion passed. Donna, Megan, Ken, Kim, Rhonda and Kathy have volunteered to be on the committee. Ken will be the committee chair.
2) Healthy Kids Safety Day at Trappe Pond (Stan): This year’s date is Thursday, May 9th. It runs from 8:30 am to 2 pm. Last year Peggy and Paula ran a horse info session for us. It involves a short (15-20 minutes) presentation to groups of 4th graders (accompanied by their teacher). If interested, contact Stan at (302) 684-3966 or
3) Southern Delaware Therapeutic & Recreational Horseback Riding, Inc. (Stan): They are having a beach ride on April 6th (conflicts with the Horse Expo). This is their 25th year. We’ll send them a certificate (our secretary, Kathy will handle this). They are a 501(C)3 nonprofit group. We talked about sending a donation, but since they are not members of DEC, we decided to only send the certificate.
4) DelMarVa Driving Club 30th Anniversary (Stan): The DelMarVa Driving Club has been a long standing member of DEC. Peggy made a motion for a full page ad congratulating them on their 30th anniversary. Dan seconded the motion & it passed. We’ll have a certificate made. They are having a show on May 5th
5) Website software purchase (Thalia): Thaila needs to purchase Adobe Contribute ($199) so she can work on the newsletter. Her Mac computer is not compatible with the newsletter’s software. Sharon Little made a motion to purchase the software. Pam seconded the motion. We voted - the motion passed.
6) Horse Force Hay Bank Fundraiser (Pam): Fundraiser is at Rudy’s Restaurant in Harrington on … from… 15% of each check will go to the Hay Bank. Even though Horse Force is based in Maryland, they have donated hay twice to the Kent County SPCA in DE.
7) Resignation letter for Director Kay Mildon: Stan read Kay’s resignation letter. Paula asked about filling Kay’s position with a special election. Peggy made a motion to fill Kay’s position (ending in November, 2014) at the next monthly meeting. Donna seconded the motion. We voted on Peggy’s motion: yes – 19; no – 2. It passed. Megan Warnick was nominated from the floor for the position.
8) Laurel Saddle Club Fundraiser: Stan was contacted by Marilyn McConnell about a fundraiser to purchase a wig (and other medical supplies) for Alivia, the granddaughter of Linda & David Hastings. April made a motion to donate $100 to this fundraiser, seconded by Peggy. We voted in favor of the motion.
A motion was made at 8:52 pm to adjourn.

Feburary 18, 2013

The regular monthly meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. All officers were present. Directors present: Carol Seiler, Kay Mildon and Wayne Nebel. Pam Nebel was absent. There were a total of 41 people present.
Secretary’s Report : Minutes available on website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table. The minutes were also read. There was one typo – I left out the word be (…which will be the scholarship banquet flyer.) Also at the January meeting, it was agreed that the president (Stan), vice president (Ken) and the treasurer (Kim) would have signature authority on the Delaware Equine Council checking account. Note: This will require correction to conform to the by-laws. Kim, Stan and Ken signed appropriate paperwork for Kim to take to the bank to get Ken’s name added to signature authority on the checking account, and remove April’s name. The bank requires a copy of the minutes which indicate such a change has been made: In the November election two new board members were elected: Ken Horeis as vice president and Kathy Watson as secretary, both taking office on January 1, 2013.

Treasurer’s Report: (Kim Schwartz):

Starting balance as of 1/21/2013: $28,221.43;deposits of $800.00; deductions of $2,205.57 ($350 – American Horse Council membership dues, $250 – Smyrna School Therapeutic Riding Program, $84.85 – DE. Prison Industries – printing of letterheads and envelopes, $125 – DE. Prison Industries – silk screening of t-shirts, $529.72 – Pam Nebel – reimbursement for ink, stamps, newsletter postage & 100 t-shirts, $306 – Harrington Moose Lodge – Deposit on hall for scholarship dinner dance, $550 – Horse Force sponsorship, $10 – returned check); Ending balance as of 2/18/2013: $26,815.86 which includes $15,000 in CDs. A motion was made (by Kay Mildon & seconded by Donna Hurst) to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay all bills.
Next meeting: March 18, 2013 at 7 pm at the Harrington Library
Old Business:
(1)Tax exempt Status (Kim): Kim checked out the State of Delaware website and sent a letter to Jack Carney about our problems working with our tax exempt status and the IRS.(Background: DEC had received notice that our tax exempt status had been rescinded due to missing paperwork, but we could request reinstatement). We are currently still working on getting reinstated as a 501C(5) tax exempt status. According to Kim this is the third time. Ken said that we are not the only nonprofit organization having this problem because the IRS didn’t send out notices that there are new forms to be filled out. Stan stated that there are several state horse councils in the same situation, it’s not just us. Someone asked when we changed our status from a C(3) to a C(5). Stan explained that DEC has been a 501C(5) organization well before his time, because we went through the Department of Agriculture, he believes. A 501C(5) is an agriculture related activity, while a 501C(3) is a totally different type of activity. The one of the main differences being that anyone who makes a contribution to a 501C(3) can use it as a tax deductible contribution; while a contribution to us or any other 501C(5) can NOT use it as a tax deductible contribution. This is a significant difference. When Kim and Wayne met with the accountant, she discouraged DEC from applying for a 501C(3) not for profit status because the amount of time and paperwork involved is very extensive. An accountant has to be involved to do this and based on the amount of contributions DEC takes in each year (which in the big scheme of things is small compared to other organizations) she recommended that DEC not apply for a 501C(3) status. This answered the question asked and the member thanked Stan for explaining the differences between 501C(3) and 501C(5)
(2)Magazine Redistribution (Carol): Carol explained the program: we collect horse related magazines (glossy cover) we are finished with that are not more than a year old. We clean them, black out the address label and cover it with a DEC label. They are distributed to libraries, doctor’s offices, hospitals, etc. She makes sure that there is nothing in the magazine that identifies the original owner and takes out all postcards. If you wish to donate any magazines, bring them to the meetings. We talked about changing the program a little bit. Currently, the rule is that the magazines cannot be more than a year old, but the magazines still serve a purpose and the info in them is usually still pertinent (A horse is a horse is a horse.), so maybe changing it so the magazines cannot be more than two years old, as long as the magazine is still nice looking. Another concern: Carol lives in Maryland, (She’s one of the Maryland directors) so she would have to burn a lot of gas to distribute them in Delaware or she could just distribute them in Maryland. So a proposed change is that Carol will bring the reconditioned magazines to each meeting and members could help to distribute them throughout the state of Delaware. Carol was thanked for taking over the program.
(3) Directory (April): As of today, we are still owed $170. April has contacted these people again and should receive their money any day now. She is still waiting on two changes – 1 ad that hasn’t been received and needs to be placed and the front cover needs to be adjusted. She is going to schedule printing to begin by March 1st. With the order ready to be picked up by March 8th. It was decided at Wednesday’s board meeting that we would order 2500 copies. Stan asked if he was still going to have a chance to look at the directory before it goes to print. April said that the printer was closed today (President’s Day) and she had sent Stan the PDF file before coming to the meeting, so it should be in his email when he gets home tonight.
(4) DE Horse Expo (Pam & Wayne): ( Pam threw her back out this afternoon, so Wayne did the report.) DEC is cosponsoring Craig Cameron this year as the featured clinician for the Expo. As far as the DEC and the Expo, DEC’s only responsibility is this partial sponsorship. Pam & Wayne serve on the Expo committee, so they are involved in the planning, etc. for the event. The latest DEC newsletter has an initial schedule of the topics that Craig Cameron and the other presenters will be talking about. Some of the other presenters are: Steuart Pittman of the Retired Racehorse Foundation, Carissa Wickens from UD, David Davis. There will be a big parade of breeds. To start off the Expo, there will be a cowboy circus on Saturday morning with trick riding. Kirsten Wiley will be doing some trick riding. There will Cowboy Church on Sunday morning to start the events on that day. He thinks there are free pony rides for the kids on Saturday morning. There are a lot of activities scheduled for the weekend. Wayne has only attended the Expo the last several years, but feels that this year will be the best so far. Of course, our other involvement is having a DEC booth for both days, and selling items at the Quillen Arena. At the next meeting, we’ll have a signup sheet for these activities. Several people have noticed that some of the advertising for the Expo does NOT mention DEC as a cosponsor of Craig Cameron. Some ads are so small there’s no room to include us as cosponsor. Other people think that DEC along with Chicks is organizing the events, which isn’t true. We need to make sure that in the future, we receive the proper recognition when we sponsor or cosponsor someone or something. Linda Chick is responsible for the advertising so we need to speak with her about not being listed as a cosponsor for Craig Cameron.
(5) License plate frames (Stan): Since the frame we looked at doesn’t fit the Delaware plate properly (it covers up the expiration sticker), it’s considered illegal. The front plates have a minimum order of 250. So we won’t be placing an order at this time.
(6) Trails (Peggy): Peggy and Mary attended the Greenways Trail Council meeting on January 30th. Their national trail day is going to be June 1st. They will be getting something together, like a trail cleanup day. Bev Barnett has been attending the meetings on the Nature Conservancy upstate. There has been a lot of talk about going back to the Congress to get a National Park in Delaware. Mary reported that the most significant info at the Greenways meeting that there will be a large amount of money going into Lums Pond to improve the trail near the equestrian building – raising the grade, so the area will be able to be traveled.
(7) Scholarship Banquet (April): April is available after the meeting if anyone needs to purchase tickets. Tickets can also be purchased from Chicks and any Board member. April said that sponsorships are coming in. She said donations are also coming in and are still being accepted. She would like help organizing the donations – separate them for silent auction, live auction or door prizes. Contact her through her email ( or call her. Organization representatives present were asked to check for door prize donations – hats, t-shirts, etc. from their group. The date is March 23rd at the Harrington Moose Lodge with the deadline to purchase tickets on March 13th. Doors open at 6 pm. There will be a cash bar, dinner, “Dancing with Jen” (the DJ and she also does line dancing instruction and zumba), a live and silent auction, door prizes and awarding the scholarships.
We received 12 scholarship applications – 1 was late postmarked in Feb. well past the deadline of Dec. 31st and 1 was from a high school senior. Out of the 10 valid applications, five winners were chosen: Amber Callahan, Meredith Bonnell, Natalie Forgery, Elsje Marneweck, and Stacey Thompson. Each winner was sent a letter inviting them to the dinner and notifying them that they were chosen to receive a scholarship. We hope that they will be attending the dinner. Stan has already received several acceptances.
(8) By-Law amendment (Ken): At the last meeting, Ken put forth a proposal to amend the by-laws as follows: we would have four directors – one from each county and one at-large. This change would be effective with the November 2013 election. We wouldn’t cut any Director out – it would be done with attrition. Directors serve a three year term. Ken talked with people from New Castle County about joining DEC. Some of them feel that DEC is run by all downstate people and that there is no upstate voice. Often at our monthly meeting there are more directors than regular members. The breakdown of where our members live: 80 in Sussex, 64 in Kent, 24 in New Castle, 24 in Maryland, 1 in New York, 1 in New Jersey and 1 in Ohio. Currently we have two directors from Kent, two from Maryland and none from Sussex or New Castle. In past years we have had six directors. Much discussion followed: lowering the number to four was questioned because we have such a diversity of equine disciplines in this area. Since the officers and directors do a lot of the planning, we need more of them not less. Do the counties with more members need more representation – like the House of Representatives? Carol posed the question that if we’re having a hard time getting New Castle members, then how are going to get any New Castle directors? Directors need to have a purpose. There is a description in the by-laws of a director’s duties. In the past, it seems like members were given a director’s position as a reward for work done for DEC. We took directors where we could get them! Ken’s proposal was read from the January minutes and voted on: 8 in favor, 17 opposed. It was defeated. Our by-laws state that we can have four to eight directors. Rhonda Whitehouse made a motion that we have two directors from each county and two at-large. It was seconded by Pam Collins. After some discussion, Rhonda rescinded her motion. Our goal will be to have at least one director from each county and from Maryland and to have as many equine disciplines represented as possible.
(9) Board Member Election (Stan): Peggy questioned why the election of April as a director at the November election was declared null and void. DEC follows Roberts Rules of Order when there isn’t a specific by-law. DEC had announced that we would be voting on vice president, secretary and one director position. We didn’t announce that we would be voting on another director position. Peggy said that she was asked in November to come up with the slate of officers (ballots) for the November election. Stan said that in September we had determined that three positions were up for election. Wayne said that the three positions were advertised on the website. Peggy said that is not what is customarily done – that we have never advertised our slate of officers since 1998. Roberts Rules of Order says that we do what is customary and has been established. Peggy wanted so see where in Roberts Rules it states that the positions need to be announced ahead of time, since she cannot find it in her version. Ken could not find the rule in his book. He read it at the November meeting, so it was reread (From the November minutes) tonight. She feels that the board does not have the authority to declare a vote null and void. It was declared null & void because Roberts Rules of order were not followed. Peggy read the rule about elections on page 230 & 437. It was recommended that we amend the by-laws to reflect the method we use for elections. A motion was made by Peggy Koster and seconded by Jill that the vote for the director’s position that was declared be null and void be rescinded. After much discussion, the vote was 15 in favor of rescinding and 17 against rescinding. The motion failed. Peggy announced that “We followed the rules in the November election. It’s important that everyone understand that.” She asked that this statement be placed in the minutes.
Meagan Warnick made a motion: That regardless of the results of tonight’s election, we announce that we will be voting for a three year director’s position at the March membership meeting. It was seconded by Donna Hurst. After more discussion, a vote was taken: 16 in favor, 16 opposed, 1 abstained. In case of a tie, the president (Stan) gets to vote – he voted no. The motion was defeated. Someone asked how we fill vacant positions when someone resigns. Our by-laws state that we need to have a special election to fill vacant positions other than the November election. We are now voting on a director’s position that ends in November, 2013. There were no new nominations from the floor. The two candidates for tonight election, April Murray and Thalia Van Opstall, each gave an election speech. Member names were called, ballots were handed out, members voted and the vote was counted by Peggy Koster and Karen Speake. Results: April – 15 votes; Thalia – 24 votes.
New Business:
Carol thought of two ways to attract new members and encourage more involvement by current members. These ideas are carried over from the Delmarva Driving Club: These items would be included in the newsletter
Sunshine Club: We report on illnesses and good news of members, sending cards when appropriate.
Out & About: Quick (One or two sentences) news about items of interest to the membership. For example, so-and-so went on a ride to Gettysburg. Such & such took a drive with their horse today. These would help to make us more of a family. Carol will summarize these ideas and include an article in the newsletter.
Good News: Donna brought in an article about Susan Truhart Gary who won a national service award.
Other Stuff: (1) If we’re not selling ads for the newsletter, that info needs to be taken off the website.
(2) The newsletter needs to be revamped. It’s currently 15 pages. If it’s any bigger, then the postage will go up. So we need to figure something out without making it any larger. Many people complain that the newsletter seems to be all business card ads! However, including them in the newsletter is part of the perks of a commercial membership. Maybe the “cards” need to be on the website and taken out of the newsletter. A new committee was formed to look into the newsletter: Megan Warnick (302-245-6255) and Donna Hurst (302-492-3932) are going to work on it. Please contact either one of them to join the committee. (3) A motion was made that we advertise that an election will be held at the next meeting to fulfill the director’s position which Paula Barto gave up – It goes to November, 2014. Those in favor: 16; those opposed: 9; the motion was passed. If you’re interest in running, call a Board member or come to the March meeting. (4) The Delaware Appaloosa Club is having their annual tack swap meet on March 9th at Dill’s. April suggested that we rent a table ($10) to sell dinner tickets and have a DEC representative present. Carol said she’ll have a table there and we can work with her. (5) It was asked that at the next membership meeting, a description of the director’s duty be presented: what does a director do & what are they going to do. Tandy Cook asked if the by-laws are available on the website. Yes, they are supposed to be posted on our website. If they are NOT already posted, Ken will make that they are. (6) Paula asked if anyone has any info on Maine trailer tags – an article was in a recent DEC newsletter. Several members said that there are LARGE fines associated with violations.

A motion was made (and carried) to close the meeting (About 9:20 pm).

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Watson, DEC secretary

January 21, 2013

The DEC meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. All officers and directors were present, with a total of 19 people present.
Secretary’s Report: Minutes available on website, with a few hard copies placed on the back table.
Treasurer’s Report: Kim gave a both a December and January report.
Starting balance (11/19/2012): $25,695.93

Deposits of $3270.00

Deductions of $744.50
Ending balance (1/21/2013): $28,221.43 which includes $15,000 in CDs.
A motion was made by Ken to pay all bills, seconded by Wayne.
Next meeting is February 18, 2013 at 7 p.m. at the Harrington Library.
Old Business:
November election: The November election for the new director position is null and void. We must post the vacancy before we can elect someone to that position. We will post that we are looking for someone to complete the director position left vacant by Ken Horeis when he was elected for vice president. It will be posted on the DEC website, on Facebook and in the newsletter. April Murray has already been nominated for this position. Other nominations will be accepted at the February meeting.

Tax Exempt Status: The IRS said that DEC no longer has a tax exempt status. Kim went to a new accountant and Kim sent in the materials and a check for $100 in August, since the accountant said we owe $100, not $850 as previously thought. She called in October and they gave her a case # and said they’re still working on it. Kim called in December and they said that they didn’t have our paper work. Kim resent the materials certified mail and received the postcard back on December 17th. Kim called on Friday, and is still getting the round around. They claim they don’t see our application. Someone said it will stay buried until we send in the missing $750. Jack Carney has a State of DE website where you can fill out forms if you’re having problems with a state agency, so Kim will look into this.
We decided that every year we need to have the accountant look into our tax exempt status.

Magazine Redistribution Program: We need someone to take over handling this program. Remember the magazines need to have a glossy cover and be less than a year old.

Directory Update: See top of this sheet – should be ready to print in two weeks.

DE Horse Expo: April 6th & 7th at the Harrington Fair grounds. Our featured clinician is Craig Cameron. Pam & Wayne spoke to him at the Maryland Horse Expo. Craig wants 1 ½ hours per day plus extra time to do a lecture. The DE horse expo committee will be meeting later this week.

Trails: Bev Barnett sent an updated article on the upstate area that she spoke about at the November meeting. It will be posted on the website.

Scholarship Banquet: March 23rd at the Harrington Moose Lodge from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. April needs a check for $306 to give to the Harrington Moose Lodge - $100 deposit, $156 for insurance, $50 for bartender. We need to work on the menu: two meats, 1 starch, vegetable(s), veggie trays & cheese and crackers, coffee, tea and sodas. Tickets are $30 each. April will hand out tickets after the meeting. Tickets are available from any board member and at Chick’s.

Horse Force Sponsorship: Pam’s report: DEC is sponsoring the “year-end games” at Country Comfort Farms on April 27. The total sponsorship is $550. This will cover one full-page color ad in the February issue of Horse Force Monthly (which will the scholarship banquet flyer), the front cover of the May issue (which we could use for pictures of the scholarship winners), along with a full page for an article or an ad in the May issue, in addition to our name (Sponsored by the Delaware Equine Council) on 30 ribbons and 30 plaques for the winners. We have been invited to hand out the series – end awards on April 27 at Country Comfort Farm and can set up our booth if we want to. We will also be recognized in Horse Force Monthly, January through April, as being sponsors for the schooling series.

DE License Plate Program: Stan received information from DMV. There many requirements, which we can meet, but we need to have 200 paid requests before we can order them! So, there won’t be a DEC license plate at this time.

Newsletter: Ken Horeis is doing the February/March 2013 issue. Kim Chick will take over starting with the April/May issue.

New Business:
Brainstorming meeting with Equine organizations: Ken asked if we thought it would help if we meet with all the Equine organizations in Delaware to find what we can do to help them and to help promote the Equine groups in Delaware. Several people said it would help. He will set up a meeting for a Saturday in the spring.

Dues: Just a friendly reminder that dues are due by the end of January, 2013. We have about 185 paid members, with 14 new members.

Proposed amendment to BY-laws: Ken made a motion: Beginning with the 2013 elections, we work toward having one director from each county (New Castle, Kent, Sussex) and 1 at-large director. We will vote on this amendment at the next meeting.
We need to work on getting more members attending the monthly meetings.

Tee-shirts/sweatshirts: Pam went to a big sale at A.C.Moore and was able to buy some tee-shirts for $2 each. In the past, we charged $5 per shirt and were either breaking even or losing money. We will now charge $10 per shirt. We also need more sweatshirts. Right now Pam has been buying the shirts and taking them to our contact person who takes them to the prison to be screened. Pam then picks up the finished product at his house. Soon the prison will insist on buying the shirts, screening them and sending them to us.
License Plate frames: Wayne looked through many websites and the best deal is a frame (in two colors) for $1.35 each with a 250 minimum order. A front plate in two colors would be $2.03 each.
We need more promo items. Everyone really likes the keychain/bottle opener that cost us $0.75 each. If you see other nice items, get the info (what, cost, minimum number that must be ordered, how long it takes to receive them, etc) and present it at a meeting.

Scholarship applications: We have received 10 applications; however one is from a high school student. Do we need to put a limit on the number of years that someone can be awarded the scholarship? College tuition is so expensive. Stan remarked that one year some of the previous recipients changed only the date on their old applications and resent them in to us! Overall, the quality of applications has improved. Pam, Stan & Wayne will review the current applications.

New regulations on interstate movement of horses to begin on March 11, 2013: Stan reported that anyone transporting animals across state lines will have new regulations to follow. They include official horse identification for each horse and veterinarian health certificate good for 6 months, etc. Hopefully Stan will be placing the info on the website (Good idea for a newsletter article).

Ramon Dominquez, a well known jockey with connections in this area, was badly injured on Friday when the horse he was riding went down.

Best of America by Horseback: Tom Seay, (executive producer and host of the RFD show) would like to do a ride in Delaware. He needs someone or some group to organize it. Please contact him at 540-829-9555 (Contact info is from an article in Horse Force and on our website).

Fist State Coon Hunters: Game show on March 9th, starting at 9 a.m. at Gene Dill’s located on Still Rd.

Thank You: A thank you note was received from Kim & Pete Schwartz for the donation that DEC made to the SPCA in honor of their grandson.

Thank You: A thank you note, with pictures drawn by the students involved, was received from the Smyrna School District’s Therapeutic Riding Program.

Website: April suggested that we look into adding a youth page to our website. We need to involve our young riders and/or horse enthusiasts in our organization.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Watson